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Chapter 20

"My birthday?" Lan pondered

"I cant believe you forgot it again," Maylu sighed heavily, "and what are you doing here Raika?"

"Waiter!" Raika called out, "give the birthday boy some beer here! And I don't want the cheap brand!"

Chapter 21

"Axl!" Alia screamed in horror as all she can do is see Thunger's claws pierce through Axl's stomach

"Get out of here Ciel!" Axl coughed

"You fool!" Thunger roared, "You really think your pitiful body can block my mighty claws?"

Axl coughed heavily and grinned, "Who said I was blocking?" then he points his pistol at Thunger's head, "…bang."

Chapter 22

"What an entrance," Leviathan giggled, "it's too bad Zero was knocked out by it, and he's the only one that looks decent enough to go out with…"

"Zero!" Ciel cried out, "Are you okay? Zero! Zero!"

"Ciel!" Clair called out, "behind you!"

Ciel quickly looks back and heard a wicked laugh and saw Leviathan charging towards them with her spear with great speed, "It's over girl!!!!"

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