The Beginning: Classroom

It all started during a potions class. Mr. Weasley and Mr. Potter were smirking, giving me glances, ones which they thought I could not see. Thanks to my curtain of long, ebony hair, I did.

Potter gave Mr. Thomas a muffled noise, something resembling, "Hey," and undid the clasp on his pack, pulling out a flat, rectangular box. This is when I interrupted the exchange, which they thought they could continue to pull off as I glided towards them. I gave Mr. Thomas a sneer and he hesitantly gave the object to me, giving a worried look to Potter. The box had a note attached to it which read:

"Snape resembles the character D. What do you think?"

The box itself read "Vampire Hunter D". What is this?

"Potter, Thomas, both of you get detention this evening for inappropriate classroom materials. Oh, and 20 points from Gryffindor, each."

With that I slithered away, wanting desperately to know what this box contained.