Author - Emeraldlilie

Title - Just A Touch

Disclaimer - If I owned the characters you'd be paying to read this. As it is, I do not.

A/N - Just a little D/G cookie. See what happens when you spy. Do not ask the question unless you really want the answer. There might be more after this, no plans for it, but what happened at breakfast? Thoroughly confused? Read the story. Enjoy, let me know what you think if you want. And to all the reviewers that keep asking for more on my other stories, the only thing that's posted that I'm going to seriously add more to is Goodbye for the Summer, don't know when, but there is a story between that and Blood Lust, I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings but that's just the way my creative juices are flowing.

Warning - As always, has not been betaed.



Maybe it was Ron who saw them first, it was definitely him who made the first sound. It seemed a split second before the others focused on them. It was nothing really, but enough that Hermione had to grab Ron to kept him from doing anything rash. They were just standing next to each other really is how Harry saw it, they honestly looked like they didn't know the other was there. Hermione made a sound of struggle and Harry joined her in restraining Ron and whispering calmly his observations, pointing out that it would do no good to start shouting hexes in the middle of the Main Hall. This seemed to calm him down, slightly, definitely no where near releasing point, but he said they would stay there and watch just to make sure

The two forms were unmistakable, even from behind, which is how the group on the stairs was looking at them. They were standing in front of the notice board in the Main Hall, seemingly consumed in their own thoughts, paying no attention to anything around them. But something happened that made the group on the stairs take notice. Something that somebody just walking by wouldn't see, her shoulders shook, slightly, in silent laughter. She turned away from him as she kneeled down and retied her shoe, her hair falling like a curtain in front of her face hiding her expression.

No one walking by noticed. When she straightened up and started looking at the notices again he started looking through his bag, face turned from her. There seemed to be the hint of a smile on his lips, it unnerved the group on the stairs. His search turned out to be fruitless because he went back to examining the board without appearing to make any great discovery. When she stood back up she must of moved, that was the only reason for it, why they seemed to be standing so close to each other now. Robes almost touching.

It was nothing. No concrete proof. Nothing to indicate anything. In fact they appeared to of ended their own examination of the notices and there was restless movement to indicate they were getting ready to move. Then there was something, small, and it never would of been observed it they hadn't of been being watched. His fingered interlaced with hers, briefly, pressure was applied and their arms just raised as they pulled from each other. Their palms hadn't even touched. He turned toward the Great Hall looking as he always did; back straight, head held high, every blond hair in place. She looked over the board once more then went to the hall herself carelessly tossing her brilliant red hair over her shoulder and they saw her other hand seemingly in the process of erasing the smile from her face.

On the stairs her brother sat down holding his head in his hands and exclaiming that this was not how he wanted to start the day.



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