Harry Potter and the Castle of Godric Gryffindor

Chapter 1 – Good News and Bad News

Harry Potter woke up as the big hand on the clock mounted above his bed reached the "2." His scar had started throbbing in pain again. Ever since he had left Hogwarts after his fifth year, his scar had caused him to suffer constantly. But tonight his scar was in the most blinding, discomforting agony that he could recall. This meant Voldemort was back for sure, and that he was stronger then ever before.

"Tap, tap, tap." Came a noise from Harry's window.

Assuming it was an Owl, (Possibly one belonging to Ron or Hermione) he looked up from his thoughts and saw the image of Albus Dumbledore peering into his bedroom.

Harry was so shocked that he nearly broke his toe attempting to open the window to here what Professor Dumbledore had to say. Once Harry had arrived at the window, he cautiously opened it, trying to keep the hinges from squeaking.

"Harry?" Said Professor Dumbledore in a tired voice.

"Yes, Professor Dumbledore?" Responded Harry.

"I have some good news, and some bad news. Which would you like to here first?" Said Professor Dumbledore.

"The good news please." Answered Harry.

"Well, Harry," Dumbledore began, "That, ofcourse, would be the quite obvious statement that I have come here to bring you to, well, bring you away from here." Said Professor Dumbledore in his usual calmness.

"And what of the bad news?" Responded Harry, after a few moments. "That Harry, is to be explained once I have brought you to your destination." Answered Professor Dumbledore, with a grave expression on his face.

I'm sorry the chapter is a bit short, but I thought that would be a good place to end it. I promise to right more in the later chapters by the way. I know it may seem a bit boring, but I also promise that there will be a lot of excitement and adventure coming up soon. Remember all of my readers, please "Read and Respond!"