Chapter 1 Frankie

Author's Note: Okey doke, the sequel to "A Loss and A Gain" OK, Rocky and Kninal are now three years old. Kninal wears a pink tank-top with a "K" on it and purple pants. Rocky, like his father, wears nothing. Marie and Spike (If you don't know who they are then look at the first chap of "A Loss and A Gain") have had a daughter, Soot. She's gray w/ white stripes, and green eyes. If you wanna know more about her, check out spikeluver2000's profile. She is also three years old. Shadow and Joan (read my profile if you don't know who she is) have had a son, ho is also three years old. He is black with silver stripes and brown eyes. His name is Vincent, but everyone calls him Vince. Sonic and Amy have a three year old as well. She looks like Amy, but is purple. Her name is Violet. I don't own her, my friend w/o a penname does.

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It was a normal Sunday evening in the echidna house hold. Rouge, Joan, Marie, and Amy were sitting in the kitchen, talking and drinking coffee. The children were all in the basement playing. And Knuckles, Shadow, Spike, and Sonic were all sitting on the couch with soda and chips, watching football. Yes, everything was as usual.

A few minutes passed, and the phone rang. "Could someone get that?" Rouge called from the kitchen, considering the phone was right next to the couch. The boys acted like they didn't hear her. She sighed and walked into the living room.

"No, don't all jump up at once, I'll get!" she said sarcastically.

"Thanks," Knuckles mumbled with a mouthful of chips, oblivious to the tone of his wife's voice.

Rouge rolled her eyes as she picked up the phone. "Hello?" There was silence for about a second or two, then a wide smile came across her face. "Oh my God, you're back? That's great!" more silence, "You are? Hold on, let me ask Knuckles." Rouge covered the mouth piece with her hand. "Knuckles can I ask you something?"

"Can it wait?" Knuckles asked, transfixed on the TV set.

Rouge rolled her eyes, "Knuckles it's a commercial!"

Knuckles snapped out of his trance. "Oh... yeah, what is it that you wanted to ask me?"

"My good friend who I have seen for a long time, do to his job, is coming into town. Can he stay here Knuckles?"

The football game had come back on and Knuckles was once again perplexed. "Wha? Oh yeah sure..."

Rouge smiled, "Thank you so much Knuckles! Oh, and so you know, he's a guy. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, whatever."

Rouge turned back to the phone. "Yeah, you can stay here, it's fine with Knuckles," silence, "Of course it's okay with me, you're my best friend!" The person on the other line said something and Rouge spoke again, "Of course the kids will like you! Ok, I'll see you tomorrow, bye!"

"What's you're friend's name?" Knuckles asked.

"Frankie. He's coming over around 11:00 tomorrow. I want you to be as nice as possible Knuckles, Frankie's had a tough life."

"Got it," Knuckles replied. 'Hmm...' he thought, 'I went to school with a girl named Frankie. I wonder if it's the same one...." Knuckles had been too perplexed by his football game to realize that Rouge had mentioned Frankie was a guy. So were all the other guys.

About a half hour later, the game finally ended. All the kids had already fallen asleep, and their fathers were lucky enough to have the privilege of carrying them home.

"Bye guys, see you next Sunday!" Knuckles called as he waved goodbye.

"Yeah, but next week, we're doing it at MY house!" called Shadow, who was shifting Vince to a more comfortable carrying position.

Knuckles smiled at his friend as he closed the door. Him and Rouge took the twins upstairs, and went to sleep.


They next morning was gray rainy. Thunder roared through the sky as rain pelted the windows. Knuckles groaned as he rolled over in bed to look at the clock. "God, 10:45! How did I sleep so late?"

He put on his robe and walked slowly down the stairs, yawning. He went into the kitchen where he saw Rouge cooking breakfast. She smiled as he came in. "You sure slept late, didn't you?" she said before giving him a good-morning kiss.

Just as he sat down at the table, the door bell rang. "I'll get it," he said smiling at Rouge.

He opened the door and was shocked at what he saw. There, standing out in the pouring rain was a hedgehog who was like nothing he'd ever seen before. He was orange with brighter orange stripes on his quills, which stuck up the way Shadow's did. He was wearing a white muscle shirt, over which he wore a black leather jacket with the sleeves cut off. His blue jeans were faded, and a wallet chain hung out of his left pocket. His right ear was pieced twice, and he wore red sunglasses with orange lenses. His gloves were black, and had their fingers cut off. On the back of each glove was a red dragon's head.

Behind him stood a red dark chao with two spikes coming out of his head. The tips of his spikes were yellow, as were his hands, feet, the tip of his tail, and the spot on his head. His wings were large and golden.

The hedgehog stepped into the house, put down his bags and shook himself off like a dog, with water flying every which way. The chao followed suit.

"Err... Can I help you?" Knuckles asked, giving the animal a strange look.

"Yeah, is this the echidna residence?" the hedgehog asked.

Before Knuckles could answer, Rouge walked into the foyer and spotted the hedgehog.

"Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed before running up to the hedgehog and giving him a hug.

"Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude but, who are you?" Knuckles asked, completely confused.

"I'm sorry, let me introduce myself," the hedgehog replied, "I'm Frankie."


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