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chapter 1

Hermiones p.o.v

" Ginny let's go! I want to take some pictures of the San Francisco bridge." I said grabbing her arm.

" Gees 'Mione I'm in a skirt just a sec." Said Ginny. She was right I should take it slow she was wearing s short white skirt with a red butterfly top. But thats no excuse. I was wearing the same thing except I had on a blue butterfly shirt. AND I had heels on. She just had sandals.

I have no idea why I didn't think of coming to San Francisco sooner. During the begining of 7th year since I am head girl I suggested that head boy and girl she be able to take a trip to a foreign place and write a report on it. The only bad part was, for it to be allowed head girl - me - AND head boy both had to go. Well I wouldn't have minded except for the fact the head boy is Draco Malfoy.

Well this brings us here. To Be-a-u-ti-ful San Fransico, California. Even though it took awhile Malfoy and I both decided on somewhere to go. Also, another part of the deal was that since the professors felt that we needed more than just the two of us we- as in me and malfoy were allowed to bring one friend. Well of course Ginny was coming with me. I couldn't choose between Harry and Ron. So there's Ginny! Malfoy brought Blaise Zambini.

" Look there it is Gin!" I said amazed at the sight before me.

" OOOH TAKE A PICTURE WHILE I POSE!" Squealed Ginny. She positioned her self in front of the camara and began striking poses. I went through about a roll of film just on her. Until she took my camara away from me.

" Okay ' Mione your turn."

" WHAT!?! No way...I'm not....NO!" I said trying to grab back my camara.

" Come on 'MIONE JUST A COUPLE!!!" She said holding the camara up to her eye. But luckily fate was on my side and the sky dimmed. Not good conditions for photography.

" Welp, sorry Ginny but hey, maybe another time..."

" I dont think so we will gt to the beach." She said grabbing my hand and running toward the beach. HAH! And she said she couldn't run!

Dracos p.o.v

Me and Blaise were walking up and down the beach when we heard giggles coming from up the beach.

" Yo Draco look here comes some babes." Blaise said pointing up the coastline. And sure enough two gorgeous looking girls were running along the beach. Swurving into the water and getting wet. The red head seemed to be pulling the brunette. The red head pushed her into the water and backed up along the beach aways. Then she held something in front of her. By the looks of it, it looked like a camara. He knew this of course from Granger and the weaslette. Always carrying it everywhere.

" POSE FOR ME!" We heard the red head scream to the other girl. She listened. She began posing in the water, She looked quite stiff for a while then started to get comfortable.

" Dude we are not missing this" Blaise said sitting right in the spot he once stood in. I followed and sat along with him in the sand. We sat the watching the two girls frolick and pose for each other but then they seemed to forget about the camara and just start dunking each other in the water.

" Blaise, man, this day couldn't get any better." I said looking at him. Holding up my hand.

" You know it" He said anwsering me while high fiving me.

We watched the two girls for twenty minutes. It was so peaceful and surreen. That was quickly ruined. The ground that the sat on started to shake.

" What the hell?" Questioned Blaise.

" Dude what's going on?" I asked to no one in particular. That's when the ground started making horrible movements. Its shook until we both fell down into a heap. I looked around to see people running and screaming. What the hell? Then something caught my attention.

" DRACOOOO!!!!!" Someone screamed. I looked around but didn't see anyone familiar but Blaise but he must have heard it to because he was looking. I stared out into the ocean. When I heard it again.

" DRACOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" It was a blood curdling scream and it came from one of the two girls out in the ocean we were looking at before. They were both fighting to get into the shore. Then it clicked... Camara...red head.....bushy burnette. It must have clicked in Blaises head two because we both yelled.

" HERMIONE/GINNY!" And we ran to the ocean.




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