To the tune of "Rang Wo suizhe Ai'er Fei" (a Chinese song- the title means 'let me fly alongside love')

In his eyes
Are reflections of sadness such as winter skies,
How deeply can this sorrow run
in his heart?
Dare I even ask why?

Seasons pass;
So uncaringly leaves and flowers drift on by,
Unheeding of the cold or sun,
His heart will be staying
Where his love had begun…

See the roving river run;
Life is free but when it's gone,
Love goes on, forever on,
When flowers wither love can bloom,
Faithful as the stars and moon…

Over every hill and dale,
Woodland glade or sunny vale.
Love may dwell here as well;
Silken petal on the breeze
Winds a path through verdant trees.

Tell me then,
Why does no flow'r respond to Martin's sad lament?
Has his Rose truly flown this life,
Never to bloom again?
Must this be how it ends?

Darkness falls,
From high above, teardrops of the sky descend,
Willows weeping o'er the running stream,
He blinks the rain away—
Can this all be a dream?

To a secret forest place
Love has flown without a trace.
Why does this grace make some give chase?
None will look it in the face,
Yet love's a song time can't erase.

In the breaking of the dawn,
One would dare to look upon,
A world in song, look well and long,
For the beauty of this dawning day
Shall always take your breath away.

Why this grief?
Cannot a heart find for all this pain a sheath?
The halting rain and the bracing sun,
For ever and a day,
This is how it will stay.

Rain has ceased,
Sparkling dewdrops rest upon the silken leaves.
A rainbow arches o'er the riverbend
Yet he can't find his Rose
At the rainbow's end.

In the splendor of the morn,
As you watch the sun reborn,
Take heart in life, forget your strife,
Let your heart lead you once more,
Leave this lonely northland shore.

Give your heart and trust to fate,
Even eternity could wait.
Tomorrow hope is your emotion—
Plaintive notes float on the ocean…

Ever do you wander,
Always do you roam,
Fate has many paths for you…
Let happiness be your final home!


Poet's Note- I finally replaced all those P s and /P s that shouldn't've been there with BR s that should and got rid of the annoying 'VERSE' and 'CHORUS' labels. Hope you like this better. I wrote this tedious piece during a particularly boring session of social studies in 6th grade.