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1. Beyond Your Reach

"No, he's not here Ms.Croft", the nurse stated blankly. Well, it wasn't her job to care about someone who had been brought here an enormous stabbing wound in their stomach. Neither it was her job to take care that a patient with a fatal wound wouldn't suddenly disappear from the hospital. It seemed that her job was only answering to the phone with her boring little voice.

"How come he's not here? He's not fit enough to walk away on his own!" She was beginning to loose her patience as well as her faith in hospitals. The explanation was always the same: We don't have staff enough to have someone follow each patient every minute. Lara could imagine the sight - a puny little nurse explaining someone why their relative isn't in the hospital anymore.

She took a few steps away from the reception desk. 'They must've walked out by themselves' Lara mimicked the nurses' voice when she was sure the nurse couldn't hear her anymore.

It had happened like the person on phone had informed her this morning.


"Saving all demands sacrifices" someone said when she picked up the receiver. "A one soul can lead everyone into salvation. Remember that also you were saved by the crucifiction of the Christ."

"Who is this?" She asked on the coldest tone she could muster. There were all kinds of loonies on the loose. This case too would probably end locked up staring at the walls of the mental institution for the rest of his life.

"Don't you believe in the Christ and resurrection? What if you would never see the Pearly Gates and the beauty beyond?"

"When you've seen all I've seen the Pearly Gates wouldn't be that much of a wonder." She snapped.

"But soon the time will come when his blood will be spilled once again to save our unworthy souls. You will never get there on time and he can't escape from his destiny."

"Who can't escape his destiny?" As much as she wanted to deny it this phone call was giving her the creeps.

"You know of whom I speak...Lara."

        End of Flashback

And that was when the line had gone dead.

All that was said on the phone had become true. Kurtis was gone and he definitely didn't walk out of this place. He had been taken.