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Saren: Do I always have to say the warnings?

Tenshi: Yes, I don't want to get anyone angry with me.

Saren: Umm well lets see looks at the paper in his hands Pairings 2x1, 3+5(mentioned) malesx1, and 2+4, 2+Hilde Warnings: NCS, Heero torture, yaoi, AU

Tenshi: That wasn't so hard was it?

Saren: I'm going to go find Nathaniel.

Tenshi: You might no want to do that.

cry of denial and out rage

Tenshi: wince poor Saren. Well how long has it been since I updated this?

Heero: At least 2 months.

Tenshi: Wow! That long? I guess you guys all were waiting for this huh?

Heero: looks at angry mob Yeah I think they were.

Tenshi: Well since I value my life here's the next chapter in The Smiles of Stars!

The Smiles of Stars

Chapter 2 (The Ties That Bind)

Heero ran all the way to school, the events on the bus still fresh in his mind. How could someone so popular and so very beautiful want to talk to him? He was dirt, no, less than dirt he was dirty, used trash. The leavings off's of a town, a toy for anyone to amuse themselves with.

Heero sighed as he reached his locker, opening it up he sighed again as he noticed the threatening note in his locker. When would Solo get it that he didn't even remotely like Dorothy let alone want to stalk her. Oh, well nothing to do about it but ignore him.

It wasn't until he reached homeroom that Heero thought to look at what Duo had slipped into his hand. Hesitantly he opened his fist and looked down at what was held in it. He felt tears spring into his eyes as he looked at the small pendant nestled in the palm of his hand, the little silver angel figurine with it's violet eyes sparkled in the florescent light of the schools artificial lighting.

"It's beautiful." Heero whispered to himself. Hearing someone behind him he stuffed the pendant in his pocket and turned around.

"Well, well what do we have here?" a snide voice remarked form behind him. "If it isn't the tows resident slut." A strong hand grasped his shoulder and spun him around, forcing him to stand.

Heero was whirled around and made to face a tall, dirty blonde haired teen who grinned at him cruelly.

Tell me Heeeero." He said rolling the e. "What do you think your doing spying on MY Dorothy in the middle of the night!" He said tightening his grip on Heero's shoulder.

Heero winced then quickly shook his head. "How many times have I told you Solo, I don't like Dorothy. I have no interest in her."

"Oh, so your to good for her are you?" He shook Heero threateningly. "Answer me you little slut!"

Heero flinched as Solo dug his nails into a bruise on Heero's shoulder. "I – I …" he started to trying to figure out how to get out of this predicament. Luckily for him the teacher came in, causing Solo to let him go."

"Gentlemen, I trust all is well here?" She said as she walked to her desk and got the day's work out. She looked up when she noticed they were just standing there. "Well? Get to your seats or get out!"

Solo glared at the teacher and then at Heero as he walked by. "Better watch your back Yuy because I'm coming for you." With that he walked off to his own class.

Heero sighed in relief then sat down preparing himself for along day of work.

Heero smiled to the day had gone amazingly well. He'd gotten all of his work done and passed his science quiz with a 99 (I only we could all be that smart. De McFie! Die!) And he'd not been called upon in any of his classes. He didn't much like having attention called to himself. On top of all that he'd only been threatened five times and tripped once! Yes, today was a wonderful day.

As he walked towards the bus stop his mind turned back towards the mornings events. Why had Duo given him the angel pendant? What was the point of it? Sighing he dug around in his pocket looking for it. He frowned when he felt a piece of paper as well as the pendant. Now where had that come from? He pulled it out and looked at it.

"What?" he asked surprised at what was written on it. "H-how?"

On the paper, which was now obviously from Duo was written;

Dear Heero,

You may be wondering how I have this written when we only talked the whole time on the bus, and also just met? The truth is I've had someone in your school watching you all day and has them deliver this note in secret, without anyone, even you knowing.

Although I've only just met you, I feel like I've known you forever and I want to help and protect you.

So to help you I've enlisted the help of one of my friends. Call the number on the paper and ask for Quatre Winner, tell him Duo needs a favour. He'll know what you're talking about and he'll help you.

Please call him Heero, he'll help you and protect you from Dermail.

If you don't I'll chase you down and poke you and tickle you until you do so there :p


On the bottom of the note was a name and number:

Quatre Winner 394 – 9624 (1)

Heero felt his eyes fill with tears. Why would someone so incredible do something so nice for him? He heard his watch beep and looked down t it.

"What! It's already 4:30!" Shit I'm going to be late for my kendo lessons." He ran down the street towards the gym.

He ran into the changing room and got into his kendo outfit. His kendo teacher Master O was meditating when Heero ran into the room.

"Those who come early will be rewarded with the better virtue, Heero."

Heero lowered himself down before Master O then kneeled beside him. "Forgive me Master, I will not be late again."

Master O turned to look at Heero, he studied him for a moment then got up and walked over to the equipment rack and grabbed two shinai. He gave one to Heero and kept the other.

As the two began to go through the practice routines and then the more serious methods of kendo, Heero allowed his mind to wander back to the events of this morning and the note Duo gave him.

Could he really get out of the Business? Would this Quatre really help him? What if Dermail caught on? What would he do then? There were so many questions running through his head and so many scenarios on things that could go wrong.

"You are troubled young on." Master O said from somewhere close to him. "What is that troubles you and clouds your movement?"

Heero lowered his head to look at the shinai and then turned to look up at Master O. "Master could you give me some advice, my heart and mind are troubled by something I cannot forget."

"If you need my help or my council then you need only ask it. Come let us sit."

Heero and Master O went to sit on the mats by the front of the room. Heero looked down at his hands. "Master I …"

Master O shook his head. "Sit a moment and meditate, clear your mind." He bowed to the statue of Buddha on a small pedestal in front of them.

Heero did the same, saying a small prayer. After another moment of silence Heero looked up, feeling much more calm. "I know someone who is doing something he does not want to do. He's been trying to get out of it and stop but has not had a chance to. He's recently been given a chance to stop, but he doesn't know nor does he trust the person who's trying to help him. He's become used to getting hurt and betrayed when trusting the words of others, however he knows that if he doesn't stop what he's doing he may be hurt severely or worse killed. What should he do?"

"Well Heero perhaps he should do what his heart tells him is the right thing to do."

Heero looked down at his hands again. 'that doesn't help at all' he thought to himself.

Master O got up and began putting away his gear, Heero followed suit. When Heero was about to leave he heard Master O say from behind him.

"Consider this Heero. Does the help he is being offered but him in a potentially better or worse situation then he was before? Or is it the same." There was a pause. "if all else fails you… he could always flip a coin."

Heero turned to look back at Master O, but he'd already left the room. Sighing Heero left the gym and began to head home.

On the way home he passed a pay phone. He paused then dug the note from Duo out of his pocket. Looking down at it he made a decision, pulling out a quarter he began to dial.


(1) 394 – 9624-> 3x4 – yaoi ;; couldn't help myself


Tenshi: Well?

Heero: Well what?

Tenshi: Well what do you think? You're going to be saved! Quatre will definitely help you!

Duo: Well your going to have to get them out of the closet first.

Tenshi: What! opens closet OH MY FUCKING RA! closes it

Heero: Since when did you start using Egyptian Gods in your swearing?

Tenshi: Since I figured I'm going to be smited by them, I figured meh? Why not?

Heero: I see.

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