An unwilling damsel by Joy

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Being whole


Fred and George were ecstatic over the end of school. As promised... to each other that is... they had allowed Harry to go unscathed so far in his relationship with Ginny, whom they checked up on quite frequently. Unbeknownst to Harry, Ron and Hermione, Ginny was actually spending a lot of time confiding in Fred and George. Their brother/sister bond was greatly strengthened by the unfortunate turn of events. The twins knew everything about her relationship with Harry. They knew from the first kiss to the first fight to the first flashback and so on. Harry showed himself to be above the board in all such conversations so when Ginny would voice frustrations over the physical intimacy issue they would listen patiently and make suggestions.

Eventually Fred and George promised Ginny that before Harry arrive at the Burrow that summer the three siblings would have a very frank conversation about sex...since they knew their parents never would. This made baby sister a bit uneasy but very excited. She was being seen as becoming an adult. The way the twins figured it, she had been through more pain and torment than any girl should...and it had aged her, no matter what year her birth was in.

Ron on the other hand was oblivious for the most part having his focus be mainly directed at Hermione...who managed to get the youngest Weasley boy to raise his grades fairly well. He occasionally noticed his sister and Harry staring at each other or talking extra close but he had never caught them snogging for which he was grateful. Harry was taking care of Ginny so Ron refused to worry. Worrying took too much effort when it was plain to see his sister and best friend were in love...whether they admitted or not.


"Lets stay here today Gin?" Harry said snagging a belt loop on Ginny's jeans to keep her from heading out with the rest of the students going to Hogsmeade. They were standing on the edge of the fountain in the courtyard that was flowing nicely.

She regarded him a moment but then nodded, "Okay." She threw her arms around his neck. " have to make it worth my while."

A mischievous grin spread across his face, "No worries." His hands caressed Ginny's lower back as he moved in to capture her lips.

"Hey...hey...hey..." Ron snipped as he walked by. "I don't need to see that."

"Then sod off," Ginny said as she pushed up on tiptoes and took Harry's mouth. He squeezed her sides.

"Break it up you two or I will stay to make sure you don't lose your cherry," Ron said sternly pulling the two apart. Harry kept his eyes down so neither Weasley could see the amount of lust in his eyes that they would surely be reflect.

Hermione grabbed Ron by the ear making him let go of Harry and Ginny. "Oh no you won't Ronald Weasley! You promised me a trip to Hogsmeade and YOU WILL take me, is that understood."

"But Hermione, they could..." the red haired boy gestured his arms about.

"SO..." Hermione snapped. "You'd rather it be Harry who would take care of her than some git that..." Both Harry and Ginny were staring down and were very red in the face.

"Please stop talking about us like we aren't here," Harry interrupted.

"Quite right...Let's go RON!" the brown haired witch said tugging her boyfriend away.

The formerly happy and playful couple now looked at each other shyly. "I wasn't you know," Harry ventured.

"Wasn't what?"

"Gonna try to...take your cherry," he said lamely.

Ginny laughed and splashed Harry. "Didn't think you were," she smirked back at his shocked expression.

"You are toast."


"I am going to get you Potter. I cannot believe you did that," the youngest Weasley yelled at her boyfriend. Harry and Ginny were both soaking wet coming in from toppling into the fountain. He had already set up their picnic, blanket and all in one of the upper abandoned towers. He had decided splashing her back in the fountain would be great fun.

Harry ran up the stairs seeker skills helping avoid his girlfriend's wrath. "That was hilarious and you know it."

"Hilarious? Getting detention, being soaked...with no replacement clothes, and annoyed by my boyfriend's childishness is not hilarious," she growled snagging the back of his wet T-shirt, which molded to his body nicely.

Harry turned around jogging up the stairs backwards, taunting Ginny in a way. "At least you will be serving detention with me and not Malfoy."

"I might prefer Malfoy since my knickers are in fact twisted."

"Now that is a lovely visual."

When they reached the top Ginny tackled Harry sending him to the ground. "Hey watch it. I'm fragile over here," he complained. "Is this the way you treat all your property after a couple months?"

"First off-Ha! to you being fragile. Secondly, as for property if my broom gave me as much trouble as you do I might retire it," Gin muttered saucily.

"Ouch. Harsh." Harry shook his head, drew out his wand and uttered a drying spell. "There. All better. No more trouble with the boyfriend so you won't retire him," he said sweetly.

"Oh but I enjoy bickering with you," she said kissing his lips lightly as Harry remained on his back looking up.

Ginny turned in Harry's arms so he could see the longing in her eyes. He knew there was a fine balance they walked and lightly at that. They were a couple months into their relationship before he felt that they were finally at a place he didn't have to be hyper-vigilant. Harry was amazingly patient and loving with Ginny. After all dating a survivor was the most understandable thing for him. He needed someone who could understand the darkness he felt in his soul as well as kick his butt when necessary.

Ginny was perfect for him not just because she understood perfectly his brand of darkness that lurked within him, while still being able to share life and hope with him. The feeling overwhelmed him for a moment. "You are so precious to me," he whispered into her hair before sitting them both up to eat.

Gin drew with him to sit beside her as they ate quietly. Mid way through a piece of watermelon Ginny's got a smirk on her face. Her hand appeared at the back of Harry's neck and pulled him close. She bit off the remaining melon chewing slowly before kissing Harry deeply.

"Ginny," he panted.

"Yes Harry."

"Do that again."

She smiled and kissed him deeply.

Harry had been so determined to prove that his feelings for Ginny were genuine that he was almost phobic about their physical relationship... especially after her flashback. However much he didn't instigate before it was double now. If Ginny wanted to be kissed deeply she had to first. Harry loved it when Ginny kissed him that way. It was so intimate and loving. Ginny loved it when Harry would take over a kiss and began to consume her. They did their best to balance each other's actions and become comfortable in their affections.

Harry drew Ginny into his lap keeping one hand at the nape of her neck while the other stroked her back. He leaned back against the wall for support. Bright green eyes drank her in. "You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

Ginny smirked, "Not half bad yourself Potter. We really should have a wet t-shirt contest around here." She took a hand and traced it down his chest. "Quidditch and I are friends for what it has given your physique."

Harry grinned, "I'm glad I meet with your approval."

Ginny pulled away a bit and swiveled in her spot. She knelt in front of him so she was looking down at his face. Ginny ran her fingertips over his nose and jaw. She watched how much he liked simply caresses. Living without the basic loving touch for so many years Gin reveled in being allowed to share that intimacy with him.

It nagged at her that no one had comforted the child that had been Harry. No hugs or kisses. No affection of any kind. It caused her to question the state of the scar on his brow. She always wondered if his scar would be sensitive to the touch so gently she traced the lighting bolt with her index finger. Harry sucked in a deep breath clutching Ginny's sides and hips as he shuddered. "Bloody hell that feels good," he murmured.

"Does it?" she murmured low and sultry.

"Yes," he panted.

"What does it feel like?" Ginny asked tracing the marked flesh again.

Harry's hips surged up and he clutched Ginny again. " feels... never mind...muggle thing." Her fingers kept dancing. "It feels like you're pouring your magic into me."

She smirked, "Maybe I am."

Harry stared wide-eyed at his adventurous girlfriend. He liked letting her set the pace and direction. He had enough excitement in his life. Ginny is welcome to drive as long as she likes. Man, that sounded sexual. I'm gonna need a really long shower after this.

Ginny observed him before starting to place little kisses on his forehead. She felt him tense with anticipation. These were the times it was more than okay that Harry didn't lead. It is a power trip to make the great Harry Potter tremble at the mere kiss of my lips.

Harry held his breath as her mouth brushed his scar then traced it with the point of her tongue. The deep groan showed how extremely turned on he was, but when Ginny's lips brushed it again a slide show of images appeared behind his eyes. They weren't memories really. They were memories of a future...their future together. It was like his dreams at night where he would be talking to Ginny in bed but she was older. He now understood. They were young but they were going to make it.

His scar always a bit supernatural by definition. It just tapped something unnamed... untested. Harry's eyes shot open and stared into Ginny's before he kissed her passionately. He always shut his eyes when they kissed but this time he gazed wide-eyed. When Harry pulled back it was as if his eyes were glowing, as he panted.

Ginny looked at him in confusion, "What's got into you?"

He smirked at her like the Wolf to Red-Riding Hood, "A whole lot of you."

Ginny blushed a bit, "Come on."

Harry shook his head. Her shoulders slouched, "I know something was up. At least tell me what's wrong Harry?"

"Absolutely nothing," he replied still shaken but more than happy to keep kissing Ginny.

She pushed him back a bit. "Tell me."

A deep level of contentment settled over him as Harry regarded her, "I just realized for the first time I'm not alone anymore."

A smile spread across Ginny's face, "No Harry. Neither of us is alone anymore."

The End...

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