Dark Blessings

Chapter 1

It was done; Cell was finally gone from the world for good. Unfortunately, so were Son Goku and Son Gohan. They all stood on the lookout staring at the seven glowing dragonballs and looked at Bulma. Bulma took this as a sign to start and cleared her throat. "I call upon the dragon Shenron!" They all watched as Shenron came forth from the dragonballs and the sky grew dark. Lightning flashed, making Shenron's appearance even more interesting.

"Why have you awakened me?"

"We wish that Son Goku was brought back to life!"

"It cannot be done for--"

Before he could start with his explanation of Goku's non-return to life, Goku interrupted him with a loud "HI GUYS!!!" Shenron growled and began muttering about how he never got any respect from anyone anymore and how they should all be grateful that he was granting their stupid wishes when he could just go back into his dragonballs and sleep for a few months until they found him again. Vegeta raised an eyebrow since he was the only one who heard him.

"I don't want you to wish me back since all the bad guys are usually looking for me so if I stay in Otherworld Earth can be safe! Oh! Gohan take care of Chichi okay? All of you take care! See you soon! Bye!"

With that Goku was gone and as Shenron growled a finally and Vegeta snorted in laughter. But before he could begin again the Z Fighters burst into frenzy about Goku's decision to stay in Otherworld. Vegeta looked at Shenron in amusement as the dragon let out a multitude of harsh curses about humans, annoying dead saiya-jins, and going to sleep for years if they don't shut up and say their wishes. Shenron's eye twitched slightly.

"Would you just get to your last f-ing wish already bitch?! I've wasted enough of my damn sleep time with you pathetic humans and your wishes of "good and prosperity". Now say your last f-ing wish dammit!"

The Z Senshi stared in shock at Shenron while Vegeta was roaring with laughter in the background. Piccolo shot Dende, the one who upgraded Shenlong into this form that he called Shenron, a look and Dende waved his hands infront of him innocently. Though in the back of his mind he was secretly wondering how much daiquiris, tequilas, and margaritas he had consumed during the time he upgraded Shenlong.

"We wish that—Dende, Gohan isn't alive either!"

"No shit Sherlock."

Bulma glared at Shenron and Vegeta burst into another fit of laughter. Immediately they huddled together and Shenron started muttering and cursing about them wasting his time. "We could always just wish the Earth's population back first and then wish Gohan back after a few months. Then he can hang out with Goku and train for a while until the dragonballs are ready again!" Everyone agreed on the idea and Bulma turned back to Shenron.

"We wish that everyone who died by the hands of Cell be brought back to life!"

"It's about time." (eyes flash) "Your wish has been granted, good riddance."

Shenron went back into his dragonballs singing songs of how he was going to sleep good and long before some idiot found him again while the others sweat dropped. Piccolo just shot a look at Dende who whistled and looked around. "Well we'll meet up in a few months to wish Gohan back, see you guys later!" Soon the Z Fighters departed to their homes, hoping that nothing would come destroy their peace.

Meanwhile in HFIL…

Gohan was thrust into the cell and he kicked the bars angrily and scowled at his surroundings. "Well if it isn't Gohan/the son of Kakarrott!" Cell, Frieza, Cooler, Raditz and the Ginyu Force walked out from the shadows. Gohan used his ki to burn a dark line from the bars to the wall of the cell. The line was practically showing ¼ of the room. "Everything after that line is mine, meaning I get ¾ of the cell." He said with a glare.

"Hell no! You're not getting more than I am!" They shouted and charged at him. Gohan smirked and got into a stance. "Let the games begin…" he sneered. The evil forces soon found themselves huddling behind the ¼'s line, afraid that their breath would disturb Gohan if it went past it. Gohan had beaten them crazy for 3 weeks straight. The thing in HFIL was that you couldn't get hungry; meaning all Gohan could do was train.

The evil doers had gained a little respect for the young saiya-jin whose human cells were slowly deteriorating. Gohan sat in a meditating pose (cross legged with arms over his chest and eyes closed) on his side of the room while the evil aliens glared at him and his wide space. They had been sitting crushed together for 2 months already while Gohan had been sitting in the same spot meditating for those 2 months.

"I've had it; I'm going to fight for some space!" Cell growled and went in to attack. Immediately Gohan's eyes snapped open and he blocked Cell's kick. 5 minutes later a very beaten Cell was sitting in his cramped part of the small rectangular part of the Cell they were confined to and the others who thought of doing what Cell did just had their plans pushed back. Gohan smirked as he sat meditating again, they never learn.

As the years went by…

As the months went by everyone eventually forgot about finding the dragonballs and wishing Gohan back from death. Even Piccolo, the man who forgot nothing, had forgotten that important fact. Dende had been too drunk and busy messing up everyone's lives to remember and when Chichi was found to be pregnant, all thoughts of Gohan just melted away. Soon Goten was born and everyone's thoughts were thought on him and Goku.

Years passed and Goten had become seven, living with his mother alone in the house without any worries. He was about to go speeding down the hallway for breakfast when he hit the bookshelf. His eyes widened and he frantically went everywhere to catch the books. As soon as he placed the last book down with a wide grin and V sign, an album hit him on the head and fell on the floor, opening.

He rubbed his head furiously and glared at the old photo album that fell from the top of the bookshelf. He began forming a ki ball and was about to destroy it when he saw something interesting in the picture. He grabbed the book and brought it to Chichi. "Mom what's this?" Chichi placed a dish on the rack and glanced at the book as she dropped a plate, making it crash to the floor.

The photo album was an old one but had many pictures that she had taken before Cell. The one Goten was holding up was the one they took before the Cell Tournament, but after Gohan had gotten out of the hyperbolic time chamber and spent time at home. Goten spun in circles then crashed to the floor with swirly eyes as Chichi rushed to the phone in saiya-jin-like speed and dialed Bulma's number. Bulma answered it and Chichi screamed, "WE FORGOT TO WISH BACK GOHAN!!!"

A few hours later…

Everyone stood at the lookout, waiting for the dragonball search team to return with the dragonballs. Vegeta scowled as he leaned against a pillar. "You made me leave the GR to do this onna?! I could be training right now!" Bulma scowled at her mate and turned to see Krillin and Yamcha returning with the seven dragonballs in a sack. They placed them on the ground and Bulma summoned Shenron.

"Why have you—oh it's you guys again. Don't other people look for me?"

Bulma scowled at the dragon. "We wish that Gohan was brought back to life!"

Shenlong stared at them in disbelief. His mouth gaped slightly and the Z Fighters stared at him in confusion. Wasn't he supposed to just grant the wish? They didn't hear Gohan protesting about not coming back. They did feel guilty though since they forgot him for 7 years. They just hoped he was having fun with Goku.

"This…this is a joke right? You can't possibly want…"

"Of course this isn't a joke! I'm serious! We want to wish Gohan back to life!"

"Do you people have a death wish or something?!"

Everyone blinked and stared at the growling Shenron. Bulma placed her hands on her hips, her eye twitching and a low growl coming from her. As her anger rose, Shenron began mumbling something that sounded like the "destruction of the world" and "we're all going to die" with a word that sounded like "Armageddon" as the end.

"And how, pray tell, is wishing Gohan back a death wish?!"


Shenron was unable to finish because of a familiar yet annoying voice that interrupted him yet again. While the others were happy to hear from Goku, with the exception of Vegeta who only wanted to watch Shenron curse the world and train, and Shenron who was ready to just go back into his dragonballs…but curse the Z Fighters and a certain dead Saiya-jin first.

"Hi guys! Guess what? I'm coming back for the tournament, isn't that great?"

"That's wonderful Goku!" Krillin exclaimed, "How's Gohan doing Goku? Is he coming back too because we're having a hard time bringing him back to life."

"What do you mean? Isn't he on Earth with you?"


"WHERE'S MY BABY?!" Chichi screamed and fainted. Yamcha caught her and Shenron rolled his eyes…well he would've rolled his eyes if he could but even if he could you wouldn't see it since his eyes were pure red.

"He's in--"

"It doesn't matter where Gohan is!" Bulma yelled. "We wish that Gohan was brought back to--"

"WAAAIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!" Shenron roared.

Immediately the whole Earth was practically silent. The wind stopped blowing; the birds that flew under the lookout or hung onto the ladder chirping were unusually and creepily silent. The clouds even stopped flashing lightning and the thunder stopped entirely. The Z Senshi sweat dropped while in Otherworld Goku and King Kai blinked.

"I'd like you to make a little wish come true for me. Before you wish back someone who will be the destruction of Earth, I'd like to say a few things."

Piccolo glanced at Dende who was sweat dropping. He laughed nervously at Piccolo while rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. "I could've sworn I was sober the day I upgraded Shenlong! Well…maybe I did have a few tequilas before I began upgrading and now that I think of it I remember spilling one of my favorite margaritas onto Shenron's statue after I upgraded Shenlong…" Piccolo rolled his eyes.

"When Earth is destroyed—which I'm sure will happen eventually—I wish that my spirit aka my very being was transported to Namek in the dragonballs that will appear there on the day of Earth's destruction. The dragonballs' stars will be black to differentiate between the Namek dragonballs and my dragonballs. In the even that Earth is brought back, I will be restored to my former glory on Earth."

Everyone turned to stare at the maker of Shenron, aka "Shenlong's upgrader". Dende coughed and hid behind Piccolo who noticed the stares at him and stepped to the side. Dende sweat dropped and everyone stared at him some more while Vegeta was laughing at the proclamation Shenron made.

"And why should I wish THAT?"

"Hey! Just because I'm a soulless dragon doesn't mean I don't have feelings and I can't be selfish a few times in my life. Plus, I've never asked for anything before, why can't I get what I want now?!"

"Hey Dende, I like this dragon!" Vegeta said with a smirk while Bulma rolled her eyes.

"Alright, alright, I wish for…uh…everything you said to happen and that Gohan was brought back to life and appeared here on the lookout."

Shenron's eyes glowed and everyone could've sworn that he was grinning. Everyone stared at the tall and handsome spiky black haired saiya-jin who was in the middle of a punch. He put down his arm and blinked as looked around at everyone. He stared up at the dragon and his eyes widened in horror. Chichi was giggling in happiness and Shenron was celebrating as he went into his dragonballs and they went to different parts of the world.

"You're back to life!" Chichi said and hugged Gohan in a death grip. Gohan's mouth gaped and he stared at her in horror.

"B-B-Back to L-Life!? N-No Raditz? No Frieza? No Cell? No Ginyu Force? ABSOLUTELY NO EVIL VILLAINS?!" Chichi smiled and squeezed harder. Up above Goku smiled in Otherworld and said, "Yup son! No more evil villains!"

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone stared at Gohan. "I HAVE to be dreaming! This is a nightmare! It HAS to be a NIGHTMARE! I can't beat up evil villains in HFIL into a bloody pulp anymore!!! I can't wander about in the new mist areas that we have instead of cells now! MY LIFE IS RUINED BY A BLACK HAIRED WOMAN WHO IS SUFFACATING ME! Which reminds me, GET OFF ME WOMAN!!!"

Vegeta was roaring with laughter and everyone was looking at Gohan like he was crazy. Gohan yelled at the dragonballs as they flew away and glared at Chichi who was still hugging him around the waist. "Get off me woman!" He yelled and immediately Chichi swung her pan…only to hit air. Gohan's training had saved him though Chichi only missed by a few centimeters. "What was that for woman?!"

"Don't talk to your mother like that young man! I know I raised you better!" Gohan scowled and crossed his arms. "Whatever woman but now that you…people have brought me back, what am I supposed to train with? Everyone here is weak! Well except King Vegeta's look-alike over there, he's not THAT weak." Vegeta scowled at him and he shook his head. "My life is ruined…" Then an evil thought crossed Gohan's mind and he smirked. "Then again…"

Meanwhile in HFIL…

Frieza whimpered as…uh…he I guess raised his arms up to TRY and block the punch coming. Gohan for some reason had some weird training schedule of beating EVERYONE in HFIL into a bloody near-again-death pulp four times a week. He blinked and looked up as the blow never came. Gohan's afterimage was still there though and he didn't have those horns they gave him after gaining a record in HFIL that made Cell look like a saint.

His surprised wide mouth become a smile, then a chuckle, then a full out laughter. Everyone flew over to see what the hell was wrong with Frieza who looked like a cackling bumpy lump. "Gohan's been brought back to life!" Frieza said happily. Everyone muttered and Cell smirked. "Some idiot brought the devil back to life? Hit it!" Raditz hit the play button on a cd player they somehow had and the speakers blasted as they partied in HFIL.

Gohan: Dear Dende…I died, Shenron's gone crazy AND I went to HFIL?!

Lucied: (blinks) What's wrong with that?

Gohan: Everything's messed up! But besides that, I'M EVIL NOW!

Lucied: (shrugs) I don't see the problem.

Gohan: (throws hands in air) I'll never be able to get with Videl if I'm EVIL!

Lucied: (rolls eyes) Stop complaining before I make Videl go with Sharpner or something…

Gohan: (smirks) Videl wouldn't go with Sharpner in a million years.

Lucied: Yeah but she MIGHT go with the evil villain.

Gohan: (Stares in horror and runs off to find Videl)

Lucied: (sweat drops) As smart as he is you'd think he'd realize that he IS the evil villain…oh well, remember to review!