A/N: Hi again to my faithful readers! This is basically a one-shot DaineNumair fic. It's Numair's POV of what happens when Daine goes over the cliff. Disclaimer: None of this is mine, yada yada yada. You know the drill. Enjoy!

Numair threw his Gift into the battle with the rocks while trying to get a glimpse of Daine. No luck- he couldn't see the path from here. Finally the rocks let him down. He strained to get a glimpse of her. Finally he reached the path. No sign of her. He looked around frantically. Was she farther down the path? No. Suddenly he caught sight of a broken branch. He went over to take a look. Then he saw it, a vertical trail of broken branches.

They were fresh.

His heart nearly stopped when the full implications sank in.

She had gone over the cliff.

Mithros and Goddess, why? He couldn't imagine life without her. Her smiling gray eyes, her willingness to stop and chat with any passing animal. The fact that she had destroyed Carthak's Imperial Palace in her anger over his supposed death. He'd felt so jealous when she went around with Prince Kaddar all day. Only now had he realized that his jealousy stemmed from the word he least wanted to think- love. He realized only now that he couldn't live without her. It's funny, he thought, how you never realize how much something- or someone- means to you until you're faced with the prospect of losing her-it. If she was dead-

No. He couldn't think about that, to if he wanted to find her. He let the fire of his Gift surround the only secret he'd ever kept from Daine- a focus that would allow him to find her.

Finding her was the easy part. Going to her was a different matter. That would take his entire Gift, he knew, but it was more than worth it. With a sigh he got to work.

When he materialized at the spidren web, he saw Daine trapped and surrounded by three spidrens.

In a flash of rage he let the Gift in the crystal of his staff flare out, killing two spidrens instantly. Leaf and Jelly took care of the third.

When her bonds flowed away, he rushed over to her and swept her up in a hug. Her embrace was as tight as his own.

They pulled back. Then Numair did something he'd been aching to do since the Midwinter solstice- he kissed her. His mouth crushed hers as he let his fear of losing her and joy of finding her pour into the kiss. She melted like butter in his arms.

When he stopped, his query about finding the path went unnoticed- Daine was fast asleep. With a sigh he picked her up and went to find a place to shelter from the heat.

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