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Eight-year-old Blake ran around the grounds of the Thunder Ninja Academy with nine-year-old Hunter trailing closely behind him. Today they were going to be reunited with their parents who had been away for the past week on a 'secret mission' according to Sensei Amino. The boys ran to where they saw their Sensei speaking to a masked ninja.

Blake stopped when he saw Sensei Amino's face...grave and deathly white. He called the boys to him and told them what the messenger had said...their parents where not coming back.

Blake suddenly fast-forwarded in time to the present day. This time however, he wasn't looking at Sensei Amino...he found himself staring at the woman who had his heart...

A voice called out to him from the darkness. 'I love you Blake.' He recognized the voice as his mother's. 'I love you Blake,' his father said this time. Blake tensed and realized that those were the last words spoken to him from his parents.

The woman in front of him smiled. 'I love you Blake,' she said. Blake smiled and reached out for her. He watched in horror as she fell to the ground. He knelt down and cradled her in his arms and looked into her still face...she was dead.

"Tori," he cried.

Her words echoed in his ears... 'I love you Blake...'


Blake sat up straight in his bed as sweat dripped from his forehead. He was gasping for air as he tried to control himself. The dream had come to him again. It was not the first time he had experienced it.

It was not long after he and Hunter decided to side with the Wind Rangers that he started having this dream...anyone that uttered those words to him had died. After their parents had passed away, neither Blake nor Hunter had spoken those precious endearments...not even to each other out of fear. Fear for losing another person they loved.

It was that reason that kept Blake from confessing his true feelings for Tori. Ever since he laid eyes on her she had stolen his heart.

'Damn it,' he thought in his head as he glanced at the clock that read 3AM. He laid back down and tried to fall back to sleep, hoping that his dreams would leave him alone for once...


The waves pounded over each other as the storm increased. A lone figure stood on the beach as the rain and seawater splashed against her body. The wind whipped her long blonde hair in all directions, but she was still. She watched helplessly as the waves thrashed a man around in the churning water.

The storm suddenly stopped- the waves stilled and the man washed up at the figures feet. His hair was matted with blood and his body was covered in wet sand. The figure recognized the man as her father and instant panic gripped her. She knelt down onto the sand and turned the man over.

'No,' she gasped as she looked into the man's face. This wasn't her father...it was her love... 'Blake.'

Her hand traced his face and she felt the iciness of his pale skin. 'No, Blake...don't leave me too...'

Tori opened her eyes gasping for breath. "Oh my god," she said as tears fell from her eyes. She sat there panting for a few moments as memories flooded her mind. Her mother had passed away when she was only two and her father had raised her until she was twelve.

Then it happened...her father, John, went out surfing one day while Tori was at her grandmother's house...he never came to pick her up. A freak surfing accident with a partially submerged rock caused his downfall. His death was very traumatic on Tori and her grandmother at first. They had both lost the only thing that seemed constant in their lives. Slowly they helped each other through it. Tori didn't begin surfing again until she was nearly sixteen.

When she finally got out there, she felt a strange kind of peace...like her father was there with her. Her grandmother raised her and was overjoyed when Tori decided to enroll at the Wind Ninja academy as her son had when he was young. She got her own apartment and her life went on. That was all in her past now...why then was it coming back to haunt her in the present?

She rose from her bed and looked out at the rising sun. Everything should have been fine...Lothor was gone- she, Shane, and Dustin had made sure of that. The academies were restored, they were made teachers, and Blake...

Blake was leaving in a week. The thought of that made her realize why she had dreamt what she did. He was leaving her... just like her father had.

She loved him with all her heart and soul. The notion that he was really leaving was more than she could handle. She wanted to tell him so badly what she felt inside of her heart, but the fact remained and stabbed at her- he was leaving. Did she really feel confident enough to lay everything out on the line and tell him?

Sighing, she rose from her bed and got ready for her day. She may not have reached a decision yet, but one thing was certain. She needed to make sure he was all right after the vision she had just seen.


Storm Chargers was surprisingly slow and Dustin and Shane puttered around in the backroom. Dustin was fixing his bike while Shane was greasing his skateboard wheels. The chiming of bells snapped them both to attention and they perked up at the thought of customers.

Tori entered the store and smiled at her two best friends. The guys deflated a little and returned to their work. With a confused look on her face, Tori walked over and sat herself on the counter.

"Nice to see you too guys," she said.

"Sorry Tor," Shane said. "We were kind of hoping for a customer or something. It's been pretty slow around here."

"Yeah. I mean, I just keep thinking something's going to happen," Dustin said as he eyed his powerless morpher that he and the others still wore.

Shane and Tori both smiled. "I know exactly what you mean," Tori said. "But he's gone now and we can do whatever we want, right?"

"Like finally being able to have a normal life," Shane said. He looked over to Tori. "Like go on dates..."

Tori smirked at him. "I know what you're getting at and I don't need you to play matchmaker," she said.

"Yeah Shane. We don't need to play matchmaker- we just need to lock them in a closet or something," Dustin said laughing.

"Lock who in a closet?" Hunter said as he and Blake entered the store. Tori's eyes instantly went to Blake. A feeling of relief came over her.

Blake felt a huge weight being lifted from him when he saw Tori standing there. Without realizing it, he and Tori both let out deep breaths.

Dustin turned to Hunter. "I was just telling Tori that we're going to have to lock-"

"Never mind," Tori said as she covered Dustin's mouth with her hand. "Shane said something and Dustin tried to make a joke out of it, right Dustin," she said as she shot daggers at him. She removed her hand from his mouth.

"Right," he quickly said. The thunder brothers exchanged odd looks, but decided that Dustin was, in fact, being Dustin. "So, what are you guys up to today?"

"We were going to head over to the academy...see if Cam and Sensei needed any help clearing out Ops," Blake said.

A wave of sadness passed over all the rangers then as they thought of their fallen base. "I'll go with you guys," Tori offered.

Just then, Kelly came out of her office and looked around the store. "Shane, Dustin, I think I can handle things here until closing if you want to head out."

"Sweet! You rock Kel!" Dustin said as he threw his rag into a bin. Within moments the rangers were all seated in Tori's van. Blake sat in the front while the others sat in the back.

"So," Tori said to Blake as she drove. "When do you officially head out?"

Blake smiled. "First thing Monday morning."

"You know where you're going to be staying and everything?"

"San Diego."

"Dude, you know how many pro riders are going to be there?" Dustin asked excitedly.

"I think I have an idea," Blake responded.

"Not to mention all the sponsors," Hunter added.

"And the crowds," Shane said.

"Don't forget about the girls!" Dustin said without thinking.

Tori closed her eyes for a moment as if she had been hit in the chest. Shane and Hunter punched Dustin in both of his arms, one on each side. Blake saw the look on Tori's face and it broke his heart.

The way the seats were set up, the guys in the backseat couldn't see Blake's hand reach over and lightly touch Tori's leg. Tori continued to drive, but crept her hand down to where Blake's was. He grasped it gently and squeezed it, sending her a secret message that made her feel better instantly.

Nothing else was said as they pulled into the woods and got out. Blake and Tori walked ahead of the others as Hunter and Shane gave Dustin a verbal lashing. Once they stepped through the portal they were surprised to find Cam heading out.

"Hey," he said as he greeted them. "I was just on my way to find you guys."

"What's going on? Everything alright?" Shane asked. Cam smiled.

"Everything's great. You guys have to see this though." Cam led them down into Ops and the rangers gasped. All of the debris was cleared away, and the only real damage left was a few panels on the walls.

"How did this all happen?" Blake asked.

"Yeah, it was totally trashed," Tori said as she moved through the space.

Just then Cam's Cyber twin appeared. "Just doing my job dudes," he said as he walked over to the broken circuit boards.

"Cyber Cam was programmed to be committed to Ops. After the ceremony I rebooted him from my laptop and he went straight to work."

The rangers looked around in awe...everything was starting to get back to normal. "So, dudes, what are we going to do now? I mean classes don't start until next week," Dustin said as he rubbed his arm.

Cam looked at him oddly. "What's wrong with your arm?"

"I did something dumb," he said plainly.

Tori and Blake both got nervous expressions on their faces then. Hunter saw his brother's discomfort and decided to change the subject. "Well, I kind of have an idea of what we can do," he said. The others looked at him and he smiled. "I say we camp...again."

Smiles came to the others' lips as they processed the idea. "Real camping this time?" Tori asked.

"What do you mean?" Shane asked. "We really camped last time."

"A generator and a TV is NOT what I think Tori has in mind," Cam added.

Blake smiled wide. "I think that's a great idea. Just the six of us together for one last adventure before..." he paused for a moment when he saw the looks he was getting from everyone. "...before I leave," he said softly. His words hung in the air for a moment.

Tori sauntered up next to him and put her arm around his shoulders. "I think it's a great idea," she said looking him directly in the eye. He smiled at her and fought every nerve in his body from grabbing her and holding her. Tori was also fighting herself as she stared into his deep brown orbs.

The others smirked inside and all was settled. "Alright," Shane said. "We camp!"