I'm Back! Yess! Ok first off I want to start off with say I AM SOO FRIGGIN SORRY! I know, I haven't updated in over 6 months! And I'm not going tell you some lame excuse because honestly. I don't have one. I just stopped writing. And since its been over half a year since I updated I have no idea where to take this story. BUT! I have an idea. I've decided since I have no idea where I'm going with this story I'd let you guys help me out! So here is the deal: I want anyone who likes this story and loves to write to send in their own version of the next chapter. Yes! And If I like your chapter I will post it as the real 3rd chapter! Then I will take the story on from there! So you would be not only A) helping me out B) Become a famous person that is involved with this story and C) It would just be really cool to have a chapter you wrote in someone's story. Plus I may invite you back to write another one or if I get stuck I could start the contest over again... Plus I've got lots of comments on writing again and I honestly can't think of anything! So this is my solution. I will give you all a week. Next Saturday for any entries to be turned it. Send them all to Roxy289chica (at) aol (dot) com Before I get flamed for having a post as a chapter. This will be deleted one I get the new chapter up! LOVE YOU ALL!