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Where Home is Never Sweet…

Without Being Falsely Coated

Prologue: Blatant Resolve

"Absolutely NOT!" The renowned Dragon Spooker and Bandit Killer huffed as she put her arms over her chest, a foreboding look of decisiveness etched into her expression.

"Oh, why not, Miss Lina? You've been to my home tons of times! It's only fair." Amelia, dutiful crown Princess of Seyruun, the white magic capital, was pleading with the Enemy of All Who Live, in a campsite no less.

"So what? You always invited me. Plus, you have the money to afford visits." Lina had recently been asked by Amelia to visit her [Lina's] family, given of course, that she [Amelia] would pay her respects as well. However, Lina had made it blatantly obvious that she had no intention of returning home, with or without company.

Amelia frowned. Lina eyed her, wondering if she dared to spout off about justice again. Being in a cranky mood, she couldn't promise that the princess would not be interrupted by a stray fist, or fireball. Fortunately for her, Amelia hesitated but then chose a different approach. "Miss Lina, if I donated oh, ten thousand gold pieces to you and a good word of recommendation of your family's business, would you permit us to visit then?"

"No." When Lina did not continue, Amelia was at a loss. For her best friend to not even consider a bartering of money and fame for a family visit was astonishing in the least. Amelia sighed.

"Why are you so stubborn when it comes to visiting or even talking about home?"

Lina was quiet. Crickets chirruped noisily in the otherwise silent night. A light breeze rustled the crimson fire on the ground, as well as that which formed Lina's hair. Gourry, jellyfish-brain companion and protector to Lina, lay asleep at his post, snoozing peacefully. On the edge of the lighted area, another figure sat, alert due to the effects of his evening coffee. He watched them steadily over the rim of his third cup of coffee. Finally, Lina exhaled deeply and turned to Amelia.

"I ran away from home because I did something…unjust to my older sister. My sister is easily ten times more powerful than I am, mostly because she is the only known Knight of Celphied. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to return to face the wrath of a God-powered knight. And as to the reason why I don't want to talk about my family it's, well, I don't want to bother them if some maniac catches word of it and tries to use it against me or my family. Got it?"

Amelia slowly nodded, a look of silent awe on her face. After another long period of silence, Amelia ventured to pry further, but Lina stood up just as she opened her mouth. "I'm going to sleep. Good night." With that, the Sorceress Supreme went into their tent and drifted into the land of dreams. Amelia sighed and turned in as well. Determined thoughts circulated her subconscious. She would convince Lina to visit her family, no matter what. Family was too important to throw aside, no matter what the incident had been. Family traditionally loves and trusts you throughout your life, and will always be there for you. But then, Amelia realized, Lina's family couldn't be all that traditional, with a Knight of Celphied, and a summoner of the Lord of Nightmares as daughters, now could it?

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