Movin' Out

A Fanfiction by Keystone

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Movin' Out

The Titans and Spawn decided they now had to go out and start the laborious task of cleansing their city of the filth. It was realized they could cover more ground if they split up, but it would also cut them off from backup if they needed it. So Beast Boy suggested they all go to the same place together, but separate when they got there until all of their enemies were dead. Then together they could move about the city, cleaning out room by room if necessary.

The first place they wanted to go to was the old zoo. It as near to th plaza they were currently in and was isolated from the rest of the town. It was not likely that any demons would come to reinforce the park if attacked. Which it was so about to be.

Spawn suggested two teams of three to cover each end and work their way toward the middle. Conceding that it was a good idea, Robin split his team into two. Beast Boy, Starfire and Cyborg would go to the northern main entrance while him and Raven joined with Spawn near the southern employee entrance.

Once they had gotten into their groups and separated, Robin turned over all the details in his mind. 'Hell wants this guy,' he thought, 'But so does Heaven. He does seem to be very powerful, but he did attack us first. He's helping now though. Well, I'll have to keep my eye on him. I still don't trust him, but Cy seems to think he's good news, so I guess that'll have to do.'

"Stick close, the one thing my soldiers are skilled at is striking quick, hard, and out of nowhere. Keep your eyes peeled." Spawn warned as he paced forward slowly, cautiously, glancing left and right.

"What do you mean 'my' soldiers?" Raven asked, suddenly stopping in his place next to Robin.

Turning his head to see them out of his left eye, but not facing them he responded "I trained them." Then he turned back around and continued moving forward. Robin and Raven exchanged wide-eyed expressions and then moved to keep up. The fact remained that this was still a former general of Hell. And zero amount of righteous behavior would change that. They moved in the shadow cast by the clouds overhead, a cloak upon their once peaceful world.

As Raven moved with them, she took the time to observe her surroundings and see the zoo she had been to only once before. It was a public relations stunt she hd pulled with Starfire. The two girls took a troupe of Girl-Scouts to the zoo and hen did a little show for them. Starfire had a blast. Raven tried to blast her. Now that it was empty, however, she found a certain sense of tranquility to the haven.

Something just seemed wrong. She looked to her right and Robin was walking along just gazing here and there as she did. She looked at Spawn and saw just what it was that bothered her. They were calm and relaxed and enjoying the scenery, but he was on full edge, ready to pounce on anything that he didn't like. As if in response to her thought, her com activated.

"Hey Raven, we haven't found anything over here, how about you three?" Cyborg's image asked her.

The other two stopped and looked at her, shaking their heads in 'No'. She shrugged and looked back at her own device and responded to him. "Not yet, but something doesn't feel right. I know we can't be alone,"

"But where is everybody?" Starfire finished her thought on the other end. "I too am concerned over the lack of any opposition."

"Just wait, they're bound to be here somewhere. Keep your eyes peeled." Spawn spoke into the com and kept on moving forward.

"Let us know if you see anything." Cyborg said as he closed the link. He moved forward with Beast Boy in front of him as a bloodhound, sniffing the ground. Star hovered over head and scanned the region with her eyes. The had been walking around the park for nearly half an hour and saw no trace that any demons were still here. There were plenty of signs that they HAD been here, however, as the trio saw various overturned kiosks, souvenir stands, and the occasional grisly slain corpse.

As they continued on their search and destroy mission they approached a tall brown building. A shredded sign riddled with holes clearly stated "Monkey Habitat" on the wall by the door. Beast Boy reverted back to his human form and said "Something is in here. I don't know what, but something is definitely in here. And it stinks, too. Like gym socks wrapped in old cheese. Reminds me of you Cy." He said with a toothy grin.

"Do you think it could be the monsters we came to find?" Starfire said as she landed next to Cyborg. There was no fear in her voice, she was rock solid in this particular mission.

"I don't know, Star. But we're gonna find out." Cyborg moved to the side of the door and carefully pushed it open. As it swung inward Starfire stepped in front of it and aimed her hands forward, ready to fire a lethal volley of Starbolts at anything unwise enough to engage them. The crimson light of her charged hands illuminating only the interior of the hallway. Seeing nothing, she ran in, light footsteps resonating ever so quietly in the expansive hallway of the monkey house.

Beast Boy moved in next, taking his dragon form and pacing forward, taking up a position behind his female alien partner. The iron dense muscle of his newest form ensuring swift and total destruction to any foolish soldier. To his delight, the lack of wings made him slender enough to fit indoors and powerful enough to stand to any creature.

Bringing up the rear Cyborg marched in, his shoulder lamp activating and lighting up the wall nearby. He noticed a small metal box and quickly identified it as a power box. He walked toward it and pulled off the metal padlock and opened the access panel. Seeing a variety of switches and levers he found the one marked 'Lights' and flicked it back and forth a few times, trying to jumpstart the system. After a few seconds, the hanging overhead lamps flickered once, then went out, then came on strong and stayed on. The soft hum of the flowing electricity seemed to soothe the wary teens a little.

He closed the panel and went back to his teammates. "Okay Beast Boy, where do you think they are?"

Dragon Beast Boy shifted back to normal human Beast Boy and gestured down the hall. Luckily it appeared to be a straight walk for a few hundred feet, meaning no surprises from the flanks for a while. "Alright then, no more talking unless it's absolutely necessary. Hand signals only." Cyborg moved ahead, sliding along the left wall, scanning down the hall.

Starfire and Beast Boy exchanged looks of 'huh?' They had never seen their friend act so professional or serious when it came down to a serious situation like this one. But they agree and Star hovered over to the right wall and Beast Boy fell back slightly, taking the rear guard in dragon form.

Since they had entered the abandoned place Starfire's instincts had been calling out to her. Screaming danger and warning. Now she felt it more than ever. As she crept through the building, stale air pierced her lungs and silence shattered her ears. Every shadow was a potential threat, every soft whisper of wind was the message of a enemy scout, every step a stride into hostile territory. All she could count on was her own substantial skill and the determination of her friends.

Beast Boy stalked straight down the center of the path, daring any unholy beast to attack and see what Earth's people were all about. He did the estimation in his head. This form was roughly four times stronger than his gorilla form, so he could probably take down at least eighty enemies on his own out in the open. His hide was also the thickest one he hide, about two inches thicker than his rhinoceros shift.

He noted his tail and realized with a simple flick he could clear the whole hallway of intruding fiends. Since he wasn't in the open though, he really couldn't do that or he'd risk hurting his friends. But at the same time it would prevent his enemies from dodging or being able to effectively manuever away. The dragon's mouth twisted into a smile, exposing the fangs of his holy vengeance.

Cyborg's thoughts drifted back to what Kai had told him. It occurred to him that he was the only one who knew the Hellspawn's name. He kept his sonic cannon focused downrange and slowly paced forward, past empty exhibit pens and vacant lots for the primates. At each one they encountered whoever found it would signal a halt and call the Beast Boy over. He would enter each pen and search for anything unnatural or suspicious. If he found something he would swing his tail up and down and if he found nothing he would wag his tail side to side.

So far they found no signs of any current enemy intrusion. But Cyborg remained ever vigilant, in case they should encounter any resistance. And as the threesome rounded the corner, they ran headlong into something they did not expect at all. Survivors.

"Holy Diver" would be cool right about now.

Raven leaned against the wall and watched the fish swim in front of her. Ever since they had entered the aquarium they had gone their separate ways. It was a relatively small building on the outside, but she remembered it went rather deep underground and came out of the side of a cliff face that was part of the zoo's natural formations. She sighed and continued through the tropical room. To it's credit, it was a beautiful place. The quiet peace of the still water allowed her to process all the data. Two days have gone by and already the city was wasteland.

"At least it's quiet," she mused to no one before rounding a tank and seeing two guards. Not human guards, fat and greasy with cheap plastic batons, but demons with light armor and swords of black steel. She quickly ducked back around the curved glass tank. "Damn," she whispered when she realized she was hiding behind a hunk of glass. She ducked down close to the ground and strained to make out any details of what they were doing.

They were stretched wide and blurred by the water, but she should make out that there were two guards, and they both appeared to be rather lightly armed. She could not make out what they were guarding but figured it was just the area, rounding up survivors and such. Options swirled through her mind as the gray adorned girl came up with a plan. "Penetrate and Annihilate," she thought, "My favorite."

Stealthily Raven backtracked and ascended a flight of stairs mean for the staff to feed the rays in the tank under her. Then she deftly moved to be just over top of the two inattentive guards. Oh how they would pay for their lack of discipline. Looking around the room for items to bash them with, she saw the aquarium's most popular exhibit. The shark tank. Over one hundred feet across and seventy feet deep. Most importantly, home to twenty sharks and hundreds of other chompy swimmy things.

Taking a deep breath she chanted her mantra "Azerath, Metrion, Zinthoss!" and waves of pure white energy overlapped her and seized the enemies swords. She used them to slash at her bewildered opponents. Then she picked up the bleeding demons and tossed them at the shark tank. They splashed right in and began to swim around. As they frantically attempted to escape the various streamlined aquatic killers picked up on their blood scent and motion. In less than a second the were swarmed by dozens of teeth and underwater muscle. It was over before it even started.

Raven took a moment to appreciate the results of her effort and then moved on.

Robin observed the massive pen in which the alligators of the Jump City Zoo and Aquarium roamed about. They had roamed about the aquarium for nearly three hours and had yet to find anything, as far as he knew. To be honest, he wanted to go and find some bad guys, it had been a while since he had given a good hard kick to something. So he had wandered around. Nothing came through on his communicator and no one came running to him for help.

He had no one but his thoughts to keep him company. And until he found the other two he would have to just find some way to entertain himself. So he decided to watch the animals in the tanks and cages. A pair of large tortoises wandered around a pen and some dolphins swam around and did tricks for his eyes. He laughed when he saw them jump through a suspended hoop and play with each other in their spacious tank. Walking down the halls he wondered why they didn't come here and enjoy the place earlier. It made him forget how bad he was injured when they first fought the horde and how absolutely worthless he was to them in those few minutes of massacre at the Tower.

A gorgeous reef exhibit with all kinds of brightly colored fish and creatures was under his feet under a thick glass roof while over his head was a great tank for otters and beavers to play and roam in. The place was simply beautiful. He couldn't control the grin on his face and laughed a he watched a pair of otters swim around and chase each other and then a seal next to them reached up and covered its face, as if in exasperation. He could spend all day in here.

Spawn had a wonderful time. He shredded one inept defender at the waist and relieved one of the burden of having to carry a head around. Even though he did encounter a few soldiers, he expected there to be more. Many more. Something did not make sense. He expected them to behave just as he had trained them. But they disappointed him on so many levels.

First off, they paid no attention to their surroundings and even less to their duties. They sat around and joked with each other over how many humans they could kill. Second, they left their weapons out of arms reach, leaving them helpless against one such as him with all of his weaponry attached to him. And third, most importantly, they stood out in the open, totally oblivious to all of the wonderful hiding places around them.

Spawn observed the area around them once the three second slaughter was complete. There were nooks, cracks, walls, dividers, alcoves, tanks, even large trash cans. All cover and all ignored. Something was definitely wrong here. These were not the soldiers he trained. But they did bear his symbol, the one he forged to place on his robes in Heaven. The iron cross with the pure white crescent across the middle of it. Perhaps another commander had stolen his symbol, or these soldiers were just slacking off during training.

No matter. They got their reward in full.

"Cy, this one's still breathing!" Beast Boy yelled as he examined the bodies of the four humans huddled up in a gorilla's pen. The massive beast lay on the side of the cage, dead, ripped open from several large gashes across its body, a broken spear jutting out of its back. Around it lay the bodies of the ones who wielded the unholy weapons. The gorilla had cared for these humans, obviously its trainers and handlers and had fought off the attacking demons, but at the cost of its own life.

The other three humans included one male and two females. The presently unconscious human Beast Boy was referring to was a man, in his mid to late forties. Starfire approached the three huddled together, dirty, breathing heavy staff workers and extended her hands in a sign of goodwill.

"We have come to help you, friends. We wish to get you out of here before more of the evil creatures appear." She stepped forward but they all cringed as she did, and she took a step back. "Please, we only want to insure your safety. You must come with us." she pleaded with the three people.

"They're in shock, Star," Cyborg said over his shoulder to her while he checked out the fourth person, "Probably still terrified over what happened to their friends and family here. Not to mention the dead gorilla over there."

Beast Boy sat next to the dead hulk and ran his hand across it. Feeling all the open wounds and the warm blood flowing from them. He felt tears well up inside when he saw all of the horrible wounds and nasty gashes over the noble animal. He had relied on the great ape to aid him in battle many times over the years, and now that one was dead, here right in front of him, he felt the mortality they all shared more than ever. It was if part of him lay dead next to the animal. He wiped away the moisture forming in his eyes and headed back toward the other two.

As he did, Cyborg continued to check the vitals of the survivors via his quite overworked medical sensors. They were all physically fine, but they all had suffered some serious mental trauma and would require great psychological help if they survived until all was restored to normal. Until then, he would just have to do the best he could to help them. He tapped into his sonic cannon systems and adapted them to fire a neural severance beam, effectively rendering them all out cold for the next several hours. Long enough for him to administer psychoactive drugs to help ease their mental pain and get them somewhere safe.

Just as he prepared to fire however, a small tremble passed through the floor and a red portal exploded into the room right over the four living members of society, the force of it slamming their bodies down into the hard pavement and crushing their bodies into pulp. Out of it stepped six large black figures, covered in thick armor and sporting two swords per hand with a seventh stepping out after them. He was twice the size of his men, and held a massive axe in both hands. He stood at least eight and a half feet tall and weighed what looked like close to a ton.

Furious over the deaths of the only survivors they had found, the three Titans charged at them, Star firing her bolts, Cy swinging his massive fists, and Beast Boy charging in as the Holy Dragon. The elite squad of hunter-killer demons would not go down easy however, despite three of their number falling instantly as the starbolts penetrated their armor and huge hands smashed into heads while enormous jaws clamped down on midsections.

Blind with rage Cyborg fought against two of the elite commandoes and laughed as their blades shattered upon striking his armored flesh. He then wrestled with the two weaponless but determined nonetheless assassins. Cyborg slipped in under one of the warriors punches and grabbed him up in a bear hug around the waist and body slammed him to the ground. He rolled off and stood to face th other when a large black clad gauntlet crashed into his face, staggering him and making him stumble backwards.

He quickly regained his awareness just to be struck in the stomach by a boot the size of his. He grabbed the foot as he fell and rolled over however. The momentum and angle caused the elite to fall and snapped his right leg at the shin. Cy scrambled to his feet and stomped on the fiends face, leaving his boot impression in the ground under it.

Just as he turned to help his fellow Titans the foe he had threw down before had risen to challenge him. Still in his hyper aggressive state from the needless murder Cyborg grabbed the killers face and rammed it back down into the ground until it was buried in the rubble that was not there before.

Starfire tangoed with an overly angry attacker who took several slashes at her, some poorly aimed, some not even aimed at all. Due to her light frame and nimble body she was able to dodge every attack and sneak in her own hits when she got an opening, which she did often. Most disturbing though, was the fact that her attacker barely moved whenever she struck it. He seemed to absorb the impact with relish.

After the tenth strike, he wizened up some and kept one blade close to him at all times while lashing out with the other. This would keep her from getting in to close lest she be cut down like the many others he had slain in th last few days. Dodging slash after slash, Starfire strained to find an opening. Then she saw for a brief second a unarmored portion of his back when he tried to turn around and cut her.

She ran forward and slid under his legs and when she was behind him fired her legs up over her head and dug her toes into his exposed flesh. He howled in pain and dropped both swords. Starfire got to her feet and did a downward spin kick on his shoulder and felt something break. He never got up from his knees, but his head hung down at a rather odd angle.

Holy Dragon Beast Boy squared off against the leader and swung his tail at him full force. Despite his massive bulk he caught the sage tail and swung to his left. The swing forced BB into the near wall and he left a large crater in it, pieces of plaster now decorating the grey floor. He charged and swung his mighty axe downward and Beast Boy grasped the blade in both hands and forced it to his side, missing and therefore exposing the colossal fighter. He lashed out with a straight punch up into the sternum of his foe. Then with he surprising agility inherent in a dragon he rose to his feet and kicked the pole of the axe, knocking it from its wielder's grasp.

The captain stepped back and pointed to the dead ape, then to Beast Boy. Beast Boy guessed the intention and absorbed the insult. Howling with rage he charged the ebony fighter and locked arms with him, snarling and growling all the while. He bit down on the demons arm which allowed him to gain the upper hand and wrap his arms around the creatures back. He squeezed and lifted up, crushing the leader with his incredible might. When he felt the backbones' snap, he let go and morphed to an ape.

As the back broken leader looked up, he saw his last sight. The clenched fists of an enraged giant ape.

No sooner had the last enemy fallen than Cyborgs communicator activated and Raven, Robin, and Kai appeared. "Cyborg, we need to get out of here fast. The real heat is downtown. Spawn says he can sense thousands of both Hell based and Holy energies there, so we should be there too."

They met outside a few seconds later, after Cy and the others took the time to properly bury the four dead humans and the dead ape. Once they met, the Titans formed their heavenly portal and Spawn enveloped himself in his cape and they left for the industrial park.


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