Bathroom Break

A fanfiction by Keystone

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Bathroom Break:

"Aw man, here I come Beast Boy. Try and stop me now!" Yelled Cyborg. The two had been sparring for several hours when Cy had gotten in the first great hit. A gear-powered punch caught Beast Boy right in the stomach in his gorilla form. Now, he planned on scoring one more hit to end the round.

Transforming into the form of a Kangaroo, a weary Beast Boy lunged at his charging steely teammate. Never one to pass up an insult, Beast Boy responded "Oh yeah? See if your circuits can keep up with this, chrome dome," then began his desperate counter assault.

He hopped toward Cyborg at top speed, then dodged to his left, landing on top of a rock. Coiling his legs to the max his current form allowed, he sprang towards Cyborgs right side then changed in mid-air into a buffalo. As he sped through the space between them, Beast Boy reveled in his apparent victory.

The older, more experienced Cyborg, however, new better. Knowing Beast Boys tendency to avoid head on attacks, Cyborg stood stock still as the kangaroo bounded right for him, never dropping his fighting stance. Waiting for the transformation into a larger creature, Cyborg charged his sonic cannon, exposing it from his right arm. A smile passed his face when he saw the size of Beast Boys new form.

When the buffalo was approximately five feet from him, he dove to the ground in front of him and rolled into a somersault. Turning to take aim at Beast Boy, he continued to smile as he discharged a blast square into his back.

It was to late, Beast Boy realized. The sheer size of the buffalo did not allow him to be able to effectively dodge the shot. So he attempted to change back into his human form to minimize the blasts damage. Wrong. By becoming a human again, his body became much more frail due to a lack of honest bulk.

The beam impacted square in the small of his back and the vibrations inherent in a sonic attack propelled him forward into the side of the Teen Titans home, the Titan Tower. If he hadn't hit head first, maybe he would have remembered the match. Instead, he slammed face first into the reinforced concrete slabs of the Tower.

'Dude, my head hurts! What happened? Whoa, the sky is all black, I bet a storm is coming. I gotta get inside.' As he tried to rise up seconds after he had impacted, the force of the blow caught up with him and forced him to the ground, unconsciousness pulling him into its embrace. Meanwhile, Cyborg ran up to his friend, scooped him up in his arms, and began making his way into the compound.

Fearing he had perhaps seriously injured his teammate, Cyborg engaged the medical diagnostic components in his hands. Due to the nature of Beast Boys powers, it was impossible to determine what was actually wrong, but his sensors clearly showed bruises along the muscle structure in his lower back, and a minor concussion.. Less than three seconds after his software reached its diagnosis, a subroutine geared towards treatment set in. The program had deduced that all the remedy would require would be some time of sleep and perhaps a local anesthetic.

As he carried him through the various automated checkpoints, Cyborg activated his helmet com, raising the Tower-wide lin for anyone to answer. Which is just what Starfire did. "Hello," came the cheerful response, "Cyborg, how has the training session between you and Beast Boy concluded?" Always cheerful, she assumed it had been a regular day of training, not having a clue as to the condition of her friend.

"It was fine, Star, but could you open the front door for us? BB's out cold, and a storm is coming, so if you could let us in, that'd be great."

"Oh yes, I shall open the doors for you, friend. Will Beast Boy be okay? Does he require medical attention?" she asked as he massive steel doors slowly parted, revealing the cavernous main hall of the Titan's home. The silence of its interior punctuated by the gray light filtering in from th windows high upon the walls.

Carrying Beast Boy over his shoulder, Cyborg confidently told her "Don't worry, he'll be fine. Just some bed rest and maybe some aspirin and he'll be back to normal."

"You sure that's a good idea?" Raven had been so silent that Cyborg had failed to even notice her. So quiet, so internal, he always thought she needed to open up a little bit. But when he and the silent green slung over him had discovered the reason why, he had realized hat she could only do what she could. Even still, he found her dry sense of humor, and the subtle sarcasm it always contained to be refreshing compared to the boisterousness of Beast Boy. "Maybe it would be good for us if he was out of action for a little while."

"Friend Raven, what do you mean? Beast Boy is our friend and we should do anything we can to insure his proper recovery."

"Never mind Star, Cyborg, is there anything I can do to help?" The chrome one thought it somewhat odd she would ask to help bring Beast Boy out of his stupor, but decided to capitalize on it.

"Okaaay, since you seem so interested in his condition, you can carry him to the bathroom and get him some aspirin," he said as he dumped the limp form into Raven's startled arms, "I need to talk to Robin about this strange weather. I picked up a lot of interference on my systems and I think we need to check our sensors outside."

With those last words he looked through the glass window and saw that the already dreary looking sky had become ominously black. 'Where did all this come from? The report said it should be clear and cool the rest of the week.' Speaking out at last, he turned back to the two girls and said "Star, could you come with me, I might need your help with all the equipment. Raven, after you get Beast Boy some medicine, could you dump in his room and lend a hand, too?"

Eager to put him down anywhere that did not include her arms, Raven nodded yes and turned to head down the hallway to Beast Boy's chambers and the boys bathroom. As Cyborg and Starfire left through an archway at the end of the entrance hall, Raven turned her head and cast a furtive glance out of the high window. With every passing second the heavens seemed to grow more and more unsettling.

Maybe it was the power inside her, maybe it was her women's intuition, or anything, but something within her screamed that this was bad. No, more than bad, but downright dangerous. Not like she could just respond to it, however, her powers were based on her emotions, so giving in to fear or paranoia could have drastic effects on those around her. Sh decided to just drug up BB and dump the drooling critter in his pen, er, room and go to the other Titans with her suspicions.

Walking along the boys hallway, Raven marveled at how blissfully simple they were. Stupid graffiti traded back and forth between BB and Cy decorated the walls while loud abrasive music poured from behind Cyborgs door and dirty laundry crept along the edges of the walls near the bathroom.

As she made her way through the obstacle course of funk, the air conditioning suddenly turned on, sending machine cooled air to calm and soothe the walkers. Moving along she suddenly realized how light BB was. Less than 130 pounds. 'Strange,' she thought 'For someone who could literally be a pig or a whale, he feels as light as a stick.'

'No, I must have simply gotten stronger from being with the Titans. Even my powers have since calmed and submitted to me more. Maybe I'll stay with them a little longer.' Smiling inwardly at the thought, she paused outside the door to the boys bathroom. Did she dare go into that mysterious place. Who knew what kind of horrors it held. "Well," she spoke to nobody in particular, "it can't be as bad as BB drooling down my leg." She sad, shuddering at the sick, wet feeling sliding down her skin.

No sooner had she opened the door than she was greeted by the grungiest sight she may have ever seen. So much so that it very nearly made her sick to her stomach. A sink full of hairs, courtesy of the older Cyborg. She allowed a small laugh when she thought of Cyborg shaving half of his face. Next to it, several greasy rags, also belonging to the iron man. Also in the catalogue of horrors was a shower cap and bath loofa astride a mountain of soiled towels; Beast Boy.

Deciding she wanted to be in and out as fast as possible, she used her powers to slightly shift all the crap to the side and approached the medicine cabinet. Setting BB down on the toilet, she turned to open the mirrored cabinet and saw perhaps the funniest thing in the whole room: the entire cabinet was filled with hair care products. Gels, creams, sprays, combs, brushes, picks, and even some ties. Robins' stash.

Moving them aside she locate a small bottle of aspirin. Taking two capsules out, she set them on the counter and pulled a wash cloth out of a drawer. Upon seeing what lay under the cloth, she stepped bak a few paces and allowed her mouth to drop slightly. A box of condoms with a note attached to it lay open and the contents spilled all over the drawer.

Picking up the box, she read the small sticky note out loud: "Dear Beast Boy, Wonder if Raven likes it Doggy-style? Love, Cyborg and Robin."

As soon as she had finished reading it, she turned and slapped the sleeping green pig. How dare he?! What possibly made him think she had any feelings for him at all, let alone want to have sex with him? All she knew was he would regret it when he woke up.

Being slapped across the face is obviously the miracle cure as BB shot up, eyes glancing around the room ad settling finally on Raven. A hunched, fuming, power laden Raven, holding a small orange box with a yellow sticky note on it.

Before he could even speak in his defense, a colossal clap of thunder shook the entire tower, the door slammed shut and locked automatically, and frantic calls came from over the com. So many voices in the darkness, calling out for any clue of what just happened, clamoring to be heard over each other at any cost.

Starfire could be heard, panic creeping into the corners of her voice, "Robin, Cyborg, Raven, anyone? Where have you all gone?"

Next came Robin, "Hello? Titans, can you here me? Somebody respond, please."

Finally the calm voice of Cyborg came on, straining over the direness of his information. "Anybody readin' me? Well if you are, I'm picking up contacts all over the place, and I can't take them all on. But I will. Get to the kitchen hall on the double!"

Then the lights went dark, the voices stopped, and they were left alone.

An angry Raven. A confused Beast Boy. A world in peril. The odds aren't good.

Then from the space around Raven and Beast boy, a light began to glow. A cool, blue light that filled them both with wonder and calm. From the light, a swirl appeared, gaining speed to match the increasing illumination. When it had reached a velocity that began to shake the room, a figure emerged from the nexus of the whirling energy.

He was tall, muscular, and well, perfect. "My name is Michael. I am the Archangel. We must hurry."

Then, just as he had appeared, he vanished, taking Raven and Beast Boy with him.


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