TITLE: Through the Stargate
AUTHOR: Cyberquest1
SUMMARY: Stargate cross Star Trek: Voyager. I can't write down the summary or I would be telling and I can't do that.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters of Stargate or Star Trek: Voyager, though I own the story, it's mine, all mine, muua hahahahahahahahahah...etc.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Ignore the stardates in Voyager's episodes and the dates in Stargate. I kind of moved them around in time. Also there isn't any Star Trek show in Stargate and vis versa, so they haven't heard of each other before.

Three dashes mean some time has passed and the twenty two dashes mean a change of scene.


"This planet's rich in natural ressources," Carter pleaded, "the soil's rich in all kinds of metals, a couple that I don't think we have even discovered yet. Sir, you have to let us go and explore that planet." She then looked over at Colonel Jonathan O'Neill for moral support, but found him staring at her. She gave him a fierce look to wake him up. As she looked at him he suddenly realized what he was doing and quickly nodded, wondering what was agreeing to. Carter looked at him a second longer and then quickly looked up at General Hammond, afraid he had noticed. "Sir," she continued, "the planet has lots of things that it could offer us and we could get that much needed downtime that Janet always wants us to get. Let us go, please sir." She finished with her puppy eyes. Colonel O'Neill looked at her and immediately melted in her gaze, even though they were only on mild and weren't directed at him. He wondered to himself if she even realized that she had that power or if it came naturally to her, without her even realizing she had it.

He decided to help her out, even though he didn't like the idea of nothing to do except for soil samples and the such like that, really boring. No wait it's not boring he could watch her all day and T'ealc and Daniel wouldn't say a word, they're a team and a team doesn't rat each other out. With that in mind he quickly spoke up before Hammond had a chance to turn down the mission. "Sir, Carter's right, we could all use a bit of downtime and the planet looks nice enough as a vacation spot. Plus there aren't any other people there, so no noisy neighbors keeping you awake at night, also Carter would have her work there so she wouldn't be sneaking back into the SGC when you aren't looking. I promise we'll make Carter get some rest..." he trailed off as he caught Carter glaring at him over her notes, when he caught that glare he slumped in his seat.

"The mission's a go Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter. Have fun out there and be careful." Hammond said with a grin threatening his face.


"Good luck people," Hammond says as the stargate whooshes open.

"Thank you sir," O'Neill replies, "you heard him guys. Let's get this reconnaisance mission over and done with so we can paartty!" The rest of the team giggled as they turned to go through the 'gate. He counted them as they went through, Carter went first, taking point. Then Daniel and T'ealc went through with the MALP and their supplies. Then Colonel O'Neill went through taking their six.

As the SG1 team stumbled through the stargate they realized that there was something completely different about this planet then from the time they had sent the MALP through.