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Kurama's POV:

I will never forget the scared yet determined look in Hiei's eyes when he spoke, just before the fight. "Don't worry, Kurama. Your friend's here with me. He's helping me. He knows what to do."

Karasu's eyes burned with anger and he jumped at Hiei. Hiei backed up just in time. Karasu kept reaching out to touch Hiei, and luckily Hiei was able to jump away in time. As this continued for a while I desperately tried to free myself. I pulled against the ropes with all my strength, and in a short amount of time I finally pulled free. But that was when the fight was about to reach its end. I was a little too late.

Hiei's POV:

"Why won't you listen to me? I told you, do just what I tell you to! Listen to me!"

"I can't!" I told the boy. "He's moving to fast!"

"You can run faster!"

"No I can't!"

The boy sighed. "OK, then we'll have to use a different attack. It's called the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. It's very powerful, but we have to do everything exactly right, or we'll kill everybody here. Are ready?"

I nodded.

Kurama's POV:

Just as I was pulling free, Hiei's body started to glow with a black fire, and I knew what he was doing. At the same time, Karasu was turning his energy into a bomb to counterattack Hiei. Hiei leapt at Karasu, as the Black Dragon, and Karasu fired. For a few moments they were at a standstill. Then the Black Dragon broke through, but very weakened. Karasu, however, wasted no time and fired a second explosion a second later. The explosion was strong for the Black Dragon, somehow- the force of it knocked Hiei back and his head hit the fall, where he fell and crumpled to the floor. Karasu smirked. "You shouldn't have tried to fight a demon like myself," he said. He reached out to touch Hiei and kill him.

"Rose Whip!"

Just before he touched Hiei I pulled out my always-on-hand weapon and with a quick swing, severed Karasu's head. I ran over to my friend and shook him. "Hiei, please wake up," bit he didn't stir. Tears formed in my eyes. This was my fault. If I had listened to Hiei, Karasu wouldn't have captured us, and then Hiei got hurt trying to protect me. If he died I would never forgive myself. A tear fell from my eye and landed on Hiei's face, and his eyes fluttered.

My eyes widened. "Hiei?"

His eyes opened and looked at me. "What are you so upset about, fox?"

My eyes widened more. Did he just call me fox? And his voice sounded normal again.

"What's your name?" I asked to be sure.

"Hiei, of course." He looked at me, puzzled. "Why?"

"Don't you remember what happened during the last couple of days?" I asked.

He averted his eyes. "No."

"You lost your memory." I decided to leave out the details of me taking care of him as his 'brother'.


I smiled. At last, Hiei was back to his old self again.


We were walking back to my house that evening, both pretty silent. Hiei seemed very introspected, and I decided to let him think in peace. We arrived at my house a short while later. "Would you like to come in, Hiei?"

"Hn," was the answer I received. I took it as a no. I shrugged. I almost missed having Hiei be child-like. At least then I got straight answers. I turned to go inside. Now I just needed to think of something to tell my mother.

"Kurama,' he said just before I went in. I turned back to him. He was looking at the ground. "I do remember what happened when I lost my memory. You took care of me." He looked up at my face, and gave me the closest thing he had to a smile. "Thanks. You were a pretty good brother." With that he flitted off.

I smiled. "Thank you, Hiei." Then I turned around and went inside, closing the door behind me.

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