I'm sorry it took me so long to write, but I've been really busy. I'll try to write often, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have.

They rematerialised in transporter room 1 with Major Carter looking every which way avidly, curiousity etched upon her face. Captain Janeway smiled at their apparent amazement and then turned slightly away and tapped lightly upon her comm badge. A voice said something from it and she whispered some in haste and mentioned someone by the name of Commander Chakotay. A few seconds later, as if in response an intercom or something of the same function burst into a small volley of crisp words. SG1 paused and listened intently to what was said. Something about senior crew members and a briefing room? Sam turned to look questionly at Captain Janeway who in turn pointed toward a close door for them to go through. They walked towards it and the door opened without any prompting. After they had all gone through Captain Janeway lead them through some hallways and onto a "Turblift", apply named, and then through what looked to be the bridge and into a room. This room was stark with no ornaments whatsoever and the floor was filled up with a long rectangular table and many chairs, most of which were filled up with curious people. Sg1 was lead toward four of the five empty chairs. Daniel and Sam on one side of the table and Jack and T'ealc on the other. Lately Sam and Jack had been sitting across from each other more often, if you asked Daniel or T'ealc they would tell you that it seems as if in a difficult situation they would draw strength and advice from the other's eyes. Captain Janeway took the last empty seat at the head of the table and sat down with a reassuring smile from a tall man with a tattoo around one eye. She smiled at the people around the table then opened her mouth to talk, but before she could say anything a man suddenly appeared reclining on the surface of the table. SG1 glanced at one another and the man while the room burst into muted mutters. Captain Janeway shot up, just as suddenly as he had appeared.

"What do you want Q," she asked, her voice had taken on a dangerous, cold tone.

"Why Kathy," Q replied insolently, "I noticed that you had visitors and I decided to come to pay my respects." Q then turned and looked over at the SG1 starting with T'ealc, where he stayed for a bit, then glanced over Jack and Daniel, and the paused at Sam. Jack noticed and his eyes got a dangerous glint in them. "Where did they come from, Kathy," he asked, his eyes studying Sam intently while he talked.

Jack finally gave up controlling his temper, even with Sam's gaze in his, trying to make him stay quiet. He suddenly tried to push back his chair, but failing miserably at that he stood up. "What the hell are you doing here," he demanded loudly. Sam shot up and reached across to put a calming hand on his wrist. He shot her a questioning look and she shook her head no. "I know you aren't Tok'ra so who the heck are you?"

"Why Colonel O'Neill," Q replied and at those words Jack's eyes got large. "I'm just here to get some answers," he continued then started to laugh evilly as he slowly disappeared.

"Kathryn," shouted the man at the other end of the table, standing up.

Jack turned, "Sam!" he cried, horror written all over his face.