Graffiti on Deck 14

Chapter Five: Left Hand's Opposite Dude

Disclaimer: I still don't own Voyager, again too expensive.

Note: Some people didn't get the "Spider-Queen" comment on the clues to the last chapter's visitor's identity. That reference is from "The Bride Of Chaotica!" episode, where the Captain plays "Arachnia Queen of the Spider-people."

--------The Story--------

He was walking down a corridor. Looking every which way. The large man seemed anxious. He made a small circle around his target, looking for everyone and anyone. He kept moving closer, he was in no hurry.

He nodded to nameless ensigns and crewman as he passed them. They had no idea of where he was going. For all they knew, he could have been on a walk, he could have been going to some one's quarters, he could have been making repairs.

He was closing in on his target. He slowed more, he was more cautious. He looked both ways every other step. He stopped. This was it. Straight forward to the intersection.

He walked forward. He turned to his left. There it was.

He looked to see what was new.

"Blooming Indian was here."

"The Oracle says Carey is going to die."

"Who's "The Oracle"?"

"An Executive Producer."


"Speechless was here."

"Thorn in your side? Horns in my stomach was here."

"Hypochondriac was here."

"Latex Forehead was here."

"Leola Root Man was here."

"The Meditator was here."

"Jupiter program was here."

"Silver Cat was here."

"Multi-colored Cat was here."

"Delta Pilot was here."

He knew what he was going to leave. He just had to find the correct spot. He found it. The place where he would fit perfectly. Between

"Top of the Line was here."


"Ears Like a Rabbit was here."

He pulled an instrument from within his jacket. He looked both ways once again.

He left his mark.

"The Right Hand Man was here."

--------The Names--------

"Blooming Indian" -- Captain Janeway

"The Oracle" -- An Executive Producer

"Speechless" -- Lieutenant Ayala. (He talks only once)

"Horns in My Stomach" -- Sam Wildman. (Had Naomi)

"Hypochondriac" -- William Telfer. (Hypochondriac)

"Latex Forehead" -- B'Elanna. (The ridges are latex)

"Leola Root man" -- Neelix

"Meditator" -- Tuvok

"Jupiter Program" -- The Doctor. (Was created at Jupiter Station)

"Silver Cat" -- Seven. (Wore silver cat suit)

"Multi-colored Cat" -- Kes. (Wore multi-colored cat suits)

"Delta Pilot" -- Tom

"Top of the Line" -- Captain Janeway.

"Ear's Like a Rabbit" -- Tuvok. (Big ears)

--------The Million Dollar Question--------

Who is "The Right Hand Man"?

It's quite easy.

He may sit to the left of the Captain.

The right hand man is the second in command.

Who could that be?

If you don't yet.

"Hallucinates, talks to animals, has a funky tattoo, doesn't like Tom, and we think is in love with the Captain."

Again, if you still don't know, I can't help you.