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Author's Note: I wrote this for my pen pal, Rin Kawaii, just because I had nothing else to do and I thought I would be fun. Oh, and she's in love with Yasha , and I know how it is to be in love with someone that doesn't exist (Harry...sniff). So, I dedicated this to her. And to everyone else who to this isn't dedicated to, ENJOY IT STILL!!!!

Rin Kawaii lay on her bed, thinking of the sexy hanyou, Inuyasha. His silvery white hair, his bright, yellow eyes, his rippling muscles, his cute puppy ears.........it was allllll good! She suddenly realized what time it was and turned on the T.V. Time for an entire half hour of Inuyasha.
After Inu was over, Rin lay down on her bed again to reminisce about the episode. There were a lot of parts where Inu didn't have his shirt on.
God, Rin thought as a great mental picture of Inu with no shirt on popped into her head, making her salivary glands work overtime. They reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllly need to draw Inu without clothes more often. And with that, she fell asleep.
Suddenly, Rin woke up. But she wasn't in her room anymore. She was in a forest. A tropical forest. And she wasn't wearing the clothes she had been wearing when she had fallen asleep; she was clothed in a silk kimono, with the most beautiful embroidery work possible. Rin looked around; trying to determine where she was, but she didn't have time. Out of nowhere, someone rushed out and grabbed her.
"What the f-"Rin Kawaii yelped before the mysterious stranger whispered in her ear.
"Where have you been all my life, my love?" said a male voice, soft and sultry. That voice! Rin knew that voice too well! She looked up. Her jaw dropped as she registered who was holding her.
It was her dream man. Inuyasha! Suddenly, she remembered something.
"Hey! Don't you love Kagome?"
"Kagome's a great girl," Inuyasha reasoned. "But I think you're prettier!" And with that, he started passionately kissing her, running his fingers through her dirty-blonde hair every once in awhile. Rin was shocked! But pleased.
"Come!" Inuyasha yelled suddenly, pulling away from Rin. "We shall go to the mystical bath-house to bathe together!"
Boy, this'll be fun! Rin thought. Without warning, Inuyasha picked up Rin, the way a knight would his fair maiden, and carried Rin to the bath-house.
The bath-house was huge, suspiciously resembling the one that is featured in "Spirited Away".
"Let's go to the top to get a private room, my sweet." Inuyasha cooed.
"Of course, my love." Rin said dreamily to the half dog-demon. The bath-house was empty and dark. As the two lovers ascended the stairs, they realized that there was another couple bathing here. They looked into one of the rooms to see the author and her true love, Harry Potter, bathing together in a large stone tub, apparently making out before the two noisy perverts invaded their privacy.
"Hey!" Harry yelled at the two intruders, still clutching his love to his bare chest. "We're trying to have a little privacy here!"
"OK, man!" Inu said, defending himself and his newfound love. "Geez, don't have a cow."
Rin Kawaii and Inuyasha continued on their way to they're own bathroom. They found one next to the one they had just SO RUDELY INTURRUPTED!!! Candles were already flickering romantically and a wooden waterway was hanging out of the wall, waiting for someone to pull the rope and fill the tub.
"Shall we get started?" Inu inquired.
"Right away." Rin replied as she sprinted over to the rope dangling idly and yanked it. Herbal water began shooting out of the waterway or whatever you call that thing and began filling the tub. In a matter of minutes, the tub was full. And Inu began taking off his clothes. Rin noticed and immediately when into a trance as she watched him, uh, "strip". After thirty seconds, she remembered that she would have to get in the tub too, so she got undressed as well. She finished first and climbed into the tub, awaiting her hanyou beloved. Inuyasha finally finished and climbed to the top of the tub. Rin Kawaii stared.
"Whoa..." was all she could say.
Anyhow, Inu slid into the water, made his way over to Rin and embraced her, gently stroking her hair as he gazed into her eyes.
"May we be together always." Inu whispered.
"Amen to that." Rin said as she kissed Inuyasha on the lips long and hard. Inu returned the kiss as he clutched her tightly to his body. Rin almost couldn't breathe, it was almost too outrageous to believe, but whatever floats your boat. She reached up and gently scratched Inuyasha behind his doggie ear. His ear twitched slightly and he made a happy noise to express his pleasure. This when on for some two hours before Inuyasha broke away.
"What's wrong?" Rin asked, wondering why her lover pulled away.
"Nothing's wrong," Inuyasha replied. "But I do have something for you." He reached over the side of the tub and pulled something from out of his clothes. He made his way back over to Rin, held out a little black box, and opened it. Rin gasped.
"Rin Kawaii," Inuyasha said. "Marry me." In the little black box was a golden ring. And the stone that was embedded in the gold was the largest Jewel of Shikon Rin had ever laid eyes on.
"Yes, Inuyasha!" Rin breathed. She couldn't believe her luck! "I will marry you!" And with that, she jumped on Inuyasha, kissing him in the process, and they both when under the water. And they didn't come up. For a looooooooonnnnnnnggggggg time. So, anyway, the story ends like this:
Rin Kawaii and Inuyasha got married in a small Japanese pagoda the very next day, which was followed by the marriage of the author and Harry Potter. And they alllll live happily ever after. THE END!

Suddenly, Rin woke up. She was lying on her bed, which was completely a mess. For a split second she thought she would see Inuyasha lying next to her. He wasn't.
"Damn dreams." She muttered desperately wishing it was all real. Suddenly, she remembered how it felt in Inu's arms. In fact, she could still feel them. She smiled.
Then again, she thought as she lay down again. Maybe the night wasn't a total loss. And she fell asleep, as visions of Inu danced in her head.


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