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The Smiles of Stars


Chang Wufei was the most sought after agent on Earth and in the Colonies. Anybody who was somebody knew him or knew of him. In showbiz everybody wanted Chang as his or her agent. However only one 'man' well boy had that privilege and that was Trowa Barton. Trowa who was the hottest thing since the VR game Gundam Wing (based on the popular books by Duo Maxwell.)

Trowa Barton and Chang Wufei made quite a team, by working together Trowa's songs had quickly reached the top of all the charts and had yet to come down. The fact that they were such good friends only helped in their partnership. Of course were there's an up there is also a down; there were rumors going around, rumors that were started in order to wreck both Trowa and Wufei's careers. Rumors that the two were more than just 'friends', that Trowa was only using Wufei to boost his records.

Most people believed that the two could be lovers since neither of them had ever been with anyone else. There were still people who hoped the two were single. Heero Yuy was such a person, who for some reason felt drawn towards the young Chinese agent.

In the small town of Greymist, Germany; where who your parents were decreed were you stood out in society; Heero was a nobody, not only was he an orphan but his foster family made it clear that they took care of him because they had to. Technically the Schbeikers were actually his aunt and uncle, but that didn't stop them from hating him, especially his cousin Hilde who was one of the most popular girls in school.

For most people there's nothing worse than being at the bottom of the Social Ladder, but for Heero who harbored a dark secret there were much worse things. Never getting any clothes or money from his aunt and uncle Heero had to get a job at a very young age in order to buy the basic necessities for himself. But who would want to hire a young boy, he was twelve when he started working, for anything? Well after searching for days he found 'work' or should it be said that it found him.

Most people when they see Heero already know who he is so they don't think anything of him, he was just Hilde's annoying younger cousin or that poor orphan boy the Schbeikers were taking care of. That was fine with Heero who didn't like being around too many people very much, sadly all this neglect made it so that no one really 'looked' at Heero and saw how beautiful he was.

Heero had naturally golden skin but since he spent most of the time inside he was very pale. His naturally spiky chocolate brown hair had that 'just out of bed look' and was incredibly soft, it framed his face accenting his high cheekbones and shadowed his stormy blue eyes granting him an air of mystery. His pouty lips were a lush cherry red and were very soft. Add all that to his slender; wiry, and feminine looking frame, and you'd realize just how beautiful Heero really was.

It was because of this beauty that Heero got his job and lost his virginity in a dingy ally at the age of twelve. To him he lost his innocence and all faith in humanity.

Tenshi: looking sheepish It wasn't too bad for a prologue right?? I mean it didn't have too much Heero torture. yet.

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Heero: whimpers and hides behind Duo I'm sacred.

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