Chapter 12: Grim Ending

By Jessie/Dory

Everything was still and silent, no one moved, no one wanted to move. They each knew perfectly well – one slice, and Victoria would be dead.

"No, no, no, no," Josh whispered, his head drooping down, he had to do something – he wanted – he needed to do something. But Sheen and Carl held him back, and he knew it was for Victoria's own good. Cindy was standing on the throne, her hand covering her mouth as tears leaked out of her eyes and down her cheeks.

'It's my entire fault – everything,' was the only thought in her mind. If she had just let Betty have the glory, she and Victoria would have never met. They would have never formed the so-called 'flawless plan' and would have never had the inane idea of switching places. It could have been argued that it was also Victoria's fault, but when it all boiled down to the center – Cindy had begged Jimmy to take her, Cindy had gone inside the castle, Cindy was the one who had to be the center of attention and try to steal Betty's glory by interviewing the Princess herself. No doubt that Betty probably deserved everything Cindy had done – but everything to this point was Cindy's fault. And she knew it perfectly well.

Jimmy was standing quite a ways from Cindy, but could tell from her expression that she was blaming herself – all he could think of was what they could possibly do to help Victoria. Either way he spun it – she was a goner. But there had to be another way, "think, think, think," he mumbled under his breath.

Sheen and Libby grasped hands tightly, as Sheen and Carl still continued to block Josh – it was for their own good. Neither of them knew what to even think let alone what to do to get out of the situation.

The Captain on the other hand had already been singing a celebration speech in his mind, it was very clear in his head that there was no way out of this situation. He had won – and he was certain of it. Just one false move and their precious Princess would be as good as dead.

However, Victoria, amidst all the terror that was surrounding her, was smiling ever so slightly. For a brief moment, the Captain turned his head to the others and she saw her chance. She crouched her knees into her chest and kicked with all the force she possessed, upward.

The Captain flew backwards in pain, his sword flying into the air and slowly spinning downward towards Victoria's head. She gasped and rolled to the side a bit – the sword dug right into the ground by it's point within seconds later, right where her head was.

Held breath escaped everyone around her, and suddenly she felt pushed backwards as someone wrapped his or her arms tight around her.

"Jones -," she mumbled.

"Thank goodness you're alright," Josh sniffled slightly.

She smiled, "Josh – you're suffocating me," and he backed up a little, "Pull yourself together – we aren't finished yet," she said the last four words with bitterness as she stood up and pulled the sword from the ground.

She came closer to the Captain, "You sir, shall await your fate in the dungeon, and by lord, with the power invested in me, you will more likely be whisked away to Wonderland than to ever see daylight again."

He quickly stood up, completely ignoring all his pain, and grabbing another sword from a nearby guard, "Not on my watch!" He dove for her and she blocked him was ease.

"Take him away!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, and instantly the head of security for the country grabbed the Captain by his arms and dragged him out of the auditorium.

She struggled against their grasps, "You remember this Miss Kingsley – you have yet to see the last of me – I'll be back, and better than ever!"

Victoria crossed her arms, "I sincerely doubt that, sir."

And the Captain was finally gone, within seconds there was an enormous amount of applause and cheers around the room, Victoria smiled – this is how it should be.

From behind a chair the old man in the funny outfit with the crown came out, "So – they're all gone right?" The guards had snuck out of sight the moment the Captain was dragged away and back to their posts. They were better off pretending they had nothing to do with him than to stand up for him. The man stood up, the crown still sitting perfectly on the pillow – but not quite as deadly looking.

Suddenly, realizing everything was ok, Cindy jumped off the throne and ran to Victoria, some what stumbling on her dress along the way. Everyone gasped as the two stood next to each other, they backed away just a bit as they hugged and laughed.

Backing up from their hug, they both said at once, "I can't believe- I thought I'd never see you again!" The abrupt into giggles and almost fell on the ground, tears of happiness leaking from their eyes.

The old man came up to them – holding the crown and going back and forth, "Which – which one – oh this is so confusing!"

The girls giggled, and Victoria, still in Cindy's clothing, raised her hand, "That would be me, sir."

The man smiled, "Princess Victoria, you are now, Queen Victoria," he placed the crown upon her head and cheers and yells of happiness came all over the room.

There was a pause, and Victoria looked up, "Queen – Victoria," she pouted slightly, putting her hand on her chin, "Its been used before – how about, Queen Vicky?" She smiled.

He nodded, "As you wish, your grace, Queen Vicky."

Sheen pushed a tear off his cheek, "I love happy endings," he began to bawl loudly and Libby handed him a tissue, which he used to blow into almost with a louder sound.

"Aww, don't cry buddy," and Carl gave him a hug.

Libby sighed, "I'm sure there's some other reason I like him," she smiled as both Sheen and Carl continued crying, "I'll figure it out eventually."

In all the excitement, Cindy and Jimmy ran up to each other, threw their arms around one another and pulled into a huge kiss – almost magnetic actually. Quite a few of their friends stopped and gasped, but they were all happy gasps.

There was silence as the two held their position for a moment – and at the same time, they opened their eyes in shock and backed away slowly.

"Aha -," Jimmy coughed nervously, "Glad to – erm – see your ok," he put his hands behind his back and stared at his feet.

"Yeah, thanks for – yanno, coming to the rescue," a pink blush spread across her face, digging her foot into the ground, even though she couldn't because of the carpet.

"Aww," Victoria mouthed, while Josh snorted at their obviousness.

Miss Jones opened the door and peeked in, "So it's all over, right?"

"Yes mom," Josh called back, "Victoria – I mean, Vicky - has been crowned," he pointed his thumb towards Victoria who wore the crown proudly.

Cindy coughed and turned back to everyone else, "Long live the Queen!" She smiled, and everyone repeated her words in admiration, Cindy added on, "I think the crown looks way better on you than it would have on me anyways."

Victoria grinned, "I say this calls for a party of some sort, wouldn't you all agree?"

They were all back in Retroville, the whole town had been invited to celebrate the heroes – or at least the whole school and the people they personally knew. Considerably, it was all more of an epilog moment that decided to be part of the rest of the story, but that didn't matter now.

Everyone was dancing on the bright dance floor, at the moment; Libby and Sheen were dancing together on the floor. For the celebration, Sheen decided to wear his 'battle clothing' – or, the executioner's grim reaper-like outfit.

"Sheen – why do you insist on wearing that?" Libby asked him, for possibly the millionth time.

Sheen rolled his eyes, "Oh come on Libby – who wouldn't want to wear an executioner outfit?"

"Um – me?" She raised an eyebrow.

"But – it's cozy!" He smiled persuasively.

Libby rolled her eyes, "Whatever Sheen."

"Hey guys," Cindy came up to them, "May I cut in for a moment?" Libby arched her right eyebrow, "I don't want to steal your boyfriend," Cindy rolled her own eyes and crossed her arms, "I have to ask him something for a minute."

"Fine," Libby parted from Sheen, "But if you even think about -."

"Libby! Ew – no offence Sheen," She smiled.

Sheen waved it off and began dancing with Cindy, "None taken – I would just as happily kiss you – which is not at all," he smiled and she grinned back, "So were you going to ask me something Ultra Lord related? Cause I can answer that with ease!"

Cindy shook her head, "No, no, I have a favor to ask you."

"What's Sheen doing?" Jimmy asked Libby while he was stood by the punch bowl as she got some punch.

"Dancing with Cindy for a minute," She replied monotone.

He almost spit out his punch, but instead nearly chocked on it, but swallowed it down anyways, "Willingly?"

"Looks that way," she replied again.

"They don't have something going on, right?" Jimmy rubbed the back of his neck.

Libby laughed, "as if – the day that happens," she smiled, "well – we know it won't happen."

Jimmy nodded, but when he looked back up they were both gone, "What the-?"

"Hmm?" Libby looked back up, "They were right there a minute ago --."

"Hey Jimmy," a seductive voice called behind him.

Jimmy arched his eyebrows and turned around to see Betty smiling at him. She wore an outfit that seemed too small for her and too adult to be worn by a 6th grader.

"Oh – hey Betty – have you seen Cindy?" He asked, tossing the rest of his punch into the trash.

Betty scowled, "it's always Cindy, Cindy, Cindy for you – isn't it? My gosh – no one ever cares about me!" She grabbed him and brought him close.

"Hey – leave him alone!" Libby protested angrily.

"Make me!" She hissed.

"Excuse me," a deep voice behind her murmured, tapping on Betty's shoulder, "But I believe I can make you."

"Oh yeah?" Betty whipped around, Jimmy still in her perfectly manicured clutches, her eyes went wide and her face went pale. There stood someone in a grim reaper/executioner outfit – there with a huge axe.

Jimmy's eyes went wide, and so did Libby's – but they smiled to themselves.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Betty screamed, and then dropped Jimmy and screamed, running out the door, tripping on her too-high shoes on the way out.

Jimmy and Libby laughed, and they turned to the grim character.

"Good going Sheen," Jimmy smiled.

"What?" Sheen said, right behind them in his usual Ultra Lord shirt and pants, getting punch.

Libby's eyes widened, "But – if that's you –then?" They all turned slowly to the executioner figure.

Victoria and Josh walked up to the punch table, Josh was the first to speak, "Can I have my toy axe back?"

"Here you go," a deep voice responded, handing him the squeaky toy axe, "Thanks."

Jimmy held his head, "But if it isn't you two then – Carl?"

The figure grabbed his or her hood and pulled it over their head, revealing – Cindy?

"Wow Neutron – you sure suck at guessing," she smirked.

Carl joined the group, "Hey – have you guys seen those little weenies here -," he looked up at Cindy and screamed, "CINDY'S THE GRIM REAPER!"

She rolled her eyes, "Don't have a heart attack, Wheezer – I just borrowed Sheen's outfit to scare Betty up a bit."

"Hey – I have a question," Victoria sorta raised her hand, "How do you guys do the deep voice thing?"

Sheen smiled at Cindy and then back at Victoria and the others, "That's out little secret."

Libby held him by the collar of his shirt, "That better not be any sort of secret I would want to know about."

Sheen squealed in a high-pitched voice, "It's just a little button inside the outfit – please don't hurt me," he smiled.

"Sheen!" Cindy scowled, but then smiled, "Well now you know."

"Well this was fascinating," Victoria yawned, "Come on Jones, lets dance," she grabbed his hand and head for the dance floor.

"Whoa! As you wish Kingsley!" He called back as she dragged him away.

"I'm gonna go get some wieners at the other table, bye guys!" And Carl walked off.

When Libby put Sheen back down he held out his hand, "Would my lady like to finish what we started?"

She smiled in response, "Yes, in fact I would," and now it was just Jimmy and Cindy, alone at the table. With Cindy in Sheen's all black outfit.

Jimmy rubbed his hands together, "Would you -?"

"Would I?" Cindy replied to his nervousness smartly.

He grinned shyly, "That is – would you – like to dance?"

She put her index finger on her chin and gave an 'I'm thinking' look sarcastically, "Sure – who shall I dance with?"

He smiled and put his hand out, "With – me? You know – if you want to."

She smiled again, "With you? Why Jimmy -," she laughed, "Who else would I dance with?" She took his hand and they went to the dance floor and began to dance.

It was a nice and slow dance – setting the mood just right. Cindy seemed a little nerved however.

"Are you ok?" Jimmy asked.

She nodded, "Just wondering – did Victoria, see she never told me, did you guys know she wasn't me – or did she tell you?"

He coughed uncertainly, "Well – she told us, but I saw it coming."

"Did you, now?"

He nodded enthusiastically, "Yes – see – I did the calculations – and it was mathematically impossible for her to be you by certain differences."

"Oh," she sighed disappointedly, "I thought – well, was hoping – you could tell right away or –something."

Jimmy thought back to what Josh was saying a few days ago about wooing 'ladies', and he knew just what to say, "Well – actually, I knew by her smile."

"Her smile?" Cindy arched an eyebrow while swaying to the music.

"Mhmm," he smiled at her, "It wasn't as beautiful as yours."

She blushed and smiled at him, "Aww – Neutron," she paused, "Josh told you to say that, didn't he?"

"Oh Vortex," he rolled his eyes, "Can't you just except a compliment once in your life?"

She kissed him lightly on the mouth, "There you go – I've excepted it," she smiled.

He blushed a deep red, and the two continued to dance.

And they all lived – well, you know – happily ever after.


Author Note: This is the end of the story – but who knows, I might write a sequel if you guys want it. But just so you know, the title "Grim Ending" is referring to Cindy being dressed up. =) Plus I wanted to scare you guys up a bit, heh. So – now, PLEASE review – if not for any of the other chapters, at least this chapter – and tell me your favorite part of the story.

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