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Summary: Draco is Voldemort's newest Death-Eater and it seems only a certain Gryffindor girl change save him from his dark destiny. Its set during the 7th year, takes place after OoTP and I'm warning readers now that my story is quite dark.

M rating due to sex, violence, language which come in later chapters!

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Chapter 1

Draco Malfoy, heir to the Malfoy family, was Voldemort's new hope. Ever since Draco's initiation among the Death Eaters, the Dark Lord kept a close watch on the young Malfoy, hoping to make him the most feared Death Eater ever.

Draco was even willing to go further and someday succeed to Voldemort's throne.

As he arrived at Hogsmeade he hid the Dark Mark under his clothes carefully. He had always despised the fact that he, a Pureblood, had been branded to serve the twisted dreams of a Half-blood. It had only been a couple of months now, and he hated it. He hated all the pathetic Death Eater meetings, where whole families of Muggles, Mudbloods or even Aurors were tortured, raped and eventually killed. He could not escape participating in these savage acts, as the Dark Lord had a watchful eye over him, but he loathed it.

However it did not mean that he pitied the victims; no, after all they were only filth, but Voldemort had also murdered traitorous Pureblood families, and that, Draco would not oblige to.

After the last meeting, which involved torturing a powerful witch into madness, Draco had sworn to himself that someday he would be his own master and would restore the pureblooded families' authority and power over the Mudbloods and Muggles.

The world would no longer fear the name of a Half-blood but learn to respect his: Draco Malfoy.

Walking down a back alley and spotting less and less students, Draco arrived at The Hog's Head. The few Hogwarts students who passed him by were too scared to look up at his face. They had reason to be scared of Slytherins since their return to school, especially of those suspected to have joined the the Dark Lord's ranks.

After a year of fear and waiting of an attack from Death Eaters, the moment finally came last summer as the students were leaving Hogwarts for their annual holiday. It was the perfect moment and Voldemort had patiently waited for it. At that precise moment, none of the teachers, not even Dumbledore, had been around and the students were at their most vulnerable as they waited by the Hogwarts Express, saying their goodbyes.

Many students had died instantly as Voldemort's followers struck them.

The Dark Lord had wanted the attack to be quick and violent and so it was exactly what had happened. Fellow Death Eaters had killed the most Mudbloods they could in a minimum period of time, before Aurors had apparated within the massacre. It had become a real carnage but most Death Eaters had managed to run away after the blood bath.

Cruciatus curses along with their counter curses had been called simultaneously, as well as the Death curse from all directions, and many students were caught in the cross fire. A lot of students had died that day and those who had helped and survived had been traumatised forever.

Harry Potter was one of them, along with his two friends Mudblood Granger and the Weasel. Since that day, after seeing so many of his friends die, Saint Potter had lost confidence in his magic and had once again become scared of Lord Voldemort.

Entering The Hog's Head cautiously, Draco looked out for any Ministry's agents, but instead noticed the pub hardly had any customers at all. As he passed through, several wizards and witches bowed their head discreetly at him but Draco ignored them and walked straight through to the back room.

The bartender had lent the Malfoy heir, in return of a favour, a room for the Slytherins to gather and enjoy themselves during weekends at Hogsmeade and sometimes even during school time. Draco had found it necessary to find a space, other than the common room, for his friends, where he could talk business without nosy first years or prefects.

In that room, he was in control.

His intention today was to start the mission Voldemort and his father had ordered to him the night before his return to Hogwarts.



"Draco, come closer my boy," Voldemort hissed.

The blond-haired boy, who had looked away from the usual ceremonies, turned to face his master. Lord Voldemort had been whispering all night long with his father and Draco rightly guessed that the two men had planned yet another mission for him.

"Your father and I have a new mission for you Draco," Voldemort hissed once more, before pausing dramatically.

"Tell me, have you any knowledge of the Serpent books?" he asked, his beady red eyes lighting up with excitement. Draco hadn't seen the Dark Lord so enthusiastic about something since the attack last year.

"Only through rumours, my Lord. I was told that they are legendary books, which have been hidden by their author due to their incredible powers. Every wizard who hears about them wishes to possess them," Draco answered, intrigued by the question.

"Of course everybody wants the books, boy! They contain more power than you could ever imagine!" Lucius shouted back at him.

Draco glared at his father angrily. He knew perfectly well that his father's outburst had brought the assembly to a halt and every head had turned in their direction.

"Our Lord requires these books Draco, and your mission is to find them and bring them back," his father continued.

Draco's quick thinking told him not to question the real reason behind Voldemort's interest in the Serpent volumes. His curiosity was satisfied for now.

"Power is given to whoever seeks it, Draco. One must only know where to look. And I know that these books are the key, the key to my victory over Dumbledore and his boy!" Voldemort's shrill resonated throughout the hall.

"I have already invited the owner of the books to the manor," his father continued, "And I shall expect the same sort of - seduction from you towards the heir of the Serpent family."

"I'm guessing the heir attends Hogwarts then."



Draco had spent his first week at Hogwarts mostly in the library, looking up information about the Serpent books, but had hardly found anything useful. He had only learnt that Albatorus and Alexia Serpent were among the first wizards ever known, and throughout time, their descendants had invented new spells, found new properties to herbs and plants and developed different sorts of potions.

The Serpents were known to be friends with many of the Ministers of Magic, but lately they were forced to exile abroad. No information about their present whereabouts or any of their first names was given.

Draco was confused by such secrecy around the family, and also suspected his father and Voldemort to be purposely hiding further information from him. In case he couldn't discover the heir by his own means, Draco was determined to search Filch's register of students or preferably ask Professor Snape, who might have some information on the subject.

After a week of research, he was ready to find this mysterious heir and put his plan in action.

Draco pulled away the drawn curtains, hiding the backroom door of The Hog's Head and entered. He quickly noticed the unusual excitement among his fellow Slytherins, and making his way towards the centre of the room, he saw her.

She was the thorn in his thigh, the bone stuck in his throat, the dirt under his shoes.



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