Harry's POV – July/August 1996

I sat in my bedroom staring at the ceiling. I hadn't heard much from Hermione or Ron, not that I cared that much right now. I just felt like the world had been destroyed. I'd lost my parents and now Sirius was gone. He was gone because of that bitch! I sat up and closed my eyes. I saw his death again. No! I opened my eyes. Every time I closed my eyes or went to sleep I saw Sirius falling into that stupid veil. I had wondered what that veil was about and searched through all my books. There hadn't been a body, it was like Sirius had fallen straight through and into death body and all. I didn't want to think about it but I did. It haunted all my thoughts. I heard a flapping of wings and Hedwig landed on my windowsill. She had a letter tied to her leg. It looked quite thick and I opened it as another owl came, a school owl this time. I quickly pulled off the letter and it flew off. I left the school letter on my desk and read the letter Hedwig had bought me.

Hi Harry.

How are you? I'm guessing you're not doing well but just try and keep smiling. I got my OWL results today, all Os. Ron told me to tell you he got 1 O 6 Es an A and a D. I told you to stop taking Divination.

Anyway, the last marauder will be round with Moody and Tonks will be round soon to pick you up. I hope the muggles are treating you ok.


I smiled and put the letter down, I guessed that the other letter were my OWL results.

Dear Mr. Potter

You have received eight passes, grades A or above. Your results are below.

Astronomy: A Care of Magical Creatures: O Charms: E Defence Against the Dark Arts: O Divination: A Herbology: E History of Magic: D Potions: E Transfiguration: E

Congratulations, a list of possible classes will be sent to you in the near future.

Professor McGonagall

I smiled at these, these results were better then I expected. I put the letter down and looked at Hedwig. I stroked her gently and fed her an owl snack. Tomorrow would be my birthday, I wasn't as excited as I should be, maybe because I always had a rubbish Birthday or maybe because Sirius wasn't alive anymore. When I found out about him it was like everything seemed to light up. I had a parent figure and a friend no matter what. It had never occurred to me that Death would tear him away from me. I looked glumly at Hedwig. She seemed to feel the pain I was in as she hooted and nipped my finger gently.

I think if I didn't have Hedwig I would probably go crazy in this muggle house. My aunt and Uncle had been a lot nicer since their encounter with Moody and Lupin at Kings Cross. Well not nicer but they were treating me better. Dudley had tired to avoid me all together. I think the only times I really saw him was at meal times. After his encounter with the Dememntors last year he seemed determined to avoid me and not even look at me.

"We'll get out of here soon." I said to Hedwig. The advantage to all this though was that I had time to think. I'd thought over what Dumbledore had told me and I felt slightly bad about destroying his belongings but I still felt incredibly angry that he hadn't told me about this prophecy sooner. Why hadn't he told me sooner? He told me but I just didn't understand. Just wait until I went to the Order, I'd be told a lot more then.

"Harry!" Hermione said happily as she engulfed him in a hug. I hugged her back and saw Ron behind Hermione's mass of bushy brown hair. Ron gave me a smile. I was back at Grimmauld place, cold, dreary and just plain depressing now. Without Sirius I didn't think it would ever be the same. When Hermione let go she looked at him seriously.

"How have you been? You didn't reply to my letter."

"Oh, I'm fine I guess" I muttered. Hermione didn't look happy.

"Sorry we couldn't send you your presents, Mum wouldn't let us. They're in our rooms right now" Ron said. I nodded and looked at Tonks and Lupin who were behind me.

"I'll take your things up." Lupin said, "then I have to go. You'll have to ask Molly when dinners ready." He said. He looked quite depressed, I wasn't surprised though. He'd lost Sirius as well, Sirius was like his brother. Lupin was the last remaining Marauder, my dad's old group.

"Ok." I said.

"Dumbledore will be here later to talk to you, Harry." I felt a pang of anger inside but I nodded.

"Well, You three go and say hello to the others." Tonks said. I followed Hermione and Ron into the kitchen where Mrs. Weasley was cooking the dinner and Ginny was playing with Crookshanks.

"Mum, look who's here." Ron said. Mrs. Weasley turned around and before I knew it I was in another embrace. When she let go she looked me over.

"The muggles have been treating you alright, how are you Harry, dear, are you hungry, here have some of this." She led me to the table and began to get some food for us. It was nearly dinner and the food all seemed ready so she began to get the plates out and get the food out.

"Hi." Ginny said with a smile. I smiled back but it was a forced smile.

"Hi." I said.

"So how was your summer?" Hermione asked anxiously. I didn't answer, I didn't want to. All I'd done was think about Sirius and for some reason I had thought about Cedric Diggory a bit as well, I had replayed his death a little. I kept replaying everything, figuring out how I could have done things differently, how I should have paid more attention to Occlumency.

"Here's your dinner dear." Mrs. Weasley said. I looked at her gratefully. The Dursleys had been better but they hadn't fed me anymore then usual. I ate the food gratefully in silence. I could tell that Ron and Hermione were worried about me, I looked up and saw Hermione looking at me nervously. I finished the meal and got up.

"Do you mind if I go to bed?" I asked Mrs. Weasley as she did more clearing up.

"Of course not dear." She said sympathetically. Sympathy, why does everyone give me sympathy. I've had enough of it in my life, I'm sick of it. I don't need sympathy! I got up and stopped by my door. I was about to open it when a thought came to me. I carried on and went to Mrs. Black's old room. I opened the door and found Lupin in the room stroking Buckbeak's head. He turned when he heard me open the door.

"Harry." He said with a sad smile. I could tell it was forced, I could see in his eyes that he was probably as upset as me. "Come in." I did and approached Buckbeak. I bowed and waited for Buckbeak to bow. He did and I put a hand on the feathers of his neck.

"Harry, um, I don't know how to say this really but we're having a memorial for Sirius outside Hogsmeade in a few days time. We'd like it if you would come. It'll be members of the order and a few of his old friends." Lupin said to me.

"Um," I didn't really know what to say. I suppose a memorial would be a good way of saying goodbye to Sirius, I hadn't been able to do that yet but the prospect of actually having to face more people and possibly get more sympathy. Lupin put a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't worry, you don't have to talk to anyone. You can just stay with Hermione and Ron" He said. I nodded, I couldn't say anything, my voice had failed on me. "Great" Lupin said but not too enthusiastically, "Well I have to go and pick up some people who will be going to the memorial with us. Harry, remember if you want to talk you can always come to me. I know I can't replace Sirius but-" I cut him off.

"Thanks Professor"

"Don't call me Professor, I haven't been your professor for a while." I nodded.

"Ok." I said.

The morning of the memorial was a gloomy affair. I changed in silence with Ron giving me anxious looks occasionally. It was really starting to bug me, it reminded me of last year when I saw his dad getting attacked. I'd just finished changing when Hermione and Ginny walked in.

"Well, are you all ready?" Hermione asked gloomily. I could tell she didn't really want to think about Sirius either. I nodded and looked over at Ron.

"Give me a moment." He said.

"We'll see you downstairs in the kitchen." Ginny said. I left the room with Hermione and Ginny.

"Harry, are you ok?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, why does everyone keep asking me that?" I asked testily.

"We're just worried, you haven't said much since you got here" Hermione said.

"I'm fine. I'm just sick of people asking me how I am." I said. "I mean my godfather died and I've spent a summer on my own trying to deal with it. How would you feel. At least you could come here and had Ron and Ginny. I have to go back to the Dursleys, every year." I snapped. I hadn't meant to but I guess the frustration I'd been feeling for a while just needed to get out.

"We get that." Hermione said. "It's just, it's not good to keep it all locked up." I looked at Hermione and started for the kitchen again. Ginny had stayed silent the whole time. I heard Ginny say something to Hermione in a whisper, I reckon it was about me but I didn't care.

We sat in the kitchen for a while and Ron came to join us. Mr and Mrs. Weasley came in then Tonks entered.

"Ok, we'll get to Hogsmeade by Portkey. Remus is supposed to be here, where is he?" Tonks asked.

"Don't worry, you know he's got some slightly different business to attend to." Mrs. Weasley said. I looked at her curiously. "Arthur and I will go with you." Tonks nodded and took a small watch out of her pocket.

"Ok, everyone touch this, we'll be leaving in a minute" Tonks said. We all touched the watch and felt a suddenly jerk. I felt Ron bumping into me and then suddenly it all stopped. I just managed to keep my balance. I stepped back and helped Ginny to her feet as she brushed off her trousers.

"Why do I always land on the floor." She muttered to herself.

"Don't know." I replied. She looked at me and gave me a shy smile.

"Ok this way." Tonks said. We were on a field, I recognised it, it was near the cave that Sirius had once hidden in. We started through the field and around a clump of trees. There I saw a small group of people talking quietly amongst themselves. I didn't recognise many of them. There were a few members from that Order that I recognised. I spotted Lupin, he was talking to two women. One had long blonde hair and a rather pale skin, she looked like she was slightly ill. The other woman had long sleek shiny black hair, I couldn't see her face but when I did I felt a slight twinge of panic.

"Damn, is that Cho?" I asked Hermione, Ron and Ginny uncertainly. Hermione looked at the woman.

"No. But it looks like her doesn't it. I mean a grown up version of her." Hermione said with a slight frown. I let out a slight sigh of relief. I looked around a bit more and saw a small memorial stone with some writing on it. There were some people around it and talking. I glanced back at the blond woman. I recognised her. I don't know where from but somewhere in the depths of my mind I felt like I knew her, and the Chinese woman as well. Lupin saw us and smiled. The women saw him do that and turned to look at Harry. The blond woman's eyes went wide and the Chinese woman gave Lupin a slight smile and began talking to him again.

"I know that blond woman" Harry said to his friends as they walked over to the memorial.

"How? We've never seen her before." Hermione said.

"Well I've seen her before." Ron said, "Like, when dad used to take us in to work for a day or when we went to go and visit him. She's an Auror but that's all I know." Ron said.

"So she works for the ministry." I said. Anyone who worked for the ministry, unless they were part of the order tended to be fairly against me.

"Well she's here so obviously she believes you" Ginny said.

"I suppose." We went to the memorial stone and read what was on it.

Padfoot, missing father, great friend, better godfather and loved Marauder You shall never be forgotten

There was a small card against it and I bent over and picked it up.

I tried so hard to get your name cleared, and I'm so sorry. I'll miss you with all my heart. Your fianc

"Fiancé?" Hermione asked.

"Sirius Black used to be April Marsden's fiancé" came a voice behind us. We turned and saw a boy who looked slightly Asian and slightly ill. He did look kind of handsome, he had a similar look to Lupin, that he had some sort of secret. He was with a girl, who looked slightly younger then Ginny. The girl had fairly long blond hair, like the woman I had seen Remus talking to but very dark eyes, eyes that I recognised, Sirius' eyes! I looked at her in surprise. She gave me a nervous smile. She had her arm through the boy's arm holding it like a little sister would go to an older brother for help or protection.

"April Marsden is that blond woman over there talking to my dad." He said pointing to Lupin. Hang on, Lupin, dad? What?

"Lupin's your dad?" I asked. The boy held out his hand. He looked like he was a bit older then me.

"Bo Lupin." He said taking my hand. "And this is Rhiannon Marsden" He said to the blonde girl.

"I prefer to be called Rhia" She said quietly. Her voice seemed quite sweet but very young though it did have a hint of maturity to it. She gave me another smile but this time she seemed to have a bit more confidence.

"Harry Potter" I said, "These are my friends Ron and Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger." The boy looked at Hermione and gave her a slight smile. She went slightly red as she returned his smile.

"My dad speaks very highly of you." Bo said,

"Whenever he goes to China." Rhia said.

"China?" Ron asked. I just realised how little I actually knew about Lupin. I never knew he had a son or went to China. I looked at him confused.

"Come on, I'll introduce you to mum and April." Bo said. He nodded for us to follow. Rhia let go of Bo and put her hands in the pockets of her jeans. I looked at Ron and Hermione uncertainly. Ron shrugged and Hermione just seemed a bit red. We followed and stopped by Lupin.

"So, Remus is a dad?" I asked Rhia. She turned to look at me, she seemed to be studying me intently. I saw her eyes first going to my face and strangely it didn't go to my scar but my eyes. Then her eyes went to my scar.

"Yeah." She said. "If you'd been a bit more curious you would have known." She said with a slight smile.

"You wouldn't happen to be related to Sirius Black would you?" Hermione asked with a slight frown. Rhia looked at her and studied her like she'd just studied me.

"Hermione?" She asked as if trying to confirm her name. Hermione nodded, "Yeah. Sirius was my dad. I never knew him though. He went to Azkaban before I was born and I'm not sure why we didn't see him when he got out." She explained. I looked at her surprised. Sirius had a daughter? Bo said something in Chinese and the woman who looked like Cho turned to look at Bo then at me.

"Mother, this is Harry Potter, Ron and Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger." He said in English. Bo's mum looked at the blond woman then at Lupin.

"I told you they were going to come." Lupin said to her.

"You knew Sirius then?" The Blond woman asked. She looked at me with a slight smile. I nodded. "I'm April Marsden, Head Auror" She said. I don't know why but all these names were...I recognised them all. April smiled. "I was your mother's closest friend, that's why you recognise me." She said. I stared at her slightly amazed. The Chinese woman laughed gently while Bo and Rhia looked at each other smiling, looking rather amused. Rhia went to April and April held her hand protectively.

"Sirius loved that trick." The Chinese woman said. Lupin smiled slightly and the woman went to him and put her arm around him. "Jenny Lupin."

"You look a lot like someone we know." Ron said hesitantly.

"Cho Chang?" She asked. We all nodded. "She's my niece, I used to be called Jenny Chang. She's told me about you." She said nodding to me and Hermione. I heard Bo laugh slightly.

"She really doesn't like Hermione." He said gently to me. I looked at him and smiled. I turned back to April.

"So, you were Sirius' fiancé?" I asked gently. I knew that if I was sensitive on the subject of Sirius, she most certainly would be. I was right. She nodded then looked away. Jenny sighed and went to hug her but April brushed her away and walked off. I immediately felt bad for her. I didn't mean to hurt her like that. I looked at Lupin and Jenny for help.

"Yeah, not a good idea to mention him in front of her. She was hurt that Sirius didn't tell her that he was in hiding" Lupin said darkly. "She was the only one who knew Sirius was innocent. None of us would believe her until it was too late" I looked at my friends. Hermione, still, seemed to be looking at Bo with a slight smile. Ron was watching Hermione with slightly narrowed eyes and Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Well, Dumbledore's here. We better get on." Lupin said, he took Jenny hand and they walked off. Bo lingered behind and walked with us. Rhia had gone off with her mum.

"Did you know Sirius well?" I asked him curiously.

"No, well I did but I didn't after you did whatever you did to Voldemort because he got sent to Azkaban." he said without flinching. I was impressed, he managed to say Voldemort and not flinch like everyone else did. "I know you knew him well. Dad used to tell us everything when he came to visit us."

"Where do you live?" Hermione asked.

"China, I go to the Chinese school there but Cho really wants me to go to Hogwarts." He said. "She praises it all the time. Well that was until she came home this summer. Then it was damn Hermione this, stupid Harry that." Bo said with a smirk. Hermione went slightly red and I felt slightly guilty. I hadn't meant to be like that.

"Oh, tell her I'm really sorry." I said.

"No, it's rather funny, I finally get to meet the infamous Harry Potter and the charming Hermione Granger" Bo said with a smile in Hermione's direction. She went slightly more red. "Well I've met you before of course" Bo said to me.

"You have?" I asked.

"Yeah, if you weren't aware, our dad's were really good friends." Bo said.

"I knew that." I said.

"And my mum, April and your mum were the closest of friends, like sisters." Bo said. I looked at him slightly intrigued. I knew I should be feeling really depressed but talking to Bo seemed to make me feel better. It was like he didn't know Sirius at all and this was just another outing for him. Or it could have been that he wasn't showing any sympathy to me like everyone else was. It was a refreshing change.

"Well, I think we should sit down now." Ron said rather testily. We sat in some seats that Dumbledore had conjured. I glanced over to where I saw April standing with an arm around her daughter. Rhia looked like she fairly depressed for someone so young but Sirius had been her dad, even if she hadn't known him. If she had been born after Sirius had gone to Azkaban that made her about thirteen or fourteen. She hadn't known Sirius and I felt slightly guilty that I had spent more time with him then she did but I needed Sirius as well.

Again I felt incredibly guilty for whatever I'd done. I knew all this, all the pain everyone was feeling here was because of my stupidity! If I hadn't gone rushing into the Department of Mysteries with the others Sirius would still be alive. Dumbledore began to speak but I wasn't listening. My thoughts were back on Sirius again and how stupid I had been. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't realise that the memorial was over until Ron shook my shoulder. I looked at him.

"It's over." He said. I nodded and stood up. Lupin walked up to us.

"I'll take you back to Grimmauld Place in a minute" He said to us. "Bo, your mum wants you to go back to China with her before-"

"Can't I stay in England?" He asked.

"I was going to say before the next full moon. That's in three weeks. You can stay with Cho if you want or stay with us but I'll have to speak to Dumbledore." Lupin finished. Bo smiled. Full moon? I glanced at Bo.

"I'm a werewolf." He said casually. Lupin rolled his eyes at Bo but I could tell it was as a distraction from his thoughts.

"Moony." Came a female voice behind us. I turned to see April behind us. "Could I steal Harry for a moment. I want to speak to him." Lupin nodded. I went to April and she walked off away slightly with me following next to her. We went to a small hill that I could see Hogwarts from.

"Sorry if I upset you earlier" I said hesitantly. April looked at me. She looked as though she had been crying and smiled.

"It's fine. It's not like I was close to him anymore." She said looking away. "I didn't really want to talk to you about Sirius though." She said. I looked at her curiously, "thinking about him is too painful." She looked at me and I saw her eyes looking over my face. "You're probably really fed up with this but you look like James." She said.

"I know, and my eyes are like my mums." I said. She smiled. That smile seemed to strike up a memory in me and I saw what seemed to be a flash of memory where April was a lot younger, probably a few years old them myself.

"You may have felt that there was no one around while you were at the Dursleys but I was always around. A promise I made to Sirius before he went to Azkaban. I promised him I'd try and keep an eye on you and to try and clear his name. I wasn't able to do the last one but I kept an eye on you." She said, "Of course, I wasn't able to intervene in anything. I hurt me to see that Petunia was letting her frustration of her sister out on you." April said. I stood next to her and listened. "Moony's told me everything about what you've been getting up to in school and though I know Lily would have frowned on it James would have been very proud." April said. A tear fell from the corner of her eyes. "Yeah, well, I just wanted to speak to you. The last time you spoke to me you weren't exactly very nice." She said with a smile.

"What did I say?" I asked curiously.

"Ape has big nose." She said with a laugh.

"Ape?" I asked.

"You couldn't pronounce my name. There was Mummy, Daddy, Jen, Bo, Rem and Siri" She said. She looked at me again. "Well, I have to go, Head auror and all that. McGonagall tells me you want to be an auror. Again, that's the line of work your family would have wanted you to go into. James was an Auror and Lily was going to be but she decided to be a healer instead. Send me an Owl nearer the time and I'll see what I can do." She said. I smiled at her gratefully.

"Thanks." I said.

"Anything for a Potter." She said with a smile. We headed back to where the others were, I told her about my OWL results and what I could tell her in the short walk back. When we got back I felt like that she hadn't exactly left my life like everyone else had. It was like when I had met Sirius for the first time, after the initial shock of finding out he wasn't going to kill me I felt like I'd known him all my life. Rhia had joined the others but her and Bo were away from the others slightly, talking and Rhia looked like she was trying not to laugh. She kept glancing at Hermione after everything that Bo said.

"Ready to go?" Lupin asked as we got back. I nodded.

"Remember, send me an owl if you want any help with anything." April said. I nodded and hesitantly gave her a hug. She seemed slightly surprised at first but gave me an almost motherly hug back.

"Thanks." I said to her. She gave me a smile and ruffled my hair, something no one had ever done to me. Lupin smiled and the others looked at me curiously.

"Lets go, Bo, go and stay with your mother and I'll sort out living arrangements for you."

"Can I stay with April?" He asked.

"Sure." April said putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Can I visit them as well mum?" Rhia asked eagerly. April looked at her uncertainly "Please? You're always saying how well behaved Harry was and stuff." She said cheekily. She grinned at me, I could see a mischievous glint in her eyes, like the ones that Fred and George had. A trouble maker, I suppose Sirius had to pass something on. I suspect that Rhia might have wanted to get away from her mum to play a few odd pranks or whatever.

"I'll think about it." April said.

"Bye." Bo said. I waved bye and the others all said their byes.

"They're really nice those people" Ron said.

"They were the female marauders." Lupin said almost nostalgically. "Ok, Tonks and the rest of us will be by the Headquarters in a little bit." Lupin said handing us a watch.

"Ok." I said. Ginny, Ron, Hermione and I all held onto the watch then suddenly everything went black as we travelled back to Grimmauld place. The dreary gloominess reminded me of Sirius. This was all he had seen in the last year of his life. I suddenly felt rather depressed again. My thoughts were broken as I heard Hermione say

"I hope we see Bo again, he was really...nice" She said. We all turned to look at her and she went slightly red again, it was all she'd done at the memorial.

"Yeah, April was cool and Rhia Marsden seems a bit like Fred and George." I said. I felt slightly better now that I'd been to the memorial. I'd realised I still wasn't on my own, I had met a few more of my parent's friends and I'd met the woman who would have been what? My godmother? An aunt? I didn't know what to call her really. I smiled to myself then turned to my friends.

"Well, lets get ready for when Bo and Rhia come to stay." I said to the others a bit brighter then I'd felt all month.

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