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Part Two

Harry stared out the window, slightly miffed. Usagi had fallen asleep twenty minutes into the journey, leaving Harry bored and alone. He was even beginning to miss her incessant chattering. Harry sighed to himself. She had been quiet enough when he first met her, but now that she had grown more comfortable with him, she wouldn't stop talking. It was very distracting.

Wish Ron and Hermione were here, Harry thought, frowning. The duo wouldn't be leaving for Hogsmeade station for two days, unfortunately for Harry, as there was a difference of two days between Hogwarts General and Hogwarts Academy— the Academy started two days earlier than the School, and started and ended vacations two days before the school.

Just when Harry was about to go insane from boredom, the door opened, and in stepped a young man with chestnut hair in a braid. He looked at Harry curiously, and then spotted Usagi and smiled. He turned to his companions, who were out of Harry's line of sight.

"Hey, Hiiro, Quatre, I found that chick from earlier!" he said, before turning to Harry. "Hey, do you mind if my friends and I sit with you, we don't know anyone, but we bumped into the girl— didn't catch her name— earlier."

"I don't mind," Harry said, relieved that he was free of boredom's deadly grasp at last. "This is Usagi Tsukino, and I'm Harry Potter." The boy came in and sat down in the vacant seat next to Usagi, revealing two more boys, a blond and a somber brunet.

"Potter, huh? As in Harry "I-kicked-Voldemort's-ass" Potter?" Harry blinked at this new spin on his name and nodded dumbly, causing the boy's Cheshire cat grin to grow. "Nice to meet you, I'm Duo Maxwell." The other two boys made their way into the compartment, the blond sitting next to Harry and the serious one sitting closest to the door.

"I'm Quatre Raberba Winner, and this is Hiiro Yui," the blond introduced. "Hiiro doesn't talk very much, so don't take offense to his silence."

"A pleasure," Harry said with a nod. "So, are you wizards, or are you new to this entire business? Usagi told me she was fully Muggle until she was fourteen, so I guess it's not that uncommon."

"No, we're new," Duo said. Harry already had the impression that he was loud and obnoxious. Not that Harry minded, really— in his mind, Duo reminded him of what his godfather, Sirius Black, must have been like in his younger days. "Came as a bit of a shock, you know? Us three are Gu—" Duo paused at a warning glare from Hiiro. "—Ah, fans of technology," he finished lamely.

"Oh, yeah," said Harry, noticing but not commenting on Duo's slip-up, "the sudden revelation that there actually is such thing as magic when everyone's told you the opposite your entire life can be shocking. So what are your talents?" The three boys exchanged glances (well, Duo and Quatre exchanged glances, and Hiiro's eyes flickered in their direction).

"Ah," Quatre began, "well, I guess it couldn't hurt to tell. I have an uchuu no kokoro… er, that is, I'm an empath. Hiiro, do you want to tell…? No, I thought not. Hiiro heals very quickly. That didn't come as much of a surprise, considering how often Hiiro gets himself injured. And Duo…" Quatre trailed off, looking at Duo uncertainly. The usually happy teen was staring out the window sullenly, tight-lipped. Once he realized that Quatre stopped talking, Duo turned and gave the blond an encouraging-but-forced smile. He then looked to Harry.

"I am Shinigami," he said simply, before standing. "Hey guys, I'm gonna go get some food… those jelly bean things looked pretty interesting." He left the compartment.

"What's Shinigami?" Harry asked after the door closed. Quatre looked uncomfortable.

"Well, first you have to understand a bit of Duo's past… he's an orphan, and grew up as a thief on the streets. His best friend died of a disease, and then he went to live in a church. The church was attacked and Duo was the only survivor, and so he's always joked that he was the god of death. We never dreamed that…" Quatre stopped, looking guilty.

"Shinigami means 'God of Death' in Japanese," Hiiro said shortly, before returning to silence.

Usagi stirred slightly, hearing murmuring voices in the back of her mind. She could have sworn she was in the compartment with only Harry… Why would he be talking to someone? She rubbed her eyes groggily and looked into cobalt blue eyes. She gave a little yelp and a jump. The owner of the eyes that had been invading her personal bubble laughed. She realized who she was looking out and frowned slightly, blushing.

"Maxwell-san…" she whined. She looked around the rest of the apartment and glared at Harry, who was laughing jovially, and Quatre, who was trying to hide a chuckle and failing. "Baka…" Quatre calmed down after a couple of seconds to inform her that the train was approaching its destination. Usagi blinked, and then yelped, noticing that the boys had all changed into their robes and she was still in her street clothes. She ushered them all out, in spite of a glare from Hiiro, protesting that they hadn't woken her up sooner and insulting their parentage in Japanese.

She tore open her bag and pulled out her (slightly wrinkled) uniform. It was a heather gray robe, covering her body to just above her shoes. Usagi thought it would be rather tasteless before she pulled it on, but it actually turned out to be form fitting and perfectly tailored. The sleeves flared at the elbow, and the bottom half of the robe swirled prettily when she twirled, acting much like a dress. (Usagi assumed this wasn't true for the boys' version of the uniform, because that would just be wrong.) The robe had a small coat of arms where Usagi's heart would be, and she inspected it curiously. It wasn't a very complicated crest, but it was still quite pretty in Usagi's opinion. It was embroidered onto the robe with silver thread, just barely contrasting with the gray material: a shield in the middle, with a scroll on the top and bottom. In the middle of the shield was a dragon in a… couchant position, was it? Heraldry was one of the few things Usagi had paid attention to in history, because it was more artistic than bloodthirsty. Anyway, the dragon was lying down with its head held high, facing right. The top scroll had the words 'Hogwarts Academy' emblazoned with gold thread, and the bottom scroll said 'Nunquiam Titilandum Draco Dormiens' in the same thread.

After she had changed, she opened the door of the compartment, smiling at the four impatient boys waiting outside. (Well, three impatient boys and an impassive Hiiro.) "All right," she said brightly, "you can come back in!" Just as she said this, the train pulled to a stop.

"Oy," Duo muttered. "Women."

Harry stared at the Headmaster in abject horror, along with the rest of the original Hogwarts students that now attended the Academy. Usagi poked him in the side, making him jump slightly.

"What is the matter?" Usagi asked. Duo and Quatre also gave Harry curious looks.

"There's no House system. We're rooming only by year," Harry said hollowly.

"Meaning?" Duo prompted.

"Well, in Hogwarts General, we were Sorted into Houses based on our personalities. We roomed by House, age and gender. But now there aren't houses to separate us…"

"So?" Duo asked, getting slightly impatient.

"So," Harry replied, realization setting in completely, "so, I have to room with Malfoy."

"Ooooh…" Usagi said, comprehending the weight of the situation.

"Uh, who?" (Again, Duo.)

"You don't want to know," Harry told him with an air of martyrdom.

Quatre had tuned out the conversation in favor of listening to Dumbledore, and was now even paler than Harry.

"What now?" Duo asked Quatre, noting his less-than-healthy complexion.

"Co-ed dorms," Quatre replied.

"Yes!" Duo exclaimed, eyes lighting up. Usagi gave him a confused look.

"What is co-ed?" she asked.

Putting her stuffed bunny on her bed, Usagi looked curiously around the room, which housed the twelve fifteen-year-olds who attended the school. The room adjoined with a small common room, shared with the eleven sixteen-year-olds.

The room was rather large, with enough space for six curtained beds on each side and a dresser and nightstand to accompany each bed. Usagi had clung to Harry and insisted he take the bed next to hers. Unfortunately, Draco Malfoy had been forced to take the bed on her other side, causing a mild scuffle between the two Hogwarts boys. To Usagi's chagrin, there was only one other girl in the dorm, the in second bed down from Draco. She appeared to be close friends with the two boys on either side of her, but skipped over to Usagi anyway.

"Hi, I'm Kinom— uh, Sakura Kinomoto," the girl said, correcting herself with a blush as she reflexively put her last name first.

"I am Usagi Tsukino," Usagi replied sunnily (still a bit awkward with her English, but improving as it was used around her more often). Sakura swept the room with her gaze, and returned her attention to Usagi.

"We're the only girls, I guess," Sakura said with a slight frown that was gone as soon as it came. "It's strange, most of my friends were girls, where I came from. Only Syaoran and Eriol." She nodded to the boys who had placed themselves on both sides of her bed, like guards. "I guess you could count Yamazaki, but he was more Chiharu's friend than mine."

"None of my friends were invited to attend," Usagi said glumly, but then smiled hesitantly. "But Harry is my friend now, and Duo and Quatre and Hiiro." The three boys had stationed themselves across from Harry, Usagi and Draco.

"There are some other girls in the sixth-year dorms, I think," Sakura said, reassuringly. "Although, I do not think there are more than two."

After realizing they would likely have very few other female friends, Usagi and Sakura occupied themselves until ten o'clock (lights-out) by falling into deep conversation.

Usagi fell asleep after much tossing and turning, reflecting on this new life she had brought upon herself.


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