Graffiti on Deck 14

Disclaimer: I don't own star trek, paramount does. I just own this story. I am not implying that any of these things are true in the Star Trek universe. I got the idea from Sheriff of Nottingham's "The Voyager Wall." The "We don't need no education" is a reference to Pink Floyd's "The Wall." Guess what, don't own that either.

This takes place mid-late seventh season.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Naomi Wildman and the Borg children walked through a corridor on deck 14. It was a Monday morning and their lessons hadn't started yet. They were on a leisurely walk around the ship. The five of them chatted about what was going on around the ship, and the latest gossip.

The group stopped and stared at the wall before them. They never knew such a place existed on Voyager. They all stared at the wall amazed at what they saw.

"Did you know about this?" Icheb asked Naomi.

"No," she replied. "Did any of you?"

"You have been here longer than we have," Mezoti answered.

The twins were shocked. They looked the wall over. "A graffiti wall," the two said in unison.

The five of them silently read the wall.

They read things such as:

"Big Red Rocks."

"Angry Warrior was here."

"Doctor Do This. Doctor Do That."

"Illogical Men rule the future. Take that Tuvok."

"4-2 Theta Ban 4 a Good Time. Women ONLY!"

"B.T." and "T.P." in a heart.

"Recyclable Ensign was here."

"Logical Men rule the future. 'Take that Illogical Man.'"

"I'm Deputy Engineer! Not BORGy BORG BORGerson!"

"7 of 9 usurped your job 'Deputy Engineer.'"

"Never forget Vulcan2. Chief of Security is not the only one."

"He's the only important one."

"Master Cook was here."

"Master Cook sucks!"

"Does not!"

"Kes was here. Is pissed. Will be back."

"Yeah, right."

"We don't need no education."

"Of course we don't."

"DoubleMint1 was here."


So, what did you think. I might add more things to the wall at a later date.


"Big Red" is Captain Janeway

"Angry Warrior" is Chakotay

"Recycleable Ensign" is Harry

"Deputy Engineer" is Joe Carey

"Vulcan2" is Voric

"Master Cook" is Neelix

"Double Mint1" is one of the Delany twins.