Dark Blessings

Chapter 36:

The Beginning and the End

With a stare that froze hearts the Child of Blood snarled at them, his fangs clenched and dripping saliva. Bracing himself he leaned forward and roared, this one sounding different than the ones before. Kazuki held his heart with pain in his eyes and teeth clenched as he bent down to one knee in submission.

"The Bay of Blood," he gasped, eyes dilating with a golden glow. "We saiya-jins cannot resist the call."

Vegeta and Goku grabbed their hearts as well, gasping for air. All three writhed about as their bodies began the painful change they hadn't done for years. Chests heaving, their clothes ripped apart as tails re-grew and hair sprouted all over their bodies.

When the transformation was complete all three stood together in a menacing alliance. Roaring and stomping their feet they tried their best at intimidating the Child of Blood. Vegeta, the short brown oozaru, pounded his chest as he tried to proclaim his superiority while Goku, the taller brown oozaru, stomped his feet and roared.

Kazuki, however, was the most ferocious looking of all three. Spiky black fur covered him while two golden blank orbs stared forward. His teeth were bared as he sized up the Child of Blood, not daring to move. Everyone could almost see the hesitation in his vacant eyes.

"Hey why didn't we change?" Goten questioned, staring in awe at the giant apes before them. The entire group was overlooking the battle on a far cliff that didn't seem far enough. The oozarus, because of their size, were still too close.

"Yeah!" Trunks yelled, gazing heart-broken at what he wanted to become. "Are we not saiya-jins?"

Bulma shrugged as she looked worriedly at her now oozaru husband. "It may be because you weren't born with a tail. Gohan was the only one successful enough to have one."

The two muttered underneath their breaths but said nothing as they watched the fate of the world resting in the hands of three oozaru, two of which were preparing to attack at any moment while the last stood still.

In an instant the two brown oozarus attacked with a roar while Kazuki tried to stop them. Vegeta sent a blast from his mouth to precede him while Goku ducked under the beam, singing his fur, and went for the demon's stomach with a flurry of deadly punches.

The Child of Blood roared in fury as he was hit in the face again and before Vegeta could punch him he the Child of Blood grabbed his snout. Blood sprayed everywhere as the claws dug in and Vegeta roared in pain. Goku's neck was grabbed and the two oozaru were smashed into each other violently before flung away.

Kazuki turned and roared at the group on the cliff, frustrated as he tried to voice what he was saying. The transformation left him with only the basic primal instinct and took everything away, including his telepathic ability. Growling angrily he flew over to try and help his oozaru brethren.

Videl had a strong feeling that Kazuki was trying to tell her something. It had to do with how to seal the Child of Blood away, this she knew, because he was the only one left who could tell her how. Yet he had waited too late and now they were running out of time.

"Dammit, Kazuki, why didn't you tell me what to do beforehand?"

Screaming broke her out of her thoughts as everyone was either grabbed or flew away from the incoming oozaru. Videl held her breath as the brown projectile came too fast for her to dodge until a large hand grabbed her and pulled the stunned woman away to safety.

Dust and rocks flew everywhere as Goku crashed and then flew back out of it. Videl opened her eyes to see that Kazuki had saved her. The black oozaru growled at her and touched his bleeding wound. Showing he the blood he smeared it on his forehead then repeated the process.

Videl gave him a confused look before she was dropped when the Child of Blood's fist smashed into the side of Kazuki's face. His blank gaze was turned toward Videl, but before he could do anything Kazuki punched him, distracting the demon enough for him to forget about her.

She took this chance to fly away and joined the group who were on another cliff both surveying and discussing the battle. Landing as best she could, she ran over to them to hear their arguing on what to do since the oozarus, powerful or not, were obviously not winning.

"What are we going to do?" Krillin complained frantically, "There's no way to beat him!"

"We'll have to kill him somehow." Piccolo added his tone frustrated.

Chichi was appalled. "My prodigal son is out there in a mutated lion's body and you talk about killing him? Gohan may have done a lot of bad things that I am not proud of, but he is still my son and I am still his mother!"

"Well what do you propose Chichi?" Piccolo growled. "Let your son live and destroy the world? I guess we'll all just die and then tell you that we told you so on the other side!"

Everyone burst into an argument that began to grow before the Supreme Kai butted in. "Everyone calm down I have a plan! I wish it wouldn't have to come to this because I wanted to save Gohan, but now we have no other choices. We have to get the dragon and wish for Gohan to be sent to Shin'en."

Kibito stared at him as if he was insane. "Sir are you sure about this? I think this might be able to be a little too harsh.

"We can't be gentle with this Kibito; the fate of the universe depends on it. If we don't do it then what? Let everyone die because we thought the punishment would be too harsh? "

"But sir," Kibito persisted, "its Shin'en!"

The Supreme Kai shook his head. "I'm sorry Kibito but most of it must be done. This has to be the most serious decision I've ever had to make and I am sorry I have made it."

"Excuse me for interrupting," Videl began and everyone turned to look at her, making her nervous. "But what is Shin'en?"

"A place of darkness and despair," Kibito started sorrowfully, "Where your beast is filled with darkness and no light shines through. There isn't even mist there to comfort you, only darkness everlasting for you to comfort you, only darkness everlasting for you to wander about for all eternity."

"We receive it for the only the most of evil of criminals in the universe and that is nearly few to none." The old Kai added with a nod. "Unlike the penetrable HFIL there is not escape from Shin'en. We bare criminals from thousands of years ago, trapped in there contemplating their hatred and loneliness.

"You can't send Gohan there!" Videl protested, "He hasn't done anything extremely bad and transforming into the Child of Blood isn't his fault!"

The Supreme Kai patted her shoulder. "I'm sorry Videl, but this must be done.

"Don't touch me!" she yelled and yanked her arm away from him with an evil look. "Look Kazuki knows how to seal the Child of Blood. If we just figure out how from the clues he's given me..."

Krillin shook his head and gave Videl a sad look. "I know you want to save him Videl and so do we, but we have no choice."
"I apologize dearly for this Videl, but we cannot wish away a curse as ancient and powerful as this." the Supreme Kai said firmly, "We have to send the Child of Blood to Shin'en, Gohan and all."

"So you would risk everything to go through that just to send him away?" she gestured to the oozaru fighting the Child of Blood.

Beams were being shot about and sharpened feathers were raining down on the battlefield when the lion took flight. The oozaru batted most of them away and those they were stabbed with they pulled out so they could continue the fight for earth's survival.

Behind them, only a mile or two away, was the eternal dragon. He of course had not moved from his spot and sat in silence ever since summoned, waiting for someone to wish for what they wanted so that he could be sent away.

"For this planet and this universe I would risk everything." the Kai confirmed.

Videl scowled at all of them. "You all disgust me."

As she flew away Krillin spoke up. "Should we stop her?"

Korin shook his head wisely with a smile. "Let Videl go she knows what she's doing. Besides you can't change her mind when it's set on saving the one she loves.


The Child of Blood slashed Vegeta's chest and backhanded Kazuki. Goku jumped onto his back and bit the beast's shoulder before his head was grabbed and he was thrown off. The sky became extremely dark with a red haze while lightning danced and crackled in the clouds.

The demon gave a screech and pounced on Goku as he flew towards him. The two collided onto the ground and Goku flailed valiantly as the lion began to choke him. In an attempt to help, Kazuki grabbed him from behind and pulled while Vegeta tackled his stomach.

The Child of Blood roared as he fell back and Goku took the opportunity to scramble out from under him and catch his breath. Kazuki fell to the ground, the beast on top of him with his arms under the lion's armpits and the feathers cutting into his skin.

The black oozaru cried out in pain as Vegeta jumped on top of the white lion and began to maul him, pushing the metallic feathers deeper into his flesh. The Child of Blood roared in both pain and fury before kicking the brown oozaru off of him. Once that was done he rolled over and threw Kazuki off of him.

Kazuki caught himself and before the demon could recover both Goku and Vegeta attacked him. The black oozaru went over to Videl as she flew over to him, eyeing the small group slowly sneaking their way to the eternal dragon. He growled low at Videl when she came close enough, obviously wanting to know what was going on.

"They're going to wish Gohan away to some evil place called Shin'en." Videl yelled over the lightning, "We have to get Gohan back the way he was and stop them. Gohan doesn't deserve to be sent away to such a place!"


Videl heard it clear as day in her mind, but still couldn't comprehend what he was saying. Kazuki was obviously trying his best to break through the primal barrier to send her a telepathic message. A vein on the side of his head as his eyes began to glow brightly with pain was proof of that.


"I don't understand what you're talking about!" Videl yelled and gasped when she saw blood starting to come out of his eyes as he continued trying to break the primal barrier and transform back. "Stop Kazuki you're killing yourself!"

The black oozaru coughed up blood and a golden aura surrounded him. The golden ball compressed itself before exploding and releasing a bleeding Kazuki, allowing him to float to the ground. Videl flew towards him as he struggled to stand and he grabbed her arm, his eyes determined.

"Vide you have to create a seal by using—"

"Kazuki he's sending feathers our way!"

The evil Kai turned to see the metallic points gleaming as they streaked towards them. The demon had obviously seen the transformation and aimed their way with intent to kill. Pushing Videl down to the ground he took the attack to the back, screaming in pain.

The Child of Blood roared in triumph and attacked the two remaining oozaru. Videl scrambled over to Kazuki as he fell to his knees coughing up blood. The feathers had gone through his entire body and now it was only a matter of time.

"Oh Nero…" Videl whispered as she knelt by him, tears forming in her eyes.

His golden eyes were glazing over but they still had life in them. HE looked at her confused, as if he couldn't distinguish who she was. If she was Videl Abyer or Videl Satan; if this was the past Neronia or the present Earth.

He groped for her, mangled arm outstretched. She took it without hesitation as she tried to comfort him in his time of need. He knew he couldn't talk because of the point of the feather sticking through his neck, so he decided to use the last of his powers to show her what to do and make amends for all the trouble he caused.

Giving Videl's hand a squeeze as he coughed up more blood, his eyes glowed golden one last time before the light faded away. Videl cried out in alarm before a bright golden light enveloped them both.

She sat in darkness, lost in a void before the space lit up and she found herself lying in a flowery field. A man stood beside her with a slight smile on his face and an outstretched hand, the sunlight shining behind him as he helped her up. Now that she could see him better she stared at him in shock. Short spiky hair and slight chin hair with inviting eyes, the nearly twin of Gohan was standing before her with an amused smile.

"Videl…" his voice echoed as he spoke although his lips did not move. "I won't be able to help you stop the Child of Blood this time, but I know you can do it. Just as you did last time…"

"But I don't know what to do!" Videl stammered and Nero chuckled at her.

"You know what to do you just haven't figured it out yet. Remember what I told you about the Abyers?" They use their blood to perform rituals which included sealing demons."

Videl thought for a moment before understanding flooded into her eyes. She knew what to do now and how to seal away the Child of Blood. She looked at the handsome Nero with determination in her eyes and Nero smiled.

"See? I told you that you knew what to do." Releasing her hand he began to walk away, hands in his pockets and whistling a tune. Videl was shocked that he would just walk away like that without even a goodbye.

"Wait Nero where are you going? Are you really not going to help?"

The Neronian stopped in his tracks and chuckled with his eyes closed and head bowed. "Nero…somehow I feel I don't deserve to be called that name. Don't worry Videl Ill still be there for you one last time…just like I was for her."

Videl pounded the ground in frustration as she yelled at Nero's back. "Dammit Nero can't you just tell me what's going on for once?"

Nero just laughed and continued walking, throwing a comical peace sign her way. "See you in a hundred years or so Videl! Oh and take care of Gohan will ya? Tell him I'm sorry for everything and that I'm glad that deep down we're still friends…"

Bright light filled her vision before she was back on the battlefield. Kazuki's body transformed back into Nero's body and it sat on its knees lifeless; eyes glazed over and halfway closed with a smile on his face for all eternity.

Tears fell from her eyes as Nero's hand slid from her grasp and she gently kissed her forehead. "Oh Nero I'm sure Gohan forgave you centuries ago."

She stood up and realized that she had transformed into something or someone else. A kimono adorned her and power seemed to surge through her like a waterfall. Long black hair whipped about her face and boots similar to the Kais adorned her feet. She had changed into an Abyer warrior.

She felt a presence beside her and could see the golden spirit of Nero smiling beside her giving a thumbs up. Videl looked at the battlefield before her. The two oozarus were steaily losing ground against the Child of Blood who was obviously still full of energy.

"Come on Nero, let's get Gohan back."


The small group reached the dragon after much difficulty. They had to dodge falling oozarus, raining feathers, and ki blasts the width of mountains and length of comets. The torn terrain gave them excellent cover however whenever the Child of Blood looked their way.

The Supreme Kai ran to the eternal dragon gasping for breath and holding his bloody arm. They had not through that ordeal without at least obtaining a few injuries and he was not an exception.

The eternal dragon glanced down at him expectantly with a patience Piccolo could not believe Dende gave him. Such a patience to wait hours for someone to give at least the first wish was unethical and should be illegal.

What is it that you wish for?

The Supreme Kai spread his hands out and voiced his wish as loud as he dared. "I wish for the Child of Blood to be sent to Shin'en for all eternity!"

As you wish…

The dragon's eyes glowed a bright red for a moment before it faded away. They turned, hoping to see the Child of Blood disappear but the demon remained and the Supreme Kai was furious.

"How dare you not fulfill my wish!"

The recipient is too powerful he must be weakened in order for this wish to be completed.

"Dammit!" the Kai swore and Kabito looked at his master with wide eyes.


The Supreme Kai waved him away. "Oh shut it Kabito I don't have time to listen to you complain. It looks like we'll have to wait for Videl to do whatever she's planning to do to weaken the Child of Blood. Eternal dragon I wish for the Child of Blood and its container to be sent to Shin'en when it's weakened for all eternity!"

As you wish…

The dragon's eyes glowed a bright red again as lightning flashed and the heavens rumbled. The wish that the Supreme Kai had ordered was granted and now all they had to do was wait.


Grabbing Vegeta and Goku's snouts the demon smashed them hard on their backs. As the two faded in and out of consciousness the Child of Blood threw back his head and roared his supremacy to the heavens, lightning and thunder responding to his cry.

A purple beam slapped him on the side of his face and he growled at the intrusion. Videl stood there in her regalia and he snarled at her, his eyes wide as the past came back to him like a backhand to the face.

The Child of Blood was hesitant to attack for the first time, slowly going backwards on all fours as he kept his eyes trained on Videl in case she made any sudden movements.

Videl herself was surprised. For the Child of Blood to back away from the memory she represented…Videl Abyer had to have been powerful woman indeed. Courage filled her and she took a stance against the demon that held Gohan, the man she loved, captive inside of it.

The demon roared at her, determined to not look put out at his past enemy's sudden reappearance. He was clearly faking his current bravery, the hesitation and fear obvious in his blank eyes.

Silence reigned on the field once more as they sized each other up. Videl could have sworn she heard a female voice whispering in her ear, encouraging her to first attack his wings, bringing them down. Nodding to herself she attacked.

The demon attacked as well, charging at her with the ferocity only he could bring. He swiped at her as she flew and, with a speed Videl did not realize she possessed, slipped through one of the cracks of his claws.

The power of his attack pushed him forward and he stumbled slightly. Videl navigated easily around his claws and behind his head, surprise in her eyes as she didn't know she could do such things. His eyes saw her fly behind his head and he snarled with his eyes wide and wild.

His wings…claim his freedom of flight…

Nero's words came to her like a whisper and she dodged an attack of sharpened feathers. The wings were spread wide before whipping forward like snakes, an array of feathers coming for her. She dodged them again, one almost cutting her as she eyed the rattling wings.

She shot for them as quickly as she could, spinning in the air towards them as the demon turned in all its fury. An already prepared purple ki blast escaped her outstretched hand in the form of a disc, humming quickly to its destination. Knowing else to do she went up, dodging the swipes of the lion in desperation of life.

The unearthly scream that tore from the throat of the Child of Blood caused eardrums to become pressured. The right wing was half-torn, hanging barely as the metal-like feathers scraped across the ground in his agony. The beast moaned as it fell to its knees, both anger and anguish in its eyes.

It dragged itself for a moment in excruciating pain, blood staining the pure white fur of the creature of darkness. It screamed and screamed, the pain driving the creature to near-madness. The demon reached out to her, blue eyes holding sorrow, and Videl covered her ears as she could hear Gohan's scream.

Nero I can't do this! She cried; her eyes clenched tightly close as she could not bear to hear the sounds of pain the beast yelled that were mingled with the screams of her beloved Gohan.

Yes you can…you must…for Gohan's sake…

The whisper was soft yet comforting, giving her the strength to open her eyes and instinctively dodge the feathers aimed her way. The beast had stopped screaming, jaws clenched as the voice was contained in its throat by raw willpower, the lust for blood driving the demon onward.

Its other wing…you must strike down it's will to fly…

Videl watched in slight awe as the lion stood shakily and leapt towards her, urging the left wing to take up for the right and bring it into the sky. Willpower again worked for the lion as he brought himself to fly before faltering slightly, wing flashing forwards and back light lightning.

In her shock she barely missed the oncoming feathers, one of them slicing her left side. The Child of Blood roared in accomplishment, glowing blue eyes gleaming with bloodlust as her face contorted and her hand flew to her side white blood began to stain her kimono.

Gasping as she fought to retain her composure, she flew towards the Child of Blood, a disc of ki in her hands. Giving a battle cry she threw it as hard as she could, flying back from the force of it. The lion tried to turn away from it, but to no avail. He could not dodge the ki disc falling in mid-air.

The disc cut through the left wing this time, the lost appendage falling towards the earth with the lion close behind. The screams that echoed at the Child of Blood's pain caused Videl to cover her ears once more, tears in her eyes as she could hear Gohan's cries within them.

The beast fell to the earth, eyes wide in even more excruciating pain as his right wing tore more. Blood was splattered all over his back, a contrast to his white fur. Claws gripped the ground in agony as it found the strength to roll over, the useless wing flopping at his side.

Powerless, wingless, the Child of Blood no longer looked so proud. The blue mane and white fur was dusty, disheveled, and matted with blood. Tired, lustful, the lion struggled to stay on all fours as cuts and wounds from falling onto his own wing pained the poor lost child of a nearly forgotten dragon.

Godless, hopeless, the Child of Blood moaned it's agony to the four winds as it still tried to fight. Videl almost pitied the creature created from the wrath of the king of dragons. Her violet eyes were sad as she viewed the weakened lion writhing upon the dusty earth.

Now is the time…now is the place…now is the need for the seal…

The wind picked up as the Child of Blood stood, willing itself to stand and face her one last time. The lion knew that it was no match for the Abyer reborn; it knew that it would lose to her as it did before, but like a saiya-jin it would refuse to go down without a fight.

Videl faced him at his eye level with her hand still over her bleeding wound that she knew refused to close. If she did not defeat him soon she would faint from blood loss and both the Child of Blood and Gohan would cease to exist if the Supreme Kai had anything to say to it.

Then she saw it, a glimmer of the spirit of Nero hovering behind the Child of Blood. He didn't sense it of course and no one but her saw the faint and ghostly outline of the black oozaru. It looked at her with silence, saying nothing as its arms slowly began to wrap underneath the lion's arms to hold him in place.


She charged at the white lion, bloody hand outstretched. The Child of Blood spit two ki blasts at her through his mouth and she dodged them both. Roaring he attempted to lung only to be sharply pulled back. Alarmed he roared again and tried to move his arms, only to find them immobile.

Struggling against the unseen foe he tried to break free in desperation to live. Regaining his attention on Videl he attempted another ki blast only for the unseen force to hold his mouth shut. His blank blue eyes grew wide as he struggled, unable to move or voice his discontent.

Videl stopped sharply in front of the lion's head, his eyes narrowed at her as he struggled to reach her. The oozaru spirit of Nero held the lion fast, one ape hand holding the Child of Blood's jaws close. On his forehead was the faint outline of the V that had bound him and the visible scar that caused him to break free.

She stared at her hand, glistening with the sheen of her blood in the crimson moonlight, and began to trace the path the ancient V had. The lion roared in protest, but as the V re-established itself his eyes closed more and more as if falling into a deep sleep. Finishing the V she slowly flew back to see her work.

The oozaru Nero smirked as best as he could in his ape form before disappearing in a silent display of mist. Free from his restrictions, the Child of Blood fell forwards hard onto the earth without awakening. The white lion of Ryuujin that had ravaged the universe was once more asleep; hopefully forever.

A silvery shimmer enveloped the lion before it burst in an amazing show of glitter, falling to the ground like confetti. What remained was the torn body of Gohan lying peacefully on the ground, his clothing in shreds and the blood seal of the Abyer Priestesses adorning his forehead anew.

You're song…sing it to us…one last time…

Videl stared for a moment at the prone figure of her beloved before landing beside him and gently cradling his head in her lap. A sweet smile was on her face as she looked down upon him, her fingers trailing his face as she attempted to memorize his gentle features.

The Z Fighters watched in silence and awe as she gave off a faint velvety purple glow around the two of them, her ki at work. Her eyes slowly closed to a half-lidded state, gazing dreamily as the loss of her blood was beginning to affect her even as she still pressed on.

Shine bright morning light

Now in the air the spring is coming

Sweet blowing wind

Singing down the hills and valleys

A gentle breeze blew past them all, spreading the faint sweet scent of flowers. Videl was barely hanging to consciousness, gently stroking the side of Gohan's face as she softly sang the song. If they listened closely they could hear the faint playing of a guitar in the background.

Keep your eyes on me

Now we're on the edge of hell

Dear my love, sweet morning light

Wait for me, you've gone much farther, too far…


Fear entered the eyes of the Supreme Kai as he saw the ghost of Oryhalkun arched over both Videl and Gohan in silent protection. His throat clenched tightly, his voice unable to leave his body as he clamored for breath. Kibito gave him a worried look and Matoh stared in consternation at the apparition.

"S-Shenron d-do it now!" he stammered before he lost his resolution. "Gohan is weak, send him to Shin'en!"

As you wish…


Fear entered Videl's dimming eyes as she felt Gohan's life fading from her grasp by powerful forces. A reminder that Shin was sending Gohan to the Abaddon of Shin'en caused tears to fall from her eyes. The spirit of Oryhalkun that watched over them both shifted behind her and she grasped Gohan desperately, feeling him floating away from her arms.

"Gohan," she gasped, "No! Oryhalkun please…"

I can do nothing Abyer…only watch…only wait…

Tears fell harder as her body shook. The weight of Gohan's head in her lap faded to nothingness as he disappeared from her life. The spirit of Oryhalkun comforted her with soft words in a language she didn't understand. Even after all her efforts, all her hard work, she still lost the one she loved.

She fell to her hands, body still shaking as she grieved for her loss. She felt dizzy from blood loss and knew that she was soon to faint from it. Whispers were the last thing to leave her body as she fell to her side in unconsciousness. "Dear my love, sweet morning light, wait for me, you've gone much farther, too far…"


The Z Fighters watched as a dust-laden wind swept across Videl, shielding her from view. When it departed she was gone, as well as the spirit of Oryhalkun, last of the true dragons. Her ki signal was gone and nothing was left of the epic battle that had befallen earth, greater even than the arrival of Brolly, the first super saiya-jin.

Even though Videl had disappeared off the face of the planet for the moment the entirety of the Z Fighters gave a sigh of relief. The worse was over and the world, although broken and distorted, would heal just as it did before. Goku went off to wish that the earth was restored and Shin plopped himself on the ground with a bark of laughter.

"We did it…we did it!" he shouted before falling on his back and staring at the now clear sky, the full moon shining down on them. "The Curse of Ryuujin…it's finally over! This is finally the end!"

Matoh scoffed lightly at the young Supreme Kai's behavior at their victory before staring up at the moon deep in thought as he whispered to the wind, "No young Kai it's just beginning…"

Good? Bad? I dunno. Sorry for being gone for so long, but the military is demanding. I have been going through internet withdrawal for the past 6 months and I am very happy for returning to it. I continue on with my works and many more are to come.

This is what I wanted to happen at the end of Dark Blessings. The Beginning and the End title represents the end of the trials and tribulations of the Z Fighters as well as the closing of the Dragon King's curse. Yes, the curse is finally over and sealed for all eternity. The Child of Blood will no longer roar its sins to the blood moon, but is it the end of Gohan? Is it the end of Videl? As Matoh has clearly stated, "It's just the beginning."

Dark Requiem


3 years later…

Images flashed into his mind unbidden as he lay in an everlasting darkness. Days, months, years, they were nothing to him. Yet the pictures remained, keeping his broken soul going and borderline sane.

Her smile that glowed, making his heart beat faster and faster; the anger in her eyes that both frightened and amused him; the sadness she bore that urged his dark heart to forever protect her.

These images plagued his mind like a fever, burning him with the love he felt for her though he would never admit it. Trapped inside this darkness, remembering himself as he was before, the desire for her touch burned within.

Videl… he thought, the fingers of his soul reaching out to grasp these mental images his mind created to torture him with desperation. They disappeared, fading away like smoke and sorrow filled his being.

Videl… he thought in despair, attempting to console himself as his heart wept. Outside in the real world the scientist watched him with curious eyes as three bubbles escaped from underneath his mask, a tear forming at the corner of his eye.