The Prodigal Knight

[AU] It is the year 2000, the Dark Lord Voldemort was never killed, and his army is stronger than ever. An unlikely team of heroes with the same goal of destroying him is formed: A seeker with trust issues, a naive diplomat doing her best for a world where she is despised, a street urchin with no past and no future, her brother, who's just trying to find his place in the world, an ex-Auror who's also an ex-Death Eater, a crazed loon who may be the only hope of the galaxy, a Metamorphagus who struggles with the dark and the light, a trigger-happy slave boy who's just trying to do what's right, and a werewolf who has been banished from his rightful home. Together, can they overcome the Dark Lord's power and save the world? One can only hope...

A/N: This is going to be a long story, hopefully. The storyline is taken from a game called Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic. Now, before you click the back button, trust me when I say that this has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars. Those of you who have played the game will understand what I'm saying, the rest of you are probably wondering how a Star Wars game can have nothing to do with Star Wars. Go out and buy the game and you'll understand what I mean. Best $30-$60 (depending on what version [PC/X-box] you buy) you'll ever spend.

Here is some background, need-to-know information.

Harry: [a seeker with trust issues] Harry grew up in a loving home with his parents, James and Lily, and his little sister, Rosie. Despite being sorted into Slytherin, he is rather open-minded about the rest of the world. However, during his seventh year at Hogwarts, his family was attacked. His mother died in his arms, and they never even found his sister's body. So he did what every other newly-orphaned boy would do, dropped out of school and joined the service. He's been an Auror for three years now, and he's hunting down the man responsible for his family's death–Peter Pettigrew.

Hermione: [a naive diplomat doing her best for a world where she is despised] Despite being a Muggle-born, Hermione still managed to go to Hogwarts. She never had many friends in Ravenclaw, though with her skill she's become diplomat trying to get other nations to rally to the Ministry's cause. Little does she know that the Order of the Phoenix has their eye on her carefully.

Ginny: [a street urchin with no past and no future] The Weasley's have always been a target for Voldemort. One day, when Ginny was really little, Voldemort and his Death Eaters attacked her family. Her family has had to split up. Ginny got lost one day and ended up on the streets of Paris with Charlie. However, Charlie left her, and Ginny never knew why. A few years later, as luck would have it, her brother Ron found her, though he is reluctant to talk about where he was before. She's never been properly taught magic, rather she learned like a lot of people learned magic these days–off the streets.

Ron: [her brother, just trying to find his place in the world] What Ginny doesn't know is that before Ron came to Paris, he lived with his father and older brother, Percy. They stayed at Hogwarts where Ron, at a very young age, was taught several very advance spells and enchantments. When they closed down Hogwarts the school, the school became a place where people could find relief from the war, almost a second hospital, yet a home to all who came. His father ran the place, leading over and helping the sick and wounded. One day, Ron found out about a plot Percy had against the family, he immediately told his father, only to find out that Percy had said the same thing–Only about Ron! Believing the older son, Arthur Weasley cast his younger son out, where he eventually wandered to find his sister.

Mad-Eye Moody: [an ex-Auror, also an ex-Death Eater] Mad-Eye Moody is known for being a great and exception wizard, despite what side of the war he's on. Death Eater, Auror, it doesn't matter to him. He does it all for 'the glory of battle'. He's also freakishly paranoid, and enjoys telling old war stories. He's more important than you know.

Luna: [a crazed loon who may be the only hope for the galaxy] Luna was, perhaps, one of the most gifted students ever to grace Hogwarts. Despite the fact that she's slightly crazy, she has shown signs of being a seer. The Order also wants to keep close tabs on her as well...

Tonks: [a Metamorphagus who struggles between light and dark] Metamorphagi, despite all the glorious side effects, are a race near extinct, for reasons are that they are not to be trusted. Growing up in the middle of war and turmoil, Tonks has been tempted many a times to join both sides of the war. Every day she struggles with the temptation of betrayal...

Neville: [a trigger happy slave boy who's just trying to do what's right] Neville grew up right next door to Harry, and the boys were best friends. The day Harry's parents died was the same day Neville's did. He too joined up the Auror's, and was sent on a mission to investigate a matter of small importance. He nearly died out in the desert, until he was found. Because of a House-Elf rebellion, the Ministry allowed human slavery once more. This is where young Neville found his fate–a slave boy for the Malfoy family. If only someone could convince them to let him go.

Remus Lupin: [a werewolf thrown out of his rightful home] Remus lived with Harry and his parents for the majority of his life. However, not very long before Harry's parents death, the Ministry passed a law declaring all werewolves to be killed on sight. Fearing for his life, he ran to the Forbidden Forest with several other well-known werewolves. There, they have stayed in solitude, hoping someone will develop a cure so they can once again be free.

Now that I've wasted almost three pages worth of information, let's begin the story, shall we?

The Prodigal Knight


Ministry of Magic, London

"WAKE UP!! THE BUILDING IS UNDER ATTACK!!!" Hermione Granger's eyes shot wide open. She jumped out of her bed quickly, running to her dresser, putting on whatever clothes she could find. 'If I die today, I'll not die in my underwear.'

Someone was banging on the door. "Hello? Anyone in there? We have to get out!" She quickly opened the door for him, grabbing her wand off of her bedside table. She opened the door quickly.

"Who are you? What's going on?" She asked the man in front of her.

"Terry Boot, but there's no time to explain! Death Eaters have this place completely surrounded! We'll be dead in no time if we don't find a Portkey and fast!" She nodded.

"Where do we have to go to get a Portkey?" She asked, running behind him down the hall. Death Eater and Auror were battling right and left. They didn't stop to help many of the poor soldiers, mainly because of the lack of time.

"Commander Potter has the only one's left in his office, on the second floor. If we hurry up and–Oh shit."

Oh shit indeed. Standing before Terry and Hermione was Bellatrix Lestrange, wanted Death Eater and assassin. She was smiling gently at them.

"Well well well, what do we have here? Two Mudblood's fighting for their life? This won't do, this won't do at all..." Terry turned and looked at Hermione.

"Run. There's a door on your left. Take it and it'll lead you to Commander Potter's office. Hopefully there should still be a Portkey."

"What about you?"

Terry smiled. "I'll hold her off. You get out of here!" And she did. The last she ever heard of Terry Boot again was his screaming as Bellatrix put him under an Unforgivable curse.

She did as she was told. She ran and ran, down the lost, twisted corridor. She ran until she was almost out of breath, she had never ran so fast in her life. She finally reached the end, where she saw a small office.

Standing before her was Commander Potter. His face was grim and his eyes were bloodshot. His raven colored hair was standing on ends, and he looked at her with saddened eyes. Had this been another time and another place, Hermione might've recognized that Commander Potter was a rather handsome man, but this just wasn't the time or the place.

"You're here, finally. You and I are the last two people alive in this building that aren't Death Eaters. Lestrange will kill us if we stay any longer! There's only one more Portkey, and I'm not sure where it goes, Ms..."

"Granger," She answered softly. Terry was dead. "And anywhere's better than here." He nodded.

"Indeed. Take my hand." He said, holding her hand gently. He grabbed the old boot on his desk, and they were off.

That was the last thing Hermione remembered, at any rate.


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