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Chapter 39

No one had noticed Hermione's disappearance from the feast therefore everyone was surprised when Hagrid brought back the unconscious, soaked to the bone Gryffindor girl in his arms. She was immediately taken to the infirmary on Dumbledore's orders and Hagrid informed him and Madame Pomfrey that after hearing distant shouting in the Forbidden Forest, he had made his way to the clearing and found Hermione lying on the ground.

Hermione stayed unconscious for a couple of days in the hospital wing alongside Abigail. Harry watched over both of them night and day. Nobody knew what Hermione had been through and when she finally woke up, she didn't give any answer. She had truly thought it had all been a dream and when she realised it wasn't, tears fell down her cheeks despite her will. She sat in her bed for hours, remembering the terrible night, trying to make sense of it. But the truth continuously stabbed her through the heart: he had left her and he was never coming back.

And then the memories suddenly shot through her mind and images of Draco haunted her day and night. She would think about him all the time, she would think about the times they had spent together, think about his touch, his scent, his silver eyes and it killed her. She barely spoke, barely ate and her once soft chocolate eyes turned dull and cold. She cried when she was alone and nobody knew what was wrong, she wouldn't tell. In the space of a week, she had lost the will to live.

She couldn't go on without him, she had told him so.

The day after she woke up, the Ministry held another party to award the defeaters of Voldemort the Order of Merlin, Second class. Harry got a First class. Cornelius Fudge at the same time publicly apologised to the Serpent family for their mistake and allowed them to come back to England.

Following the feast, all Hogwarts students were given a week off before classes started again. Ron and Ginny came back during that week. They had changed; the loss of another brother had scarred them deeply for life. After keeping to themselves for a few days, they finally began talking again and having fun with Harry and their other Gryffindor friends but it was never the same. Harry, to everyone's surprise, began to appreciate his new celebrity and gave many interviews for the press. The rest of the time he spent it at Abigail's bed, talking to her, waiting for her to wake up. Abigail's aunt, Isabelle, and her Muggle husband came to visit a couple of times to check up on their niece. She explained to Dumbledore and Harry that Abigail had been disowned by her father. The rest of the family had to follow his decision. but she did not care about family rules when her niece's life was in danger. She had apparently already bent the rules when she had married a Muggle. She was glad to meet Harry and soon realised that the Defeater of Voldemort would take good care of Abigail.

Hours turned into days, days into weeks and before Hermione knew it, she was living again. As time passed, she went back into her Head Girl routine and studied even harder for her NEWTS, trying to forget the pain eating away at her. She kept away from her friends but spent as much time as she could with Abigail. She found it easy to talk about Draco to the unconscious girl when Harry wasn't around but she ended up in tears most of the time or angry with him or herself. Once she threw a vase across the room.

And then, shortly after the Ministry party, the Daily Prophet announced Draco was the new head of Malfoy Enterprises. He was shown on the front page, shaking hands with Cornelius Fudge, along with other wealthy businessmen, whose companies he had successfully bought. That morning at breakfast, Hermione saw his picture and it caused her to spill her drink. She hadn't thought she would see him so soon and it caused her more pain than she could endure.

She kept it all to herself.

Abigail finally woke up with the arrival of spring. She soon found out that she had lost all her magic and freaked out. After Harry hopelessly tried to calm her down, Madame Pomfrey soon arrived and informed her that she had temporarily exhausted her powers during the night they had defeated Voldemort and after much rest, her magic would return. Therefore she stayed another month at the hospital wing before she was released. Harry came to see her everyday and as promised, he made plans to take her on a long holiday to some exotic place.

Hermione barely visited Abigail anymore. The Slytherin kept asking questions about Draco and Hermione couldn't bring herself to talk about him anymore. Answering her would mean that Draco was truly gone and it was too hard. Instead she kept to herself and her books. Abigail eventually noticing Hermione's uneasiness, decided to drop the subject and let her be. However, Hermione continued to avoid Abigail as it broke her heart to watch her and Harry, the latest gossip in Hogwarts. They were always smiling, always kissing and it brought back yet again too many memories for Hermione.

Before Abigail was released from the hospital wing, Dumbledore came in to see her and her four Gryffindor friends, who were visiting. After a long speech stating how proud he was of them all and how he was impressed with their fighting skills, he offered them each a place within the Order. Although the Order had no longer a reason to be, Dumbledore informed them that many Death Eaters were still out somewhere hiding and preparing for revenge. They all agreed to join him except Hermione who scowled, shook her head and left the infirmary before anyone could stop her. She clearly remembered what he had done to Draco and couldn't forgive the old man for it. From that day on, she distanced herself from the old Headmaster and always spoke coldly to him.

Eventually, exams approached and for weeks Harry, Ron and Hermione studied relentlessly. They all passed admirably. Hermione got top grades and was automatically accepted at the Ministry for high official training. Her ultimate goal was to become a judge for the Ministry. Ron, following his brother's death, had sworn to become an Auror and bring all Death Eaters to justice. His grades were good enough to be accepted in the new Auror training program, headed by Alastor Moody. As for Harry, he decided to take a year out, think about what he really wanted to do and finally enjoy his life. During graduation day, he could think of nothing better to do in the future than be with Abigail.

After the graduation ceremony, all five friends sat on the Hogwarts grounds, lying in the hot sun, talking among themselves and reading the latest Daily Prophet. The head news was the mysterious disappearance of a Muggle community the previous night. Aurors hadn't found any clues on site and the Ministry expressed its concern that Death Eaters, still at large, were targeting Muggles for revenge. However, they simply couldn't prove their theory.

In the business pages, Draco's face was shown once more as he bought yet another large wizard company. He was recruiting them everyday and everyday his power over the wizarding world was increasing. No one could legally stop him.

"Hermione, what really did happen to Malfoy?" Harry suddenly blurted out, Abigail in his arms. "Did he simply just up and leave?"

Everyone turned their eyes to her and she felt obliged to give them an answer.

"Yeah," She informed them quietly, lying back down on the grass. "He simply left - for good."


If you're on your own in this life, the days and nights are long,
When you think you've had too much of this life to hang on

Well, everybody hurts sometimes,
Everybody cries. And everybody hurts sometimes
And everybody hurts sometimes. So, hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
Everybody hurts.

You are not alone.

(Everybody Hurts - The Corrs)


The end.

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