Finally decided to bite the bullet, and publish on this lovely site what I like to call...The Story that Ate My Life! This is an ongoing work, which has every possiblity in the world of spawning at least one sequel...depending, of course, on how long my sanity hold.

Or how long the rum lasts, whichever comes first.

This is an Action/Adventure/Romance set in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl. It WILL become a Jack/O.C., so if you are disturbed by the idea of anything that even remotely might smack of a Mary-Sue (which, in my opinion, having an established character taking up with an O.C. IS to begin with.), then by all means, turn back now, and shake the dust from your sandals.

To all who decide to remain and brave it out, I swear on pain of death that I'll endevor to keep this entertaining.

With that in mind, please keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times, and remember...Dead Men Tell No Tales. It be too late to turn back now...heh...heh...heh.

Between the Raindrops - Part One


(Being over two years after the events of the film)

Elizabeth didn't remember how she had come to be in this place. She only know that she was terrified, more than ever before in her life; and that escape lay just beyond the heavy door that barred her way. She fumbled at the latch with panicked fingers, knowing that something horrible threatened just behind her, and that if she looked back, it would certainly be the end of her.

In desperation, she threw her slight weight at the door, and choked on a sob of relief when the latch suddenly gave. She stumbled out into bright moonlight, tripping gracelessly over the long heavy skirts that tangled around her legs. She caught herself, and froze in disbelief.

The moonlight cast a stark, eerie glow over the deck of a sailing ship. The sails, dark and tattered, hung limply in the still air. Before her astonished eyes, rank upon rank of fleshless bodies stalked her with slow menace.

"Impossible!" Elizabeth shrieked. Or tried to. No voice came from her tensed throat. She could only hear the wild pounding of her heart drumming in her ears.

What was more horrible -- the sight of so many skeletal faces grinning malevolently at her, or the all too human eyes that blazed from what should have been empty sockets? Elizabeth recoiled, felt something unyielding at her back, and felt fingers hard as steel wrap around her arms.

"Do you believe in ghosts now, Missy?

The voice sent a shock like icy water through her veins. She didn't want to look. She didn't want to turn and see him there. It was as though some giant hand gripped at her head, invisible fingers forcing her around while holding her eyelids open, not allowing her to block out the sight of the yellow suffused orbs that burned into hers.

Captain Barbossa leered down at her, rotting teeth barred in that same remembered cruel smile that mocked her helplessness. Slowly, never releasing her stare, the pirate tipped his head to allow the moonlight to strike his vice ravaged face. The skin surrounding his eyes and mouth vanished like shadows, and the hair fringed jaws parted to allow Barbossa's cold laughter. Elizabeth gathered herself, twisted free of his bony grip, and bolted through the doors behind him.

Right back into the room she had been so frantic to escape from.

No way out! Fear threatened to overwhelm what hold she had left on sanity, and she desperately cast about for a place to hide.

"We will find you, poppet."

Elizabeth whirled, saw the same vile little man who had dragged her from her father's home in the middle of the night! His far taller partner stood slightly behind, lank hair flopping over his forehead, and that horrible wooden eye seeming to follow her every move.

"You have something of ours, and it calls to us." the first one said, his avid stare fixed, not on her face; but at some point below.

"The gold calls." the taller one added in a rapt whisper.

Elizabeth's hand flew to her bosom. She felt another impossibility hanging there. Glancing down, she felt her flesh crawl in a wave of revulsion at the sight of the medallion resting against her skin.

Blood money.

Cursed gold.

She clawed at the chain, wrenched it from her neck, and hurled it at the pair. Another hand intercepted the coin in mid flight -- a hand that was adorned with a large silver ring set with a green stone that winked the light back at her. Elizabeth stared. She knew that ring.

Jack Sparrow gazed somberly at his catch, turning the gold over and over in his fingers. He raised his outlandishly kohl rimmed eyes to hers. They sparkled with the same remembered impudence.

"That wasn't very nice, Elizabeth." he chided, calmly fastening the chain around his own neck, and appearing not one whit concerned when his body became a dessicated corpse shrouded in tattered rags. "What would dear William say?" Sparrow raised his arm, gesturing with an overt flourish. Elizabeth followed his out-flung hand, and felt her knees give away. Beyond the doorway, the deck of the Black Pearl had vanished, replaced by an immense pile of gold surmounted by the same sinisterly carved stone chest she'd hoped to never lay eyes on again. Struggling in the grip of two skeletal pirates, she watched as her Will was forced to bow over the mouth of the chest. The fleshless hand of Barbossa held the sacrificial knife to Will's throat, and the grinning skull turned its face mockingly to her.

In vain, she tried to cry out in rage, denial, a simple scream. But she was mute, her limbs frozen in place. Will lifted his head. His loving, sorrow filled eyes locked with her own, and as the knifes edge bit deep into his skin, she saw his lips shape a single word.


Stricken, she found her voice at last in a shriek of despair. "Will!"


Her eyes snapped open. Disoriented, she found herself in darkness. This was a warm, familiar darkness though, and the sound of rustling sheets beside her made her go limp with relief.

"Elizabeth?" Will asked again, voice thick with sleep.

He must have rolled over to turn the lamp up she thought, and indeed the room brightened enough for her to see his wonderful concerned face hovering over her. She threw her arms around his neck, and instinctively he pulled her closer.

"What's wrong?" he breathed into her hair.

"I'm's silly," Elizabeth wiped at her eyes and sniffled, "Just a stupid dream. Awful - but stupid." She smiled wanly and Will lowered her back to the pillows, stroking her temple soothingly.

"Barbossa again?"

She hesitated for just a moment, then nodded.

Will frowned sympathetically, and glanced away. "I still see him too...and Jack, with that sword run through him."

Elizabeth studied him, then decided she really didn't want to dwell on old enemies and allies any more this evening.

"I'm a terrible wife." she announced with mock contrition, "Keeping my poor husband from his sleep. And you up with the sun while I get to be lazy for, oh -- a few more months?"

Will laughed softly and moved his hand to rest on the noticeable swell of her belly. "The little one likes to keep you awake. Why shouldn't I share the fun?"

"'re far too good to me, Mr. Turner." She felt pleasantly relaxed again. "Yes, I know." Will sighed nobly. His wife pouted charmingly, then shoved him onto his back.

"Then you can't complain when I say you make a far more comfortable pillow." And she curled up beside him, head resting on his shoulder.

"Ah - Elizabeth? Are you sure it wouldn't be better for..."

"I want to enjoy this while I can." she interrupted, shifting closer. "Before I'm too enormous."

Will chuckled. A pleasant rumble beneath her cheek. He curled an arm around her shoulder, the other pillowed behind his head, and yawned. Then, almost as if to himself he mused "I wonder what's become of Jack."



Elizabeth moved her hand in light circles over his chest. "I don't believe I wish to discuss Captain Sparrow any more this evening."

Will's mouth slowly curved into a smile.


Much later, resting in the circle of her husbands arms with the soft sound of rain pattering against the shutters, Elizabeth Turner mused drowsily on the fantastical series of events that led to where she was now. Listening to the strong heartbeat beneath her ear, she knew she'd not trade one terror-filled second. But strangely enough, just before sleep claimed her, she too wondered what had become of Jack Sparrow.

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