"Scott, I have an idea and I need your opinion."

Scott Summers turned attentively towards the professor and waited while a small group of students passed the office. Summer was upon them and consequently, so was finals week. Scott was proud of his students for their accomplishments this year and he knew that each one had worked very hard. They would be nicely rewarded with high scores on the final exam. It was by no means an easy exam, but he was confident that all the previous assignments had prepared them. Scott shut the door to the professor's office and it clicked softly before Professor Xavier cleared his throat.

"I'm sure you are aware that the final exams are to be given this week," he started. When Scott smiled as gave a slight nod, he continued. "You and your fellow teammates have done well in preparing challenging exams. That is, all except one of you."

Scott looked at the professor through his ruby glasses and smirked. He hoped he wasn't too obvious. "Logan?"

Xavier sighed and clasped his hands over his waist. "Logan's self defense class has become very popular and I am pleased with the outcome. The students are learning quite nicely, wouldn't you agree?"

Scott kept his gaze level and clenched his jaw. "It has seemed to have boost their confidence." He took the seat that the professor motioned to and waited.

"The only problem is that he has given them no written work throughout the entire course."

Scott laughed. "None?" What an idiot.

"I'm afraid not. Unfortunately, I need something to base their grades off of. There must be some form of a written exam." The professor reached for his grade book and opened it on the desk between them. "I think I have an answer that is fair."

Scott relaxed in the leather chair. "Let's hear it."

"I'm going to send Logan into the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation with the students for the weekend, taking only the necessary equipment. He will then grade them on their ability to adapt and use the survival skills he's taught them."

Scott remained still and silent, waiting for the punch line. When it became apparent that the professor was serious, Scott's mouth curved into a predatory grin. He couldn't wait to tell Jean. "Sounds-" he coughed, trying not to sound excited, "Sounds good."

The professor raised an eyebrow. "I had been hoping for a more constructive opinion."

"Oh." Scott ducked his head for a moment and tried to become serious. "I think the students will enjoy it. It'll be good for Logan too. Maybe he'll realize that looking after fifteen teenagers is harder than it seems." He formed a mental picture of the mighty Wolverine chasing after giggling teenagers for an entire weekend. "It'll be a nice break for us, too," he added.

"Oh, no, Logan will not be going alone," the professor corrected. "There are laws governing the ratio of students to chaperones. It would be simply unsafe to make him the only guardian."

So the Wolverine needs a babysitter. Scott bounced his leg with enthusiasm because it was hidden from the professor's view by the desk. Then, almost as suddenly as the thought came to him, another one took it's place. "Not alone?" he echoed. His leg quit bouncing. "Who's going with him?"