Vicky reveals a panpockebox in her hand.

"WHAT?!" cries Timmy in disbelief "How did she get a panpockethin?!"

"Go Rattyface!" yells Vicky as throws her panpockebox. It opens ups and out jumps a huge grey rat-like creature with a hunch in it's back.

"RATTYFACE!!!" it squeaked.

Rattyface looks directly at Timmy with it's piercing red eyes while foam dripped from it's mouth. Timmy gulps. Everything seemed hopeless…until…

"HA!" shouts Timmy "You think you can beat me with that thing? I've got two powerful panpockethin that'll flatten both of you!"

Vicky laughs "You mean those two Splashycods? Gimme a break!"

Timmy looks behind him and sees two beach ball shaped fish. He turns blue with embarrassment.

"I'm doomed!" he mutters.

The background quickly changes into speed stripes. Vicky points at Timmy "Rattyface, give the twerp a swirley!"

Rattyface drags Timmy into the bathroom. The sound of a toilet flushing is heard and the sound of someone drowning followed. Vicky laughs manically.

"Okay that was fun!" says Vicky calming down "C'mon Rattyface, lets watch the Chip Skylark concert on TV."

Rattyface leaves the bathroom and follows Vicky downstairs. The two Splashycods change back into Cosmo and Wanda. They enter the bathroom to find Timmy sat down against the toilet soaking wet.

Timmy looks up at both of them with small dotted eyes "Splashycods? Seriously?"

"Like I said before, we don't know anything about Pan-what-a-what" explains Wanda "we only know that we have to turn into fish when someone else walks in. The Splashycod thing was sort of random."

Timmy sighs and exhales a mushroom shaped puff of breath.

"What did you want us to do?" asks Cosmo.

Timmy stands and brushes himself off "Fight of course!"

Cosmo's eyes widen and tear lines streamed down his face "You mean this whole Pan-what-a-what thing is about people making poor defenceless animals fight each other?"

"Duh" replies Timmy.

The tears quickly turn into huge waterfalls and Cosmo lets out a childish wail.

"Timmy, Cosmo and I are not comfortable with this" says Wanda.

"Yeah," sniffles Cosmo "make it stop!"

Timmy's eyes lower and a malicious smile creeps on his face "But guys, don't you like your new looks?"

"W-w-well…" stutters Wanda "Don't change the subject!"

"Well I do!" says Cosmo who has stopped crying and went back to checking himself out in the mirror.

Timmy laughs a little "He reminds me of that guy from the anime about a girl who joins a school for rich kids and has to dress up as a boy to pay back this club for breaking their vase."

"What's that one called?" asks Wanda.

Timmy shrugs "I can't remember."

Our main character suddenly strikes a heroic pose like the character you and I know from the anime this fic is obviously parodying.

"ALRIGHT! Tomorrow I'll go to Doctor Tree's, get my first panpockethin, get all eight dojo medals, catch all whole bunch of panpockethin along the way, beat the ultimate four and become a panpockethin master!"

A super deformed Timmy dances around the room while Wanda watches with a sweat drop beside her head.

"Is this what I have to put up with?" she murmurs.