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It has been 3 days since the accident. Lan was in the hospital, unconscious, and Megaman was found alive in his P.E.T. (Megaman's screen was broken), but getting heavy damage from the battle, he's very fragile. It was 11:56 p.m. and you could hear were raindrops pouring on the window. And in Lan's mind, was a vision of his destiny.

In his dream, Lan was standing in an empty, white void. There was nothing as the eye can see.

At least it's better than getting eaten by Dex, he thought, but where am I?

"Destiny..." a mysterious voice echoed in the endless space

"Who's there?" Lan called out

"Destiny..." at a louder and deeper tone, "Destiny..."

"What do you want?" he demanded, "and what do you mean about Destiny?"

"Your Destiny..." the voice boomed

Then all of a sudden he stated to fall and following him was visions. He saw a dark King like figure and beside them were 4 man/beast warriors. One is a Dragon, a Tiger, a Phoenix and a Tiger. They cause chaos and destruction at their path. But he notice that there are strings in the 4 warriors that leads to the lance of the king. But then out of nowhere, 4 warriors appeared. He then notices that one of them looks like Megaman.

"What's going on?" he mumbled

Then he closed his eyes...

Lightning flashed to the window and at the same time Lan was up. He was breathing heavily and sweat was all over his face.

What happened? He thought, why am I in a hospital? I must be dreaming.

Then he hears footsteps coming from the door. The door opened and behind it was...


"Lan," she cried, "You're awake!"

"Where am I? Where's..."

"Hub's okay Lan," she interrupted hugging him tightly, "he's alright."

He was going to ask where Maylu is but knowing that Megaman is alive he was relieved.

"Where is he Mom?"

"He's beside you," she smiled, "Dad brought his Navi reviver (If it doesn't exist bear with me please) to fix the damage. But why didn't you tell us you were going to fight Bass?"

"Maylu told you?"

She nodded sadly.

"Megaman told me not to," he answered, "by the way where's Maylu?"

"She was here a few hours ago, but left to give you a couple of roses."

"What?" Impossible

"She's really worried about you Lan."

"What time is it?"

"It's midnight."


At Maylu's house...

"Can't sleep?" Roll called from the computer

"How can I?" Maylu murmured, "the doctor said he could be in a coma for a long time."

"E-mail," Roll said, "and it's from Ms. Hikari."

"What did it say?" Maylu groaned

"It said that..."

But she was interrupted by Maylu's snoring.

"Looks like I'll tell you in the morning," she talked to herself, "goodnight Maylu."

She looked at the window. The sky was clear and the moon was full.

Goodnight Mega... Sweet dreams

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