Spirit of the Stars

By IsisFireDancer

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CHAPTER 10: Back to the Future

The Memoirs Of Remus John Lupin

I think that whole experience was what cemented mine and Sirius' friendship. I told them all in that moment that I was a werewolf and they were all very supportive. But none more so that Sirius. He said he would always be there for me, no matter what. I was so glad they didn't hate me. From then on, Sirius was always very protective of me. It felt like he was a friend and a big brother to me.

Well, it was like that for a while. Then, around fourth year, I began to have some... inappropriate thoughts about Sirius. I thought it was just a silly infatuation that had manifested itself out of hormones and great respect for a friend. It wasn't.

And now, two years later I was still trapped in these feelings for my best friend. And now I can admit it: I love Sirius Black.

God! I don't exactly make my life easy for myself. A gay werewolf! As if society didn't hate me enough! Still, being depressed never helped anyone.

Things were a lot easier now; the Marauders all knew I was a werewolf and tried to help in any way possible. But, the truth was, they couldn't really do anything to help me.

"Ahhh!" I was jolted forwards by the sudden stopping motion of the Lupin family car. It was a complete wreck of course, but it just about got us where we wanted to be.

"We're here Remus. Get out or you'll be late. Hurry up!" Mum ushered me towards the entrance to the station, shoving my suitcase into my hands and kissing me swiftly. "Don't get into any trouble!" I watched as my parents drove off without another word. I sighed, knowing that they were ashamed of me.

I walked onto the platform, clutching my ticket and looking for any of the other Marauders. I couldn't believe that we were starting sixth year! It seemed just yesterday that I was standing here for the first time.

"Ahh!" I was taken by surprise for the second time in five minutes. A tall blur had flown at me and pulled me into a bear hug. I smiled, my heart fluttering and trying not to giggle madly. I had turned into such an infatuated schoolgirl! "Hi Sirius! How was your summer? Is James here yet?"

"Present and correct!" said James, bouncing up next to Sirius and grinning at me madly. I could tell that this year would be no different from the last few. "Well, for the last few week of the holiday, Sirius was lucky enough to stay in absolute luxury! The place he stayed in was an absolute palace! And he stayed with a most charming, gorgeous, intelligent-"

"Pig!" Sirius interrupted. "If you hadn't guessed, I was lodging at 'Potter Palace' with this git here!" James punched a grinning Sirius in the arm and poked his tongue out at him. Sirius promptly reacted by shoving James right into a very scared first year.

"Now, now! Come along children! You're scaring the first years!" I ducked a well-aimed punch from James and hurried over to where Peter was saying goodbye to his parents.

"Hello Remus," said Peter, watching his parents leave the station. "I suppose we'd better get on the train."

Sirius and James soon caught up with us and we boarded the train together, searching for an empty compartment. We eventually found one near the back of the train and immediately collapsed into the seats.

"I almost thought we wouldn't get a compartment then," I said, curling up in the plush red seat opposite Sirius. "But then, that's what we get for standing around chatting on the platform."

"So, what did you get up to this summer Remmie?" asked Sirius. I scowled. He knew I hated being called that! It was very annoying that the man I loved, loved annoying me more than he loved me.

"That is not my name! You know I hate that! Anyway, I didn't do much this holiday." Apart from almost rip myself and m family to shreds after that disastrous full moon we had had in the middle of the holidays. Someone had forgotten to lock the cellar door and... Well, I shuddered at the thought of it.

"Are you alright Moony?" Sirius' face was clouded with concern. Somehow, Sirius always seemed to see right through me. He always new when something was wrong. I smiled to myself internally, secretly joyous at the thought of Sirius being worried about me.

"I... I had a bad transformation during the summer. Someone forgot to lock the cellar door and..." I trailed off, chewing my lip and staring out of the window. I just wanted to forget about the whole episode.

"Oh." Sirius knew that I didn't really like to discuss my transformations. There was silence for a while. "Are you alright now?"

"Yes. I was in bed for a week afterwards though. It wasn't exactly fun for me. Although, I did get a lot of reading done."

The other boys in the compartment smiled at me, knowing just how much of a bookworm I was. Sometimes they found it extremely useful if they were plotting some kind of trick to fool Severus Snape or Lucius Malfoy.

"I'm hungry, I'm going to go find the Food Trolley. Do you want anything?" Peter asked, pulling himself out of his chair.

"I'll go!" James cried, bouncing out of his chair and running through the door, Peter desperately trying to keep up with him.

"Why was he in such a hurry?" asked Sirius.

"He probably went to see if he could 'accidentally' bump into Miss Evans," I said grinning at Sirius. He grinned back and got up, plopping down in the seat next to mine. My heart started beating faster at the close proximity of us.

Sirius started to say something, but was cut off as the compartment door slid open. The aforementioned Lily Evans entered, peeping round the door and then hurrying inside.

"Remus, you've got to help me!" she said, sitting down in the nearest seat. "Potter is driving me insane! I'm not even at Hogwarts yet and it already feels like he's stalking me! Can you try talking to him, please?"

"Uh... Lily, I'm really not sure he'll listen. I-"

"He should learn to listen then!" interrupted Lily, clearly annoyed at this revelation. I sighed, not wanting to set off the red heads famed temper.

"Please, Lily. James, he really likes you-he always has! He just doesn't know how to express it!" I looked at her, watching her temper gradually disappear to a look of slight confusion.

"W-What? You're joking. James is just mucking around," she said, smiling at me, happy to have convinced herself that James didn't have a serious side to his personality.

"He's liked you for ages. Since before I arrived! He never shuts up about you or how he's going to get you to like him. In fact, I won't tell you anymore. Go and talk to him yourself!" I pulled Lily out of the chair and out of the door. "I can't take much more of James moping around after you!"

I smiled at the surprised look on Lily's face as I pushed her out of the door. I was surprising myself today. I guess it's just my joy at getting out of the house and back to Hogwarts again.

I turned around to see Sirius staring at me in surprise, his mouth open. I started to feel a little nervous under his gaze. Why was he even staring at me like that?

"Earth to Sirius!" I said, waving my hand in front of his face. "Are you feeling ill? You look a little pale and a bit shocked. Do you need to rest? I think you should-"

"When did you become the confident, no-nonsense, bossy Remus?" he asked me, pulling me back into my original seat. For a moment I simply sat, not quite understanding what h was saying to me.

"What do you mean? I'm just sick of seeing James moping about, not doing anything! Him and Lily were made for each other! They need to see that!"

"It's just, I've never seen you act so authoritive before. To be honest, it was kind of scary! I never expected you to act like that." He looked at me tentatively. "I kind of liked it." I could feel a blush creep over my cheeks as I lowered my head to hide my smile.

For a while, it felt like we were in a parallel universe: I had been the confident one and Sirius had been shy and cautious. It felt very strange. This whole scenario was very weird.

"Is it just me, or are we in parallel universe where everyone is the opposite of what they should be?"

I was about to answer Sirius when the compartment door slid open again. James walked in looking very stunned and a little confused.

"What's up James?" asked Sirius, his old self beginning to shine through again. "You look a little worried."

"The weirdest thing just happened. I fell over right in front of Lily and she helped me up, smiling at me and said I was a silly little puppy. Silly little puppy??? What is going on in the world?"

"You can thank our friend Remus for that little stunt. Remus is currently being confident and I'm being shy."

James looked at us like we were crazy for a while and shook his head, clearly not understanding the changes in either Sirius or I.

"Sometimes life is just too crazy!" I said, settling down with a book. It looked like Sirius was back to his normal self; jumping about the carriage and mock fighting with James. For the moment, it looked like everything was back to normal.

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