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The Ocean's Will

The child walked towards the breaking waves, she had heard of the myths surrounding the mighty ocean, but had never stood before it. She listened to the waves it was if they were whispering to her, calling and beckoning her, calming her mind and silencing all thoughts.

Come to me child come to me

The child began to walk towards the ocean.

Come home honey, come home

Her body began to step in time to the waves.

Come back to us, come back

Each step brought her closer to the waves.

Come to us honey, come to us

The wave grew, moments from crashing over her head.

We'll never let you go

The wave crashed down over her, engulfing her, it was if many hands where pulling her inside, dragging her deeper into the ocean. The further she was pulled the more thoughts came rushing back, one after another, more and more, spinning through her mind creating a literal whirlpool of thoughts making so everywhere she looked was another memory, loneliness, Deviwomon, momma, the room, daddy, death. She clutched her head in agony as the thoughts inflicted pain. The beeping, the pleas, the gasps and darkness, trapped in egg, she couldn't breath. Darkness the ever surrounding darkness. She couldn't breathe, her momma and daddy crying. She couldn't breathe, she tried to, she tried, the air wouldn't fill her lungs. At once the darkness of the ocean grasped her holding her tight, again the darkness took place in her lungs instead of oxygen. She tried but she couldn't breathe. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't breathe.

And then the darkness grabbed her and she was clouded by it shaking and screaming, sending her mind into panic. She scrunched up into a ball, shaking but the hold was still firm.

The brush of the sharp ocean air made her realise she had surfaced, she gasped and the air filled her lungs but still she shook, her mind still hadn't recovered and she began to cry hysterically.


With the sand beneath her toes the girl realised she was once again on shore, she would not open her eyes, scared the darkness had returned instead she began to cry more so, taking fast sharp breaths scared the oxygen would leave her once more.

"THE DARK OCEAN IS A DANGEROUS AND MANIPULATIVE PLACE!" The voice roared again full of anger and concern.

Still the girl breathed fast, choking slightly on the tears in doing so.

"Breath slowly in and out." The voice soothed calming its tone in a bid to sort the girl out, it could see by shouting it wasn't getting anywhere. "You'll make yourself explode if you keeping breathing like that." The voice laughed. "That's it in and out, in and out."

The girl obeyed the voice, startled slightly as she felt a hand rubbing her back softly and gently.

"See, that's better huh? I'm sorry if I scared you, it's just I know some people who have had bad experiences with the ocean and I didn't want you to be one of them." The voice said continuing to rub the girls back. "What's your name then?"

"I...... I don't know?" The girl whispered.

"It's funny." The voice said airily as if it was trying to catch a thought. "In the ocean you looked like a small vulnerable child but now I look at you and I can see the digimon features your like a small dark angewomon." The voice laughed. "I guess I've been spending to long with my sister huh?"

"Uh huh?" The little girl mumbled not quite sure what the voice meant.

"I sometimes come here to chill out, not to the dark ocean but to the digital world, it helps me you know, I don't know why I came to the dark ocean. It's a good job I did or you might have become digital data."

The girl stayed curled up it was the first time since Yokomon she had been talked to in a way that made her feel a person rather than a being of destruction, but still trust was a precious thing and she had learned trust was also a fickle thing and could come and go, break and damage.

"Yeah." She muttered.

"I'm sure your friends or even your partner wouldn't want that to happen."

"I..... I don't have a friend or a partner."

"Are you sure? Such a fairy like little digimon like you I can't imagine you without. But nevertheless you can count me as a friend."

"Thank you." She whispered a small smile appeared on her face through the tears.

"So what brings you to the ocean then, like I said it's a dangerous place and I can't imagine you coming without a good reason."

"I needed some water."

"Not to drink I hope." The voice laughed.

"Why did you come." The girl asked.

"I looking for my daughter, have you seen her? She's a bit smaller than you and got mid length auburn hair which curls at the bottom and chocolate eyes." The girl could sense the desperation in the voices tone.

"I... I?" The girl stuttered new tears flowing fast she knew who he meant, she knew who he was, but he didn't know her.

"I feel so bad, I completely forgot talking to you, it's like I don't know, I think for a moment when I saw you in the ocean I thought you were her." The voice said airily before breaking into a sob. "I.... I don't know what to do I don't know whether she's alive and........ With the time zone changing she could have already aged..... I feel so helpless." The voice sobbed causing the girl to become silent his pain it was becoming hers. "I knew I shouldn't have left her alone all the signs..... Everything our minds playing tricks on us.......... The disturbance in the digital world...... The crests and digivice gone...... I should have known a digimon was going to strike.... I don't even know if she has a partner to look after her." The voice sobbed his pleas his sorrow felt like knives to the girl

"I'm bad." The girl whispered.

"No your not your good enough to listen to me."

"I've been bad."

"Why? What have you done."

"Daddy I've been bad make it stop please." The girl cried turning so the person could look at her face.

"Aroha. How?" Tai whispered extending his finger tracing it down the side of her face.

"GO AWAY!" She screamed pushing him away, his pain, her pain it made her head hurt.

"I'M NOT LEAVING YOU!" He shouted trying to grab her arm trying to catch the hope he thought had disappeared.

"GO AWAY!" She screamed placing her palm to each side of her head shaking, the pain was throbbing beneath her temples. "MAKE IT STOP DADDY MAKE IT STOP!" She sobbed as Tai tried to comfort her.

"WHAT HONEY WHAT?" Tai cried tears running down his cheeks placing an arm around her trying to calm her down, trying to pull her into a long awaited hug.

"I TOOK HER DADDY!" She cried the pain exploding inside her mind. "I TOOK HER AWAY!"

"AROHA?" Tai cried trying holding each side of her head so he could look in her eyes trying to find a glint, a glimmer to tell him she was lying. They stayed like that for a few seconds tears flowing down there cheeks. "Why?" He whispered eventually.

"BECAUSE SHE GOT TO HAVE A MOMMA AND DADDY!" The girl sobbed repeating the phrase over and over again like a mantra.

"But you do!" Tai whispered holding her hand as she shock her head sobbing.

"IT'S NOT THE SAME!" She sobbed trying to make him release his grip on her. "IT'S NOT THE SAME!!!!" She screamed lashing out at him but still he clung tighter. "IT'S NOT THE SAME!"

She opened her eyes and found she was alone once more on the shore, picking up her urn which was now full, she flew off into the lonely grey sky.

To be continued

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