Gotta wish it all!

"OH YEAH!!!" Yells Timmy, he turns on the TV and quickly sits on the couch. The bright colours flashed on the screen which made him more impatient. The BS announcer comes on "Hey kids, do you know what time it is?" Timmy jumps up and yells "PANPOCKETHIN TIME!!!"

"That's right! In the last episode we left our heroes, Dash, Kristy, Block and Pokeychu tied up in Bullet Team's secret headquarters..." Timmy started to become more impatient "HURRY IT UP ALREADY!!!"

Mr and Mrs Turner walk in to see what Timmy was yelling about. "Now, Timmy" began Mr Turner "what have we told you about yelling at the TV? It's been the family longer than you have, so show some respect!" "Jeez, sorry!" says Timmy in annoyance.

"So what garbage are you watching today?" asks Mrs Turner "It's not garbage! It's Panpockethin, the greatest cartoon in the world!" shouts a very defendant Timmy.

"Pan-what-a-what?" the parents ask in unison "Panpockethin! Short for Pants pocket things!" explained Timmy.

"Well if it's that good, lets all watch it like a family!" says Mrs Turner as she sat next to Timmy who then said "Please, you don't need to do that!"

"Oh boy!" shouts Mr Turner as he sat the other end of the couch "We've never spent time together as a family since we tried to get my shoe out of the toilet!" Timmy slaps his forehead "Please, don't remind me!"

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