Anyone Other Than Me!

By Jessie/Dory

Disclaimer/Author Note: I obviously do not own Jimmy Neutron – if I did, I would hug him, poke him, and have him make me muffins – and of course make him kiss Cindy. But anyways – I hope you enjoy this story, which I promise I will finish, and if I don't – well then you can threaten me until I do! Also – it helps if you have seen "Win, Lose & Kaboom" to understand some parts.

Dedicated: To all my JN buddies – Pink Llamas especially.
Chapter 1: Princess And Know-It-All

Majestically, if that was ever so, a foot that was wrapped in the most gorgeous of shoes – glittering silver pumps that must have been made out of diamonds, stepped out of the airplane and onto Retroville soil. Or – at least, Retroville cement, but same difference – and as the girl who wore the beautiful shoes stepped out into view, she put on her most realistic fake smile and waved as people bowed and squealed at the sight of her. Her blonde hair was held in a ponytail by a silver band, and on her head sat neatly a little tiara. Though her face was pale, she was absolutely beautiful, making her shoes look rather dirty and unappreciated. Her outfit was the opposite of ordinary, as it was made from the finest of silk by the finest of designers. She was suddenly surrounded by many men in black suits and escorted out of the airport, but how much she wished she could have been one of those people in the audience – at least they were free.

Majestically, if that was ever so, a young girl stepped proudly out of her house with her head held high, like she did every day of her life. Her feet were surrounded by tennis shoes, but it wouldn't make sense to wear anything fancy to school. She wore average clothing that she wore basically every day, and her hair was neatly in a ponytail on top of her head with her bangs in a swirl in front of her forehead. Today was the day, and she knew it, Princess Victoria was to be visiting Retroville while staying in the castle that was made just for their family barely outside the down, just so she could visit her relatives that lived near by. No one had ever really seen Princess Victoria because she avoided having her pictures taken, but Cindy knew this was her chance to be come the star reporter for the school newspaper "The Golden Lindbergh", the school had worked out that one student could interview the Princess, and Cindy was going to make sure it was her to win the spot.

Maybe this would impress Jimmy Neutron – not that SHE cared, much. Jimmy was only her long time rival, long time crush, and just recently they had legally become friends after Cindy forced him to sign a contract. If it weren't for April, an alien that Jimmy and co had met on their most recent adventure – which had occurred barely over a month ago, Cindy would have actually kissed Jimmy. And this time, there was no love potion to make him do it. As Cindy boarded the school bus, and passed by Jimmy, she sat next to Libby which was the seat across the isle from Jimmy who was next to Carl, she perfectly remembered Jimmy's words when she asked about the Gorlockian Seal of Trust, "Well – you sort of pucker your lips like this and," but that was as far as he went.

She remembered painfully the look in his eyes as they were so close to kissing – things went in slow motion while her heart beat lightning fast as she bashfully got closer to him, that is until April sent a Warp Mail – she crumpled up Jimmy's friendship contract and threw it at him. He had called out to her to come back, and as he was sending a reply she sent the rock before he even got two words in. She was proud of herself, but she and Jimmy had been awkward ever since.

"Today's the day," Libby grinned at Cindy, and for a moment Cindy had given her a confused look, then recalled what she was talking about.

Cindy nodded, deciding suddenly to take her mind off Jimmy, that would make her feel better, "Yeah – but there's no guarantee I'll get the report. Betty Quinlin is going for it too," she sighed, suddenly her once highly held head was sitting on her hands and her eyes gazing at the feet under the seat in front of her. Make no mistake, it was obvious the second she saw them that Sheen was in front of them – he as wearing new Ultra Lord shoes. Cindy closed her eyes tightly – 'oh no,' she thought, 'please don't tell me I'm going to hear more about the pet names.'

"Hey L. Fo!" he greeted with a huge Sheen-like smile.

"Say what?!" Both Cindy and Libby's heads went up and they asked at the same time.

Sheen shrugged, "Like it? It's like J. Lo – you know, Jennifer Lopez. But instead its Libby Folfax!"

Libby crossed her arms and gave him an odd look, "Can't we just call each other Libby and Sheen?"

Cindy smirked sweetly, but had no witty and mean comments today; she had to stay positive, maybe that would bring good karma or some junk like that.

For a moment Sheen was thinking – must have been some huge work out for his brain, but he was pondering for a moment and then he shrugged, "But you're so special – I want you to have a special name to show how much I adore and cherish you!"

Blink – blink – that's all that Cindy and Libby could respond with. Not from any sort of annoyance, just from total and complete utter SHOCK.

Cindy looked at Libby who smiled at Sheen and gave him a huge hug – which is sort of dangerous to do in a bus when you think of it.

But we are completely straying from the actual plot of the story. So anyways, Cindy gave a short glance at Jimmy, he was having some sort of conversation with Carl, and she sighed.

If only Jimmy would hug her.

"... Therefore, Miss Victoria, the answer would be?" Professor McArthur asked her while facing the chalkboard, not bothering to turn around to his only student.

Victoria held her yawn and mumbled, "five," and proceeded to doodling on a separate sheet of paper.

Math was a complete bore to Victoria, she knew everything already, and so half listening to the annoyingly dull Professor was almost completely unnecessary. She sat in a small and tidy library by the window inside the castle. They had built a castle just outside of Retroville so that when ever the royal family chose to visit their relatives, they could do it with easy and style. They had just flown in this morning so that the dying king, Victoria's father, could speak with the family members.

Victoria absentmindedly put away the horror that she would have to become the queen soon if her father died. She preferred daydreaming about being a normal person who lacked those harsh responsibilities. She was rather an artistic girl – she drew a picture of herself in capris with a tanktop and black boots. Her cartoon form of herself was painting a picture that couldn't be seen and some cute little dog was at her feet.

WHAM! A ruler hit her books in front of her and she literally jumped. She slowly turned her head up and gave an innocent smile. However, looking up, Professor was giving a burning glare back.

"MISS Victoria," He began.

She interrupted him, "You can call me Tori, Professor."

He glared once more, "I should think not – what would your father think of me? I suggest you pay attention or else it'll be both of our heads."

"Yes, sir," Tori sighed. Then the Professor sharply turned around and began talking again. Tori gave a quiet sigh and stared longingly out at the window.

Oh – how she wished she could be anywhere but here.

Back at Lindbergh Elementary, the school day was completely dull. Cindy was anxiously waiting for the speaker to make the announcement about the newspaper. It was suppose to do so sometime after lunch, and it was already 15 minutes after. Off to the side she was sketching a little – she wasn't much of an artist – in fact she was more of a stick figure drawer. But she drew a picture of her self in a princess-like outfit. A tiara and everything – one thing she suddenly thought of was how lucky the princess was. To have people cherishing her and tending her every whim, it would be wonderful.

To the side of her drawing she wrote neatly, but in small letters.


And it was surrounded by a perfect little heart. She stared at it for a moment, did she really just write that?

"Miss Vortex?"

Cindy jumped a little, and there were a few giggles, she smiled and looked at Miss Fowl, "Yes, Miss Fowl?"

"Would you be so kind to tell me the answer?" She pointed to a problem on the board.

Cindy nodded, "Five."

"Very good Cindy, now we are done with math for today."

A sigh of relief gasped out of nearly every student. Jimmy looked slightly disappointed, but if he were to say anything against it, he knew thousands of objects would come flying towards his head instantly.

Suddenly the speaker began talking and it was the Principal, "Good morning students. The school newspaper and I have come to a decision about the interview with the princess," he said the word princess like it was magical – like he was talking about a genie.

Cindy stood up straight and gulped, staring intently at the speaker.

"And we have chosen, Miss Betty Quinlin to represent our school to interview the princess, congratulations!"

There was an odd buzzing in her ears – Cindy's jaw dropped and then her face hit her desk.

"Cindy? Cin – you ok?" A voice murmured, she could tell it was Libby's.

Another voice asked as well, "You ok Cindy?" They rubbed her shoulder for a moment, "I know you really wanted that chance -," It was Jimmy. Cindy couldn't handle this however, she instantly stood up, ignoring the worried looks from her friends.

"Miss Fowl? May I go to the bathroom? Thank you," She went out the door before Miss Fowl could even reply.

She slammed open the door of the girls' bathroom, she took an empty stall and sat on the toilet seat mumbling, "It's not fair – I would give anything to be someone other than me right now," she cried into her hands.

Little did Cindy know, she would soon think up a plan and would end up accidentally meeting the Princess – and little did she know, she was soon not going to be herself for too much longer.

To Be Continued ...

I will add more, I promise! I'll be very busy in upcoming weeks, but I will try to finish. Most of the story is already well planned.

3 Jessie