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Sasuke was anything but jealous.

He was the calm, cool-headed, silent type with breath-taking looks that could make girls swoon and grown men re-evaluate their sexuality. He was a genius on and off the battlefield. He was a god among his peers who could have anything or anyone he wanted. He had no reason to be jealous. But he was.

And it was all thanks to the infuriating blond sitting on his lap, who had stopped kissing and touching him in favor of talking to the stranger who had just walked up.

"Hey, Gaara!" Naruto exclaimed excitedly and he turned his upper body around to talk to him, smiling brightly.

Sasuke seethed.

Gaara nodded his greeting before he looked at Sasuke. Sasuke glared. Gaara glared. Naruto pinched Sasuke and told him to be nice.

"So what are you doing this afternoon, Gaara?" Naruto inquired, squirming as two possessive arms wrapped around his waist and held him tight. The red-headed boy frowned as Sasuke smirked but he answered the blond. Not being able to resist the exposed skin, Sasuke began to nibble on Naruto's neck.

"Sasuke! Stop!" Naruto pushed at Sasuke's chest, whining. "Not now! Gaara's here!" But Sasuke didn't listen. Naruto sighed, rolling his eyes heavenward before apologizing to Gaara. Sasuke continued, his eyes flashing when Naruto attempted to ignore him and went back to talking.

Sasuke growled when Naruto laughed at something Gaara said.

Who the hell did that sand nin think he was? Taking time away from him, flirting with Naruto, making him laugh...

"Sasuke! You're gonna suck the skin off!" Naruto complained, pulling on Sasuke's hair in an attempt to get him to stop. It didn't work. He tried hitting Sasuke on the head but that didn't work either. The blond-haired shinobi scowled before continuing his conversation with Gaara.

From his position, Sasuke watched Gaara as the two continued talking. He watched Gaara smile every time Naruto did. He watched as Gaara blushed every time Naruto laughed. He watched Gaara glare every time he touched Naruto. And it pissed him off.

Sasuke moved his hands lower and squeezed.

"AHH!" Naruto shouted, leaning up on his knees and pressing his chest to Sasuke's face in an attempt to get away from the hands that had just put themselves down the back of his pants.

"Sasuke!!! Stop that!" He shouted, face red as he tried, unsuccessfully, to get Sasuke's hands off of his butt. Sasuke smirked, nuzzling his face against Naruto's chest. He risked a look at Gaara and smirked.

The red-haired boy was positively fuming, his hands fisted at his sides. Sasuke would have grinned if Naruto hadn't picked that moment to pinch his ear. He frowned. "Sasuke! Knock it off! I don't know what's gotten into you but stop!!" He gave it one final twist before letting go and turning to Gaara, face burning.

"I'm so sorry about this, Gaara. Sasuke's usually not this..."

"Jealous...?" Gaara muttered, green eyes flashing when Sasuke looked at him angrily. He glared at the sand shinobi, hands still firmly molding the skin beneath Naruto's pants, and growled softly. He was not jealous! He was just letting Gaara know where they stood. There were certain boundaries he'd established with other people when it came to the blond.

Especially with Gaara.

The red head had a habit of taking attention away from him, dragging Naruto out to lunch or out to train. Or just walking up and talking to him when it was obvious they were having some alone time. Gaara always found a way to interrupt their time together, and Naruto seemed oblivious to his motives.

The two were 'just friends,' Naruto had put it on more than one occasion. He had even gone so far as to tell Sasuke he was acting just like a jealous boyfriend! There was that word again!

Jealous? Him?? Sasuke?!?

He didn't think so.

Sasuke looked up from his musings to see the two still talking, Naruto's face lighting up with a smile as Gaara said something. He rubbed his face against Naruto's chest, grinning when he felt the boy freeze against him, then continue talking. Sasuke pouted. Was Naruto trying to ignore him? He'd see about that...

"Saaaah...!" Naruto threw his head back, blue eyes wide, as Sasuke continued to stroke the delicate skin of his inner thigh with cold, experienced fingers. Sasuke hid his smirk against Naruto's shirt. The blond boy was so soft...

Naruto let out a soft moan as Sasuke's fingers ghosted higher, forgetting that Gaara was there for the moment. Sasuke felt like dancing. He settled for looking over Naruto's shoulder and raising an eyebrow.

Gaara's face was so red it was comical and Sasuke swore he could see steam coming from his ears. He started the countdown. Five, four...Sasuke stuck his free hand up Naruto's shirt, making the blond squirm. Three, two...Naruto gripped Sasuke's shoulders tight and pulled the raven-haired boy closer, whimpering. One...Sasuke's fingers finally found what they were looking for and squeezed. Naruto's eyes went wide and he arched his back, moaning Sasuke's name.

Blast off!

Gaara fell over backwards, blood streaming from his nose. Naruto didn't seem to notice and Sasuke couldn't care less.

Five minutes later found a very satiated Naruto leaning against a smug Sasuke, catching his breath. When the blond boy was finally back in his right mind, he immediately punched Sasuke. The dark-haired boy frowned, rubbing his cheek as Naruto jumped off of his lap to help Gaara.

The sand nin was out cold.

"God, Sasuke! What's your problem?! How could you do that with Gaara right here?!? Do you have any idea how humiliated I am?!?!" Naruto ranted, pulling on his hair and hopping around. He turned back to Sasuke, eyes flashing. "Why'd you do that, you big jerk!?"

Sasuke couldn't help but grin, which made Naruto scowl and cross his arms. "You have a superiority complex, Sasuke! You're so jealous!" He stomped his foot and huffed, glaring at Sasuke before leaning down and grabbing Gaara. Sasuke immediately stopped smiling.

"What are you doing?"

"You didn't think I'd leave him out here, did you? I'm gonna take Gaara home..." Sasuke frowned as he watched Naruto struggle to hold the red-haired shinobi. Even now Gaara managed to take time away from him and Naruto! Sasuke sighed heavily, rolling his eyes as he got up and made his way towards Naruto. "Let me."

He resisted the urge to pout as he took Gaara from Naruto. The blond boy smiled brightly, his anger from earlier gone as he chatted animatedly with Sasuke. The raven-haired boy just nodded absently, wishing he could drop the sand shinobi and leave him there.

They made it to Gaara's apartment without anymore trouble and Naruto insisted they put him in bed. Sasuke reluctantly complied. It was worth it when Naruto leaned up on his tiptoes and kissed Sasuke's cheek. He even went as far as to hold his hand as they walked home.

Sasuke grinned. He wasn't jealous. Oh no. But maybe Naruto had something with that whole superiority thing...


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