Scott leaned against the med lab wall as he watched Jean make notes in her ever-fattening patient chart for Logan. After the Black Bird was unloaded and Logan transported, Scott had strongly encouraged Jean to use the restraints. They were different the rope, in Scott's mind, as he viewed the restraints as a medical tool and the rope a symbol of distrust. Jean had refused, on account of 'He'll be too weak to raise a finger', so Scott stood as sentry in the corner, watching.

Jean had removed Logan's torn and bloody shirt, bagged it and threw it in the trash, then went about the grisly task of cleaning away the dried blood and dirt from Logan's flawless skin. Scott seethed silently as he watched, damning Logan for stealing Jean's gentle ministrations. He had been so happy before the Wolverine showed up, so in-control, so confident... so naïve.

The mere arrival of the smoky and rude Canadian had pushed all of Scott's buttons. Logan had wandered into Scott's home, began marking the territory as his own, stealing the women and maintaining the nerve to disrespect the leader of the X-men through the whole process. Logan was change, and Scott hated it.

On the other hand, Logan had pushed Scott to reevaluate himself and the way he did things. Logan's blunt refusal of an order was always backed by an explanation, and as much as Scott hated it, Logan made sense. Logan never gloated after Scott amended his plan of action. Logan never really kept score at all. He simply lived in the present, doing each task as best as he knew how. A man of action.


He looked at Jean. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. You look like you have a lot on your mind." She stepped closer and grabbed his hand.

"Just thinking." He knew she would ask, so he continued, "About Logan. Trying to figure out why he is the way he is." He looked at the body on the table.

She smiled. "I don't think he knows the answer to that."

Scott turned his attention to Jean. "Aren't you suppose to be at a conference in Florida?"

"I came home this morning. I had a hunch."

There was movement on the examining table and Jean went to it like a moth to light. "Logan, are you awake?" she asked as she came to stand by his head.

Scott stepped forward too. Logan would know where he was from the smells so there was no need to worry about claws. At least, that's what Jean had said.

He studied the taught muscles and knew that Logan was awakening quickly. Jean was making notes and it was then that Scott realized the lack of equipment surrounding the once unconscious man. Scott toyed with that thought and how it must disappoint Jean when she didn't get to use her medical machines.

No sooner had those deep hazel eyes opened than Logan was off the table and backed against the wall, regarding them with watchful alertness. "Morning sunshine," Scott couldn't help but mutter, even though it was not morning.

Logan breathed and the tension drained from his body. "How's Marie?"

Jean tossed Logan a sweatshirt. "Disappointed. Alive."

"Sounds good then," Logan replied.

"Thank you," Jean smiled. "You saved her life. I just wish you weren't so reckless with yours."

Logan kept quiet at that. Scott shifted his weight. "Logan-"

Jean interrupted. "Well, I'll leave you boys to talk," she said, gathering Logan's patient file and heading towards the door. "No hitting below the waist."

The door clicked shut gently. A ringing silence enshrouded Scott and Logan as they stood in uncomfortable proximity with each other. Scott eyed the muscular man before him, grateful that his visors concealed part of him. "I guess I should start with an apology," he said, lifting his face to look directly at Logan.

"No harm done," Logan shrugged, but Scott could still feel the tension.

"I guess we were lucky," Scott replied, moving away to sit on a wheeled stool. He watched as Logan sat on the examining table. Cracking his knuckles.

"Look, I know that you're the leader of the X-men, and that you're the professor's right-hand man, and I can respect that, I really can, but do not," he emphasized with a raised finger, "think you know more about survival than I do. The professor gave me that assignment for a reason, and it was going fine until-"

"Fine?!" Scott blurted and was on his feet. "You were too caught up in trying to be their friend to actually teach them anything or else Marie never would have gotten bit!"

Logan remained sitting but watched Scott with a deadly intensity. "Maybe if you had stopped being a prick for one minute, I could have been paying closer attention!"

Scott opened his mouth to shout a retort but was silenced when the door opened. The professor wheeled into the large room with a smile on his face. "Logan, Jean told me you were awake. How are you feeling?"

"Like I was stabbed in the back."

Scott met Logan's gaze. The professor continued, unaware of the reference. "Yes, well, I hear it was a rather large branch. Must have been quite painful."

Scott remembered seeing Logan's tortured body on the ground outside the jet, bleeding freely into the pebbles and blindly clawing the stones for help. His heart sank a little when Logan simply shrugged. "I'm alright."

Scott shook his head and let his gaze fall to the floor. What do you get when you combine Logan's macho attitude with an incredible healing factor? The understatement of the century. Scott snorted.

"I came here to congratulate you," Xavier smiled. "Although it didn't turn out the way anyone had expected, I am very impressed with the knowledge and skills the children displayed today."

Logan cocked his head at the professor, raising an eyebrow in an inquisitive expression.

"They were very proud of their rescue mission," the professor stated. "Every one of the children stopped me while I was on my way down here. I received twelve very descriptive recounts of what transpired this weekend. I've decided to give each of them A's, if you agree," he finished, looked at Logan for approval.

"Uh... sure."

"Well then, it's settled. I trust you two have resolved the conflict between you?"

"We're working on it," Scott replied.

"See that you do. Good day, gentlemen."

Scott and Logan were once again alone in the med lab. They looked at each other.

Scott broke first. "Good job."

"Thanks. Same to you."

"You had me scared for a while there," Scott admitted, wanting Logan to understand the seriousness of the situation. "I'll admit it."

"You did good. Kept the kids in line."

"They kept themselves in line, actually." Scott sat down. "They were in control."

"I guess I was kinda being an ass too," Logan said and Scott knew it was as close to an apology as he would ever get from the Wolverine.

"Let's remember this next time we aren't seeing eye to eye, okay?"

"Scott, we never see eye to eye."

Scott's hand went to his visors. "Well, you know what I mean."

Logan smiled. "Yeah." He got to his feet. "I'm gonna to say hi to Marie."

Scott rose also. It seemed to be a moment that called for his hand to be on Logan's shoulder, only Scott knew better than that. "You mean beg forgiveness."

"Call it what you want."

"So are we okay?"

"Yeah. We're okay." Logan glanced at Scott as they walked into the hall. "Too bad we didn't see more wildlife, huh? Maybe a bear?"

"Hey, we had enough excitement without one."

"You're right. There's always next year."

Scott stopped. "Whoa- wait a minute..."

Logan kept walking. "I think we should do this every year."

Scott watched Logan's retreating form. "Every year..." he mumbled. "I don't think that's such a great idea!" he hurried after Logan. "Why can't you give out homework like a normal person? Logan? Logan!"