Love Sick Giggles

By: Fallen Fantasist

Summary: Tenten has loved Neji for ages. Neji has loved Tenten for- wait. Neji doesn't love Tenten, right? So when Tenten finds someone new of the male species, what will our favorite Hyuuga branch member do?

Disclaimer: If the world were perfect, I would own Naruto, there would be more romance in Naruto. Naruto would become Hokage, make wonderful decisions, and marry Sakura. Sasuke would fall off the face of the Earth and rid us of his horrible presence, while Kakashi would take off his mask and show the world his damn hot face. The world isn't

Neji watched as the brown haired girl he was currently sparring with stop in mid-flight with a dazed expression on her face and a light blush covering her cheeks. He watched as she lifted her hands up to cover the huge grin that had made its home where her mouth used to be, and his eyes widened in astonishment when she let out the most lovesick giggle he had heard in his entire 17 years of living.


Hyuuga Neji, master of 64 Hands of Hakke, Gentle Fist, and Heavenly Spin, did not use such a gruesome word as love. No, no, no. That wouldn't do. Let us say she giggled a like-sick giggle. Yes, like-sick.

Tenten continued looking out into space, as if Neji had damaged her brain instead of her body during their little spar. She let out another lov-, I mean, like-sick giggle, this one being even more high pitched and girly (if possible).

Neji concluded in that short time (he is a genius, after all) that if one listened to the sounds that were being emitted from that brown haired girl too many times, one would honestly go mad.

Now you see, although our hero may be a genius, he isn't very well educated in the female department. Although he has a hypothesis, he isn't quite sure why girls always seem to blush when he passes by, or why they giggle so damn much. All he knows is that he prefers shrimp ramen to beef ramen, and that he actually can change his destiny (courtesy of Naruto). Well, his father was able to, by killing himself, so Neji figured he might be able to too (in less violent terms, of course. We don't want to mark Neji's beautiful skin, now do we?)!

The black haired man winced as yet another deafening giggle came from the smaller girl's mouth. He needed to somehow make her stop before she caused a catastrophe.

"Tenten," using his lightening speed; he was by her side in a flash, staring and her with utmost curiosity, although, due to his great skills at hiding his emotions, to Tenten he just looked like he was staring at her. "Tenten," he repeated.

The girl in question continued to look about 2 inches to the left of his head, and gave out a long dreamy sigh.

"Tenten," he said again, the corners of his lips lowering just slightly. "Tenten." He increased his voice a notch, which really wasn't much. "Tenten."

Neji is usually a very patient person. Usually. But it was getting very hard for him to tolerate it when the person he was supposed to be training with decides to stop in the middle of it and giggle. "Tenten!" he said, almost forcibly. "Tenten!" he grabbed onto her shoulders and shook her. "Tenten!"

That seemed to do the trick, as Tenten snapped out of her daze, reached an arm down to her holster, and would have pulled out a kunai if Neji hadn't taken a hole of her arm to stop her.

The white-eyed man was seriously worried, but of course, being a master of facial expressions, didn't show it.

"Neji!" the girl gasped, as if she didn't realize he was there. Actually, she probably didn't realize he was there. "Wha- whe- wh- I- you! Neji!"

It took him a lot of restraint to not roll his non-existent eyeballs and say, 'No, really? Where?'

"Neji! What are you doing here?" Did he hit her head without knowing it during their training? Tenten usually wasn't this air headed.

"Tenten," said he, "we were training, remember? Did you, hit your head or something?"

A very suspicious blush made its way across her cheeks as she gaped at him open mouthed. "I- sorry! Gosh, what's wrong with me?" The way she was avoiding his gaze meant one thing: she knew exactly what was wrong with herself, but wasn't going to tell him.

Him, being Neji, didn't push it. He shrugged as he turned away, getting ready to leave. "I'll see you tomorrow, alright?"

The nervous silence that settled between the two was uncomfortable. The black haired man frowned in confusion when he didn't hear a confirmation from Tenten. He slightly lifted his left eyebrow when he saw her looking at anything but him, twiddling her fingers together nervously- a sure sign of nervousness.

"What is it, Tenten?"

She saw the cool look on his face, impassive, as always, furthermore lowering her self-esteem. "Well, y- y- you, see- er, um, well..." Neji's left eyebrow continued its journey up his forehead at Tenten's stuttering. "Um." She gave a slightly discreet cough, composing herself. "I can't exactly come tomorrow because, well..."


"Um." At this point, her face could put any ripe tomato to shame. "I- I've got a date." The way she said it was simple, almost with relief, as if she had overcome a huge barrier by telling him.

"Alright," he said, calmly and composed. "Find me once you can." He walked away, leaving a poor blushing Tenten alone, wondering why he didn't seem to care- at all.

Of course, Neji was anything but calm and composed as he walked away. The breath-taking streak of jealousy that had flown through him at the word 'date' had put him off guard, making his breathing irregular and his fist clench unknowingly. His mind was racing with wonder.

Why was he feeling like this? It's not like he owned Tenten or anything. He should've been ready for the time she would start dating men... men that weren't him. She had grown into a beautiful young woman, catching more than just a few looks from the eligible bachelors of Konoha.

So why did the fact that she was dating make him want to ram his hand into a nearby wall?

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