Authoress Notes: grins a bit It couldn't be helped. really, it couldn't. I had jsut gotten the three volumes of Furuba that have been translated today and after reading through them, I felt the urge to write a one-shot. Within the past...week I've gotten seven new manga volumes (3 Furuba, 2 Hellsing and 2 Yami no Matsuei). (Actually, I'm still waiting for the YnM to come, but that's not important. :P)

I wrote this while listening to my Phil Collins CD. :3 Kinda angsty, but hey: Furuba and angst go hand-in-hand, ne? :3 I hope you enjoy this little one-shot! Maybe I'll write more. shrugs Who knows! Again, have fun! And reviews would be nice!

Fruits Basket (c) Takaya Natsuki


Turn Around

A Fruits Basket One-Shot

Two years...

And's felt like an eternity inside my heart. Kneeling down, my knees felt the cold ground. Reaching out my hand, I felt the cold headstone under my fingertips. They moved down, dipping down into the carved lettering of your name.

I know you're gone...I've had gone through two years without your hugs...yours stories...your laughter...

Yet, I can't help missing you. Deep down, inside...I feel cheated. First my dad, whom I've never known....and then you. I refuse to say this outloud...but...

It's unfair.

I mean, I shouldn't complain much: the Sohma family has been so kind to me, letting my live with them...Shigure-san...Sohma-kun...Kyu-kun...they've all been wonderful. And Uo-chan and Hana-chan...they've been so kind too.

Yet...I feel so selfish thinking I've been cheated out about not having you around.

I just could see me now. Here I school, getting closer to recieving my diploma. To bringing your wish to life.

But you aren't here to see me fufill this..My eyes are blurring now Mother. My tears are blinding me from seeing your headstone.

Why? Why...were you taken from me?

I just want to turn around and see you standing there...waiting for me...

Footsteps? Standing up abrutly, I nearly stumble forward right into your grave. When I regained my balance, I whirled about, strands of my hair slapping across my face as I did.

It's him.

I open my mouth to say something, but he shakes his head, smiling a bit.

"Do you...want some more time?" he asked me.

Wiping away the tears from my eyes, I shook my head. I smile, though I know it doesn't reach my eyes. "No...I'm done..."

"Are you...sure?"

I nod. "I can't...spend my whole day here...Besides, I have to cook dinner for everyone!" I did my best to sound cheerful, but I know I couldn't fool him. He knew me too well. He reached out his hand, taking my own.

"'s all right."


"I can't help...but feel selfish," I said finally. "I mean...why did my mom have to die?"

"I wish I knew...but I don't," he said kindly. "But...all I know is, your mom wouldn't want you to be sad about her. She's in a better place now..."


How is it...that he knew the right words I needed to hear?

This time, I smiled...a true one.

"Thank you..."

When I turn around, I know you won't be there Mother. I wish you could, but you can't...But I do know that...he'll be there when I do...


Who is it? Yuki? Or is it Kyo?'s up to you! :P

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