Chapter 4 - A Quick Drop In and a meeting with "Francis"

James got up and walked to the door, he opened it and Dumbledore took the lead. James was 3 steps behind.

"Ms. Namenson will you please join Mr. Potter and I? The Waltham stud- Ah, Minerva is Magdelene outside?" Dumbledore asked


"Let us proceed."

Outside, standing in groups, were all the teachers in Hogwarts, including Hagrid. He was talking to a VERY skinny woman who James could've sworn didn't work there. But since he didn't pay much attention in class, he couldn't tell.

The skinny woman stopped talking and turn to them and said "Ah, Dumbledore! My you've changed! It's been eons! Minerva... still got that wand up your -"

"Well, Magdelene you get more and more stunning every time we meet ." Dumbledore broke in.

Magdelene Nottingham blushed dreadfully.

" Dumbledore! There they are!" announced McGonagall.

There in the sky appeared a flock of ten hippogriffs flying steadily toward the ground. Then suddenly the horse-like creatures began to make a screeching noise. They began to fly crazily in different directions. Two fell into the lake, two fell to the ground with a thud near the group, four fell near Hagrid. While one girl fell right on top of Magdelene. And one fell into the lake.

"Ay, Nottingham, you wouldn't know the symptoms of a broken rib off hand, would you?" the girl asked.

Magdelene pushed the girl way from her and began dusting herself off.

"Dumbledore, what's going on?" she asked, giving the dizzy girl a look of disgust and hatred.

"HEY! It wasn't that special for me either." the girl mumbled. " And, no, please I can get up myself. Really." The teen said sarcastically getting up with much difficulty.

James stood by Dumbledore, watching the scene unfold.

"Don't worry. Mr. Potter and Ms. Namenson will take you right to the hospital wing. Magdelene, try locate as many children as possible with Minerva. While I go get the one who fell into the lake. You two will try to take as many people to the hospital wing as possible. Hagrid, try in find the hippogriffs before anyone is hurt."

At the very moment the girl who had fallen into the lake was placed on the bank by a tentacle holding on to the back of her cloak.

"Thanks Francis," She said, drenched, obviously addressing the giant squid. "Hey, Vickie what happened you?" The girl who had landed on Professor Nottingham, looked up with a confused expression.

"Francis?...Anyway, let's just say you're lucky you landed in the lake. I wasn't as fortunate," Vickie muttered, giving Professor Nottingham a scathing look behind her back.

"I could take her! She looks hurt to me." James said pointing to a beautiful girl who had fallen next to Hagrid.

"We'll take as many people as possible." Jewel said acting superior to James and ignoring him completely.

"Yeah, so I'll take her and you can take the rest. Right, lets go then." James said.

" James, I'll take these two." Jewel gestured toward Vickie and the girl James was hoping to escort. "You take Octopus girl over there."

"Hey! That's Tracy, Miss Prissy, and I don't appreciate you calling Francis an Octopus. He, in fact is a giant squid. And I don't need help from you." Tracy said looking at James.

James raised his eyebrows. He had never been insulted by a girl expect Lily Evans. He waited while she looked him over. Maybe she hadn't seen his boyishly good looks yet.

"Ah, I see. The desperate materialistic boy wants to "help" the bitchy/sluttish chick who fell from the sky but gets stuck with some other girl. It's sad really." she said


"Isn't it?" James said with annoyed amusement.

"Yes, in fact you are quiet right. James is an egotistic manic." Jewel said.

"HEY! At least I-" James began loudly.

Dumbledore snapped back to reality.

"That is enough. Get going to the hospital wing right away. This way ladies. We must get to the others." Dumbledore said to McGonagall and Nottingham.

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