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This takes place when the turtles are 12.

'Dreams can give wings, but if enough is enough, then they can be the gateway to eternity' --My own quote (you'll understand later.)


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Leo yawned. Checking his watch, he did a double take. It was eleven in the morning!!!!

It had only been yesterday since he almost died, and he had immediately fell asleep after he had woken up. He had been so tired! But still!!! IT WAS ELEVEN IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was supposed to be up and at it already!!!!

Leo paused before he opened his door. Silently praying to whoever was listening against that his brothers had forgotten all about yesterday and he was back to being a maid...

Leo opened the door and opened his eyes. And stared.

The hallway was clean for once. Looking into Raph's room, Leo stared some more. Raph's room was clean! Mikey's and Donny's were clean also! It was as if it was all a miracle!!! Now all he had to do was pray it wasn't a dream....

Leo walked into the living room and did a double take. Donny was there, cleaning the room, Raph was practicing without him having to tell him to, and Mikey was setting the table. Leo stared. "Okay, who are you all and what have you done with my brothers?" Leo asked, trying not to panic if that was true.

Donny laughed. "Nothing Leo! We just had a talk with Splinter and decided to take some stuff off of your hands."

Seeing the surprised look on Leo's face, Donny giggled. "And this isn't just a one-day thing, I promise Leo. It's gonna be permanent."

Leo cocked his head. "Really? You guys are serious?"

Raph nodded, walking to stand next to Leo. "Yep. We kinda feel really bad about what happened, so we kinda thought that this would help..."

Mikey nodded, before looking at Leo. "But your still gonna have to cook most of the time, 'cause well..."

Donny finished for him. "Mikey tried to make toast and managed to set the toaster on fire." Don glared at Mikey. "And now I have to make a whole new one!"

Mikey shrugged. "Sorry bro. But you win one you lose one!"

Leo laughed. "Thanks guys. Really."

Raph shrugged. "No sweat. Just promise you'll never do that again, 'kay bro?"

Leo nodded. "Promise."


That night, Raph had sneaked into Leo's room to make sure he was still there. Next morning, Splinter had to go in search of his sons', and ended up finding them all curled up in Leo's room, next to Leo.

That had gone on for a few weeks, before they finally convinced themselves that Leo wasn't going there. But they still made sure to watch out for Leo and help him out whenever they could.

Mikey slowly began to learn to cook, but whenever possible, Leo took over, since Mikey cooking wasn't that good. But now, happily, Donny didn't have to make a whole bunch of kitchen tools to replace the burnt ones...at least not all the time...

Leo chuckled at those memories. That had been years ago. But Leo still liked to remember them. It always reminded him where he belonged. After all, now was when his family needed him the most. The Shredder was back and they needed him to lead them.

Leo sighed and closed his eyes, before opening them and looking up at the night sky. Every month, on the night of the New Moon, he would go to the cemetery. There, he would look for the concrete statue of the angel, and leave a flower there.

After all these years, he still hadn't forgotten Rebecca. After all, it was she who had helped him through the darkest part of his life, helped him heal, helped him know where he belonged, and she had become his closest friend, all in a matter of a few days. And he was grateful for all that.

The song, Concrete Angel, had become one of his favorites. His brothers weren't all that happy about it, but they bore it. After all, they had almost lost a brother and Leo couldn't blame them for not being happy about the song that reminded them of that.

Leo suddenly felt someone watching him. Turning around, he saw a child. The child looked afraid all of a sudden and drew back. He had an arm missing.

Leo looked sadly at the child, but smiled gently. He waved at him.

The child gasped, and looked behind him, before realizing that Leo had waved to him.

The child smiled wearily and waved shyly back.

There was a bolt of light right then, and Leo backed away. But he looked back, and saw two angels standing there, leading other children through a Gate. The children looked curiously at Leo, but smiled and waved to him. Leo chuckled and waved back.

The child to whom he had seen first, moved to the back of the line and approached the Gate shyly. He caught Leo's eyes though.

Leo smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up, before whispering 'Good Luck!'

The child looked surprised before laughing silently and fading through the Gate. Then, the Gate faded out of sight.

Leo suddenly, heard running footsteps from his left. Moments later, Raph appeared. "I thought you'd be here." He growled, but smiled.

"As I always am." Leo answered, smiling back.

Raph nodded towards the small clearing where the Gate had been. "They've gone already?"

Leo knew whom Raph was talking about. The Effluoerros. Over the years, they had been surprised to find out that Leo could see them, while his brothers could not. Leo supposed it was because he had been one of them. He nodded.

Raph sighed.

There was a tense silence before Raph spoke up. "Come on. We'd better go before the Foot find us."

Leo nodded. "Yeah. Let's go home.


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