The little boy slowly made his way down the long stairs, taking small steps because of his little legs. Neat blonde hair covered his little head and a neat blue robe covered his small frame like a large cloth. The little boy ran his tiny hand on the smooth marble staircase as he continued his journey down the steps.

His small shoes clicked as he stepped onto the slick floor and made his way to the dining room. The little boy looked all around him as he walked. Large statues of dark wizards and gargoyles surrounded the boy, as if about to lung at him. The large gaping mouth of a gargoyle gave the little boy shivers, causing the clicking of his shoes to become louder and quicker.

The little boy paused and looked outside. The silver moon sent rays of moonlight onto his pale face, making him seem paler. A huge garden and meadow lay in front of him, making him feel sad. The little boy wished he had someone to play with in the garden. Most of the time he would go outside by himself and run around while his parents stayed inside and busied them selves. Of course the little boy had many toys, but he still wished he had some one to play with.

The little boy sighed and continued his journey to the dining room. The little boy could see the faint glow of candles in the dining room, hardly lighting the large room. He slowly stepped inside and saw two dark figures sitting in fancy chairs at the long table. The woman busied herself reading a magazine while the man busied himself with paperwork. Two plates were in front of them, surrounded by silver utensils and crystal glasses. The light from the candle seemed to dance all around the room, mocking him. The little boy saw a plate full of food and he walked to it and sat down in the too-big chair, almost sinking into it.

The little boy glanced at the man and the woman and picked up his fork. Suddenly, the man stood up with his papers and walked away, making the candles dance more fiercely. The little boy watched the man walk away and disappear around the corner. The small boy put his fork down and stared at his plate. Then, the woman picked up her magazine and gracefully got out of her seat and walked away, leaving the little boy alone.

The little boy felt tears well up in his eyes as he lowered his head and stared at his plate, for the two candles went out, leaving the boy alone in the darkness.

Authors note If you didn't get it, the candles were the little boy's parents. See, the candles went out leaving him in the dark, like his parents, they walked out of the room and left the boy alone. Get it? Just told you that if you didn't but anyway please review! Thanx for reading! ^-^