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An Epilogue of the Epilogue

"Hey." Gourry poked Amelia's shoulder. The day after Lina's birthday had long since passed, and now came the inevitable explanation, or so one would think.

"What is it? And poking people is unjust, Mr. Gourry!"

Instantly, Gourry retracted his finger and asked, "What happened to Lina and Zel?"

Amelia sighed. "I've actually been wondering that myself. Luna-san said she'd explain if they didn't come back yesterday...but she hasn't said anything about it."

"Where is she?"

"Luna-san?" When Gourry nodded, she sighed again, a bored look on her face. She pointed to the floor above them. They were currently situated in the empty dining hall- right above was the diplomat's meeting room.

As Gourry followed her finger, he thought aloud, "She went to heaven?"

Amelia frowned and shook her head. "Not heaven. I meant upstairs. She's basically taken over Daddy's and my work, and now there's nothing to do."

"Couldn't you...share?"

"I tried to ask, but she read my mind and told me that she'd take care of it and to not worry."

"I wonder what she's planning..."

Amelia looked up, startled. "What makes you think she's planning something?" She stopped then, as if momentarily surprised that she had used 'think' in reference to Gourry, and soon felt regret from even thinking that thought.

Nevertheless, Gourry answered, "It's obvious isn't it? Lina's nowhere to be seen and her sister suddenly takes up the royal duties? Something's up. I just wish I knew what it was."

"Now, now, Gourry," the two conversationalists looked up and saw that Xellos had joined their midst. "You shouldn't go thinking about other people's objectives. After all, it's all a secret!"

"That's all right. They can wonder if they like." They now turned to see that Luna had also arrived. With a smirk, Xellos gave her arrival a short bow; she nodded back in answer. "How is Zel-dear faring, Xel-chan?"

Xellos' grin widened. "The crate of Zephilian wine you shipped helped the process along well. I believe she should be back to her old self within a matter of days, Luna-san."

"That's good." Luna nodded again, and directed her attention to Gourry as she walked towards them. Once she stopped across the table from him, the chair automatically slid out to seat her. Folding her hands together before her, she smiled at him, and asked, "What is it that you wish to know, Gourry?"

Gourry didn't put up any small talk. "Where's Lina? What'd you do with her?"

Luna quirked an eyebrow, but her eyes stayed trained on Gourry's even as Xellos slid into the seat beside her. "Do with her? You say that as if I were a horrible criminal."

Like many before him, Gourry immediately grew flushed and muttered an apology to the Knight of Celphied. Smirking, she waved it off and answered his question anyway. "It's quite all right; don't worry your pretty little head over it. As to where my little sister has gone...I'll be straight. She left with Zelgadis in search of his cure."

Amelia suddenly became indignant. "B-but we all looked for a long time! Zelgadis-san especially! Why leave now? And why just them?!"

Luna's smile became like that of the Cheshire cat as she purred, "What's wrong, young Amelia? You haven't suddenly become jealous of my little sister, have you?"

Now it was Amelia's turn to blush and stammer and apologize for her outburst. Luna stayed a bit longer on her. "Oh, come now, darling. I sense the unearthly yearning in your heart. Tell me what it is that bothers you so."

Amelia's blush deepened, and she turned away, unable to look at the searching eyes of the all-seeing elder. "I-I can't."

"Of course you can," Luna encouraged. "He's not here now; go ahead, ramble and rant to your heart's content."

Stealing a glance at Luna, Amelia's resolve shattered, and she did just that. She praised and glorified the wonder that was Zelgadis, telling of her undying love of the stoic chimera, as if she were lovesick beyond recovery. Luna's mischievous smirk returned as she thought this. She would be sure to change that, and she knew just how to do that quickly, too.

Patiently, Luna waited until Amelia had tired herself out. When the end had come, Gourry was nodding off while Xellos was looking as if he were about to throw up. Offhandedly, Luna offered him a goblet of her famous all cure for all species tonic. It worked like a charm. With an ever so soft tap with her foot, Luna awoke Gourry, and proceeded to crush Amelia's dreams in that sweet honeysuckled voice. "You poor dear; you've been through so much, and yet your love has only strengthened. But, it's unfortunate that I must be the bearer of bad news. Perhaps you, too, were too drunk to remember, Lina has already wedded your Zelgadis. In fact, on this particular quest, she will have to coax a certain something from him, that I'm sure would only clinch his removal from your grasp."

Amelia felt herself go rigid with fear. "W-what do you mean?"

"I mean...by the time that Zel finds his cure, he and Lina will have already embarked on their honeymoon, and follow all traditional procedures that come with it."

The crown princess went instantly pale, but Gourry still had no clue what was going on. Scratching his head, he asked, "What's a honeymoon? Is it like cheese?"

Luna smiled tolerantly at him and shook her head. "No, no, nothing like that. Gourry, do you know what comes along with marriage?"

"...a home?"

"It doesn't have to, but yes, that too. What I mean is, are you aware what newlyweds do?"

Gourry was still lagging from sleep, though if he were fully awake, it wouldn't have changed the outcome by much. "Uh...celebrate?"

Surprisingly, Luna nodded. "Yes, they celebrate their love for each other, mainly. Do you know how they might go about that?"


"You're almost there. What is the most physical activity you can think of that lovers might do?"

As Amelia blushed madly at the implications, Gourry scratched his head. "I dunno...fight?"

Luna tilted her head slightly as she nodded. "I suppose you might consider it like that. Alright, try this. What do you get, when you cross swords like in a fight, lips like in a kiss, and lovers as in newlyweds?"

It was then, that Gourry finally caught on. He gulped nervously, now positive that he knew what she was referring to. "Oh. Umm...what does that have to do with Zel and Lina?"

Luna could barely contain her mirth at Gourry's denseness. "What I mean to say is, that in order for Zelgadis to be cured, Lina, too, must contribute her part. Mainly, by doing exactly what I have described."

A maddening blush twice that of Amelia's now presented itself on Gourry's cheeks. Eventually, he managed to stammer, "I-isn't L-lina kinda y-young to do stuff l-like t-that?"

Luna grinned yet again. "You needn't worry about Lina any longer. She's in good hands, with that Zelgadis. He might be a bit selfish now and again, but he's a good guy."

At their unresponsiveness, Luna asked, "Before I forget, was there anything else you wanted to ask me?"

Amelia managed to stammer the last question of the night. "W-when will they be back?"

Luna closed her eyes for a moment and searched out Lina's thoughts. With a smirk, she thought aloud her calculations, earning an increasing blush from the pair. "Well, let me see now. It should take about nine months to complete their journey...knowing them, maybe as early as five months...or if Lina decides to settle, we may not see her for another five or six years."

Their eyes bugged out at that. Xellos caught Luna's hidden implication, and voiced it, as if to distract and distress the other two even more. "So you mean to say, as long as Lina-san is settled, you will settle as well?"

Luna grinned, seeing the look of horror in Gourry's eyes. It seemed that she had gained a new...thing to torture. "I don't see why not. In fact, since I already transported my belongings here, I think I will stay here a long while. Who knows? Maybe I will be allowed to teach the shrine maidens here a thing or two about the God that they so blindly devote themselves to."

Her grin widened as a look of uneasiness was delineated by Amelia's features. Two things to torture. Oh, yes, this would be a most fantastic stay.

"Oh, and if I am going to stay here, I might as well introduce you to my furry companion." At this, Xellos raised an eyebrow, eager to see her surprise, but already knowing what it was. Her eyes still trained on her two newest 'projects', she put two light fingers to her mouth, and whistled cleanly. Soon, out of thin air, a purple cloud swirled out and then retracted, revealing a light purple dog-wolf. "Say hello, Spot."

The wolf woofed once proudly as he strut over to his mistress' side and sat obediently. Sputtering in disbelief, Gourry managed to get out, "T-that's him! That's the dog I saw before! He framed me into stealing that food!"

Amelia gushed, "Nonsense! How could such an adorable little thing be as unjust as that? Just look at him! He practically screams innocence!"

Xellos, Luna, and 'Spot' eyed her warily. Didn't she realize that Spot was actually a wolf demon in disguise? Well, if his demonic eyes equaled innocence, that was one dream that they chose not to shatter.

After recovering, Gourry suddenly realized something. "Hey, what kind of name is 'Spot'? There isn't a single spot on him! It's pure purple!"

"Actually, there's some mix of black and lavender in there, but you're right, there are no actual spots on him," Luna explained it all manner-of-factly. "Spot is actually short for Seymour Phillippe Oyaneut Temilajos."

Amelia sweatdropped as Gourry scratched his head again, trying to figure out how she pronounced 'Seymour'. Smiling wanly, the princess murmured, "I can um.. see why you wanted to shorten it."

Luna only smiled and nodded. Then, out of thin air, she produced a live rat the size of an opossum, and threw it into the middle of the room. Instantly, Spot was on its tail, not even giving it a foot to move before pouncing on it, and ripping it to shreds with his sharp fangs. Amelia and Gourry both winced as they heard the all too graphic display of dining before them. Seeing this, Luna smirked.

"Just be glad it's not antelope season. He goes almost crazy because I don't let him loose to track down and kill every single one of them. Ah well, no matter. Seyruun royal dining should suit him just fine."

Xellos scoffed at this, making Amelia and Gourry increasing more apprehensive about the future. They had to survive that- that creature's company for five years? It was then that they knew—a hard depression would be coming to visit Seyruun.

Now it's the END

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