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Chapter 1 Just Another Day

It had been almost a month since the fight with Rurik had ended. And yet, it seemed like yesterday to Sam. She remembered everything that had happened in the fight and afterwards.

The group had gone back to her house and played Truth and Dare. It turns out that while Mandy and Tucker were escaping Mandy had told Tucker about what Sam had told Mandy on the ship, that Sam liked Danny. Tucker wasn't upset like Sam thought he would be when he found out; instead he and Mandy plotted a way to make her and Danny admit their feelings. While Tucker had taken it a step too far, it had nonetheless worked.

In the morning everyone had said his or her good byes to Mandy, who was headed for home. She had made Sam promise to write to her about everything that was going on, and that she too would write. The two girls exchanged addresses and e-mail addresses and wrote a couple times a week. Despite the distance they became very close friends. It seemed being trapped aboard a ghost pirate ship and fighting for your lives does that to you.

'Dear Mandy,

Everything is going fine here. How is everything there? Angelus not giving you too much trouble, I hope! Yesterday a ghost at Amity Mall attacked Danny and me, but we were able to take him out in a matter of moments. I can't believe how good I'm getting at this! Danny seems to be happier too, I think it really helps him to know that I'm here for him and we're dealing with the same things.

Tucker's doing well too. He's been spending quite a great deal of time with Jessica. I often wonder if he likes how normal she is, verses you, Danny, and me. But who can say. He hasn't yet told her about how Danny and I are part ghosts, but of course she doesn't spend a lot of time with Danny or me, so I guess she really doesn't need to know. Plus I feel like she would be in danger if she knew.

School is the same as ever, and I'd complain about how much homework the teachers give us, but of course they don't know that there are superheroes in their classes. I'm sure you know all too well how I feel though.

How is Marco doing? I hope he is doing well too. You two doing anything interesting? Danny's taking me to the movies this weekend and I can't wait! We're going to see that new Spiderman movie. I think I'm going to go online and see if Danny's on doing his homework because I was going to ask him if he wanted to invite Tucker and Jessica along. Sometimes it feels like we don't do enough with Tucker, and we're still getting to know Jessica, so it will be good. Don't you agree? All right, I'll write to you again soon. I can't wait to hear from you!


Sam wrote her name and then folded up the note and stuffed it inside an envelope, which she wrote Mandy's address on the front. After she turned on her laptop, she dashed outside to drop the letter in the mailbox out front. By the time she got back to her room, the laptop was finished booting up. As soon as she signed online Danny instant messaged her.

DPhantom: Hey Sam!

SSpectre: Hiya Danny! I just finished my letter to Mandy. Finish your homework yet?

DPhantom: Don't I always?

SSpectre: Nooo

DPhantom: Hey! That hurts.

SSpectre: Sorry, but did you do it?

DPhantom: I'd do anything for you =)

SSpectre: Stop it or you'll make me blush.

DPhantom: LoL. Yes, I finished my homework. We going out patrolling tonight?

SSpectre: I though so, that's why I asked if your homework was done.

DPhantom: Nah, you just want to turn me into a good student like you.

SSpectre: LoL. I wish. Talk to Tucker lately?

DPhantom: Yes

SSpectre: And?

DPhantom: It's Jessica this, and Jessica that. You think he's forgotten about us?

SSpectre: Nah, he's just paying us back

DPhantom: For what?

SSpectre: Oh come on, like you don't always talk about us when you're hanging out with Tucker.

DPhantom: Only sometimes. =)

SSpectre: LoL. Liar.

DPhantom: =( Am not

SSpectre: I know, j/k

DPhantom: Well, I suppose I can forgive you, just this once though. Hear from Mandy lately?

SSpectre: Nah, not since her last letter. I should be getting another one soon though.

DPhantom: All right. I'm sure you told her that if she ever comes back to visit that I'm going to get her back for what she did to us.

SSpectre: Really? Could have fooled me, looked like Tucker to me

DPhantom: Yeah, but she got him started. It was embarrassing!

SSpectre: But not embarrassing enough that you wouldn't ask me out afterwards

DPhantom: Who am I to fight with fate?

SSpectre: LoL. Come on, let's get going. Maybe we can stop over at Tucker's and check up on him

DPhantom: You mean spy on him, right? I wanna see if he's admitted to Jessica that he likes her.

SSpectre: LoL. You're so mean to him sometimes

DPhantom: So is opening the door on us and taking pictures.

SSpectre: I think we were asking for that one though

DPhantom: Maybe

SSpectre: All right, shall we head out?

DPhantom: Yeah, I'll be over in a minute

SSpectre: See ya soon

Sam signed off after Danny had and then turned off her laptop. Patrolling was probably one of Sam's favorite things now. It meant spending time with Danny. He seemed a lot happier now about having to patrol too.

It was a couple minutes before Danny fazed through her window and landed in front of her as Danny Phantom.

"You ready?" he asked.

"Of course," Sam said walking over and giving him a quick kiss before transforming herself.

Danny had a slight blush on his face as they headed out into the night.


The next morning Sam and Danny stood talking to Tucker next to Tucker's locker.

"Any ghosts last night?" Tucker asked.

"No, this week has been pretty quiet," Danny told him. "It sure is a nice break."

"Yeah, but if they wreck Saturday night for us," Sam threatened shaking a fist.

Danny laughed, and then turned to Tucker remembering something. "Oh yeah, Tuck. Did you and Jessica wanna come with on Saturday? We're going to go see Spiderman 2."

"I dunno. I'll ask her," he said with a shrug. Sam grinned; he was lying through his teeth.


"And here comes Dash for this morning's compliant," Danny mumbled to his friends.

"Fenton! Your girlfriend has the school trashing our end zones!"

Danny just shrugged at Dash. "I can't help what she does."

Dash just stopped at looked at Danny. It was most likely shock that the smaller boy hadn't yelled about not being Sam's boyfriend.

"I'm sorry you feel that way, Dash," Sam told him. "However, the school agrees with the fact that it would be good for students if there were more planets around the building."

"But it's our end zone!" Dash started up again, remembering what had angered him the in the first place.

Sam grinned at Tucker, and whispered, "Watch this. She then turned to Danny and took hold of his arm, "Danny, you won't let Dash hurt me, will you?"

"Of course not Sam," Danny said, playing along.

"Oh, thank you Danny," she said then planted a small kiss on his lips.

"Gross!" Dash shouted before heading for the hills.

The three friends laughed as the football player took off running.

"It's like Dash repellent."

"Most excellent!" Tucker said.

"Good morning Tucker," Jessica called from down the hall.

"See you guys in class," Tucker said before heading after the brown-hared girl.

"Ah, love," Sam said.