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Here's an extra-long one for you guys. With a lemon:gasp: Actual penetration! Hurray! God I hope this story doesn't get banned...:crosses fingers:

Poor me with no beta. :(

"Ah, I hate this holiday..." Naruto mumbled, chewing on a piece of strawberry pocky while glaring at all the pink things in the store.

"Oh get over it, Naruto!" Sakura called from the changing room, voice sounding loud in the small store. "At least you have a boyfriend to spend it with."

"Saa...but it's so stupid! I really hate it." Naruto said, grabbing two more sticks and gnawing on them before crossing his arms. Sakura emerged from the dressing room, a pretty picture in the bright red dress. She spun for Naruto, shoulder-length hair blowing about her as the extra material fell in waves around her ankles.

"So...?" She asked, holding back her excitement at the large grin that crossed Naruto's face. The blond boy hopped up, forgetting his pocky and bouncing over to his teammate.

"You look wonderful, Sakura-chan!" Naruto exclaimed, and he spun her in a quick circle as they both shared a laugh. "You're gonna knock the socks off of Lee!"

"Well that's what I'm hoping." Sakura laughed, cheeks turning the color of her hair as Naruto winked knowingly. After the pink-haired girl changed back into her clothes, she and Naruto made their way to the cash register to pay. The woman behind the counter smiled brightly as she handed Sakura her change.

"Sakura-chan! Naruto-kun!" Rock Lee's voice floated to their ears as they emerged from the store, Sakura's purchase held tightly behind her back. Lee ran towards them, a beautiful boquette of flowers held infront of him, which he promptly handed to Sakura. She flushed and gratefully accepted them, much to Lee's delight.

"Hey Fuzzy-brows!" Naruto clamped a hand on Lee's shoulder, the taller boy turning dark eyes onto him.

"Oh, Naruto-kun! Did you help Sakura-chan get what she wanted?" At that Naruto laughed loudly, covering his mouth as he nudged Lee in the stomach with his elbow.

"No, but I'm sure you can!" When all Lee gave was a confused look, Naruto laughed louder, dodging out of the way of Sakura's fist. "Actually, I just remembered there's something I have to do! Ja ne, you two."

Naruto took off down the street, pausing a few meters away from them before turning around and giving them a suddenly serious look. "Oh, and Lee?"

"Yes...?" The man with the bowl-cut hair asked, worried by Naruto's serious demeanor.

"Condoms may seem like a bother, but really-"

"NARUTO!" Sakura shouted, making the blond boy run for his life, leaving a very confused Lee and red-faced Sakura behind him.

"Gah...that was...so...fu..funny..!" Naruto laughed breathlessly when he reached the safety of the Uchiha mansion. He rested his hands on his knees, catching his breath and periodically throwing a cautious look over his shoulder. Just incase a pink-haired girl decided to follow him.

Kicking off his shoes at the front door and still laughing over Lee's expression, Naruto entered the large house, turning lights on left and right as he passed each room. He stopped off in the kitchen to grab a bite to eat before making his way towards the bedroom.

Valentine's Day was always such a bore for him. To see couples snuggling happily, people exchanging flowers, the whole town smelling of chocolate...it wasn't really his thing. Not to say that Naruto wouldn't mind experiencing that just once, but when one's boyfriend was Uchiha Sasuke, Mr. I-Don't-Do-Public-Displays-Of-Affection-Unless-I'm-Certain-It'll-Lead-To-Sex, you couldn't really count on romantic things like that.

And it wasn't that Sasuke wasn't romantic, because he was! Just...not very often. And not so commercialized. Naruto sighed heavily as he threw himself on the bed, biting viciously into his apple. He reached for the tv remote and turned on the television, wincing when he realized it was a mushy girly movie. He changed the channel, not surprised when another romance movie appeared, this one in the middle of a heated kiss.

Ninety eight channels later, Naruto was in a foul mood. He threw the treacherous remote across the room before giving the tv a withering look. God, they had so many channels but all that was on were...love movies. Romance movies that really didn't have any plot at all except to get two people together so they could screw, give out over-dramatized 'I love you's, and then live happily ever after.

And all those goddamned sex scenes had really turned him on.

His mood officially soured, Naruto made his way back downstairs, determined to drown his Valentine's Day sorrows with lots and lots of ramen.

Mmm. Ramen.

Eleven minutes later (three bowls of ramen plus two minutes to open the packages and get the water), Naruto was leaving the kitchen with his arms full. He froze as he passed the dining room, noticing that the light had been turned off. He frowned when he found the living room light was also off. He turned the two back on quickly and ran upstairs at top speed.

"Wahh! This stupid house is haunted!" Naruto exclaimed as he burst through the bedroom door, dropping the ramen in his haste. Resisting the ruge to fall to his knees and weep like a new-born child, he stared at the shadowy figure.

"...Sasuke!" Naruto shouted, running to his boyfriend quickly in hopes of protection. "There's a ghost downstairs! And he keeps turning off the lights, Sasuke! I think it might be a relative o-"

"There's no ghost, moron." Sasuke said quietly, wrapping his arms around Naruto's waist as the blond boy continued to cling tightly to his shirt. "I turned them off."

"Ehh? But why? You know I hate being in this dark house alone."

"But I was home idiot. There was no need." Sasuke could always tell when Naruto was home-every light in the whole house was blazing. Apparently the blond boy didn't pay attenton to their electric bill.

"What were you doing all day, Sasuke?" Naruto inquired, pulling away from Sasuke when he realized he was still feeling the effects of the earlier love scenes. The dark haired boy smirked.

"Just getting something."

"Oh?" Images of people exchanging candy and flowers flashed through Naruto's mind and he hurried to squash them. This was Sasuke, and Sasuke did not give candy or flowers or cheesy things that had pink all over them.

"Kakashi-sensei gave me something." At Sasuke's smile, Naruto immediately felt jealous. Just what in the world could their teacher need to give Sasuke? And on Valentine's Day, no less! About to voice his complaints, Sasuke cut him off with a raised hand.

"What's that?" At the flash of light, Naruto reached foward and fingered the metal handcuffs Sasuke held in his hand. "What're they for...?"

When Kakashi had approached Sasuke earlier that day, Sasuke had been suspicious. When Kakashi had given him a box with a big red bow, Sasuke had almost fainted right there. But Kakashi had just smiled and urged him to open the box with a wink, disappearing in a puff of smoke. Sasuke had read the letter inside, grin growing as each word registered in his mind.

Then he'd brushed the tissue paper aside and looked at his present.

They were shiny and beautifully hand-crafted, metal deeply ingrained with small designs and intricate lines that lead nowhere but looked beautiful. They had soft red fur lining the inner cuffs, assured that whoever wore them wouldn't have sore, raw wrists in the morning. They were hand-made and perfected to the point of being considered art. And Sasuke had known exactly what to do with them.

"What're they for?" Naruto asked again, bottom lip jutting out as he began to pout. Sasuke smirked, pulling the blond boy flush against him and capturing his lips in a rough caress.


In a swift move that would have made Rock Lee proud, Sasuke pushed Naruto to the bed, straddling the narrow hips, all the while attacking his mouth with hot, hard kisses. Naruto moaned quietly, returning the fierce kisses with his own, fighting for dominance with tongue and teeth.

Sasuke nipped at Naruto's bottom lip, working the hot skin between his teeth. Naruto let out a sigh, bringing his hands up Sasuke's back, pulling at the fabric in attempts at more skin-on-skin contact. It was Sasuke who broke the kiss, pulling his head away to stare into flushed blue eyes. Naruto whimpered at the loss.

"Take your shirt off." Sasuke said roughly, disposing himself of his own top. Naruto hastened to obey, tossing the blue t-shirt aside before leaning up to capture Sasuke's lips again. The dark haired boy kissed back hard, using his tongue to explore every part of Naruto's mouth. With his hands, he grabbed at Naruto's wrists and pulled them over his head.

At the resounding click! that echoed through the spacious bedroom, Naruto froze. He pulled at his arms, frowning when they didn't move.

"Sasuke..?" He asked, genuinely confused. The taller shinobi sat up from his work, admiring the small mark he'd made on Naruto's jaw. The blond boy squirmed beneath him, igniting his lower body.

"What did you do, Sasuke?" Naruto frowned deeply, tilting his head back to stare at the metal handcuffs. He'd been handcuffed. To the headboard. Now all he needed to know was why.

"Just relax." Sasuke said, hair falling into his eyes as he leaned foward to trace a pert nipple. Naruto gasped, the chain rattling loudly as he pulled on his bonds. Satisfied that the blond boy couldn't escape, Sasuke attacked Naruto's chest viciously, swiping his tongue across one nipple while pinching the other.

"S...Sasuke.." Naruto hissed, turning his head to the side as his back arched. Sasuke smirked, continuing his assault as his free hand trailed lower, fingers lightly stroking quivering stomach muscle. Naruto's breath hitched as Sasuke's fingers paused at the top of his pants, rubbing soft circles into the sensatized flesh.

Naruto whimpered, thrusting his hips up in an attempt for more friction, but Sasuke pulled his hand away, tongue travelling over hard chest muscle and heading south. When the warm tongue passed over Naruto's bellybutton, the blond boy let out a quiet giggle, thighs immediately closing in on Sasuke's head.

"Ah..haha...Sa-Sasuke..ha..." Naruto laughed as the dark haired shinobi continued to swirl his tongue around his belly. Suddenly though, the laughter turned into a low moan as Sasuke grabbed the front of Naruto's pants.

"Haa...as...ke..." Naruto gasped, eyes closing as Sasuke's hand began molding the fabric beneath it. Eyes flashing, Sasuke's tongue continued on it's quest, pulling down the waistband with his teeth. Naruto's breath hitched.

Sasuke's tongue stroke the newly exposed flesh, sliding along the length of Naruto's erection slowly. He swirled around the tip, collecting the drop of precum that had appeared, before sucking on the underside, hand drawing soft lines on the blond boy's testicles. Naruto bucked, arms straining against the metal. God, why did Sasuke have to be such a tease...!

As if hearing his lover's thoughts, Sasuke immediately took Naruto into his mouth, sucking hard. Totally unprepared, Naruto's back arched painfully as his thighs spread, sweat glistening as his orgasm hit, toes curling in delight as Sasuke swallowed down every last drop.

As Naruto struggled to catch his breath, flashes of light still dancing across his vision, Sasuke slowly prepared him, two slick fingers working in a scissor's motion. The blond shinobi groaned, shoulders sagging as his arms were still held fast.

"Sasuke..." Naruto breathed, raising his hips in a silent plea that had Sasuke moaning quietly. The black haired boy obliged, rubbing lube onto his hardened member before quickly lifting a tan thigh and placing it on his shoulder.

They both moaned as Sasuke began to enter, the ring of muscle clinging tightly and causing Sasuke's head to fall foward, bangs tickling Naruto's stomach. When Naruto encouraged him to continue by squeezing his muscles, Sasuke couldn't help but slam in, relishing in the sight of Naruto's head tossed back in pleasure.

The pace always started slow. Sasuke thrust in and out a few times, gritting his teeth and trying to hold back as Naruto thrashed on the blankets beneath him. Naruto groaned loudly, wiggling his hips in an attempt to get Sasuke to move faster.

"..Naru..to.." Sasuke said thickly, staring into lust-filled blue eyes that beckoned for more. And with that, Sasuke complied, plowing into the smaller body quickly, Naruto's moans and screams filling his ears as he hit that same spot over and over again. The bed shook with each thrust, pounding against the wall at a maddening pace that made Sasuke happy he didn't have any close neighbors.

With a few more thrusts, Naruto climaxed again, screaming his release into the air as every muscle in his body tightened, the metal chains rattling as Sasuke hurried to unlock them before he, too, reached his peak. Head thrown back, tan fingers immediately clutching pale shoulders, Sasuke let out a steady moan as he thrust a couple more times, riding out both of their orgasms.

Completely spent, he gently pulled out of Naruto and laid down next to him, the blond boy immediately snuggling close and smiling.

"Mmm..what was that for?" Naruto asked, voice heavy with sleep.

"...Happy Valentine's Day." Sasuke mumbled quietly, turning his head away as his cheeks turned red. Naruto smiled brightly, planting a soft kiss on Sasuke's nose before sighing.

"Thank you."

The smell of cold miso drifted over to Sasuke's nose as the scent of sex died down.

"The ramen's ruined."

"I know."

"...Oh, ok."

Halfway across town, Iruka's voice could be heard.

"You gave away our handcuffs!"

Muahaha...Lol! So..yeah! Finally, a lemon! Hope you all enjoyed that! And I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!

Naruto- ...:muttering darkly: