The night was a little chilled, but not too bad for comfort. Hermione still wore the jacket that Severus has transfigured for her. She pulled herself into it a little more and took a glance at Severus. He has definitely done some work to his features. His nose was not as prominent, the skin was fairer than normal and the hair, good gods that hair was to die for. Severus, feeling her eyes on him, looked down at her and smiled.

"Do you want to touch it?"

Hermione's eyes widened as her mind was drifting into the gutter

"Pardon me Professor?"

Severus gave a small laugh.

"My hair, would you like to touch my hair, you seem to be admiring it. And did I not say to call me Severus?"

Hermione blushed and reached a tentative hand to it and stroked it

"What did you do it? Is it charmed to look this long?"

"Actually no. It's been this long for decades. I've just been using a concealment charm for that time. I really didn't think that the students would much appreciate seeing me with this long of hair."

"You have a point. If it were that long, I don't think I could have kept my eyes off of you."

And this is where she slapped a hand on her mouth and gave a, "Well that was the dumbest thing I could have said, so I'm going to go and crawl into the nearest hole and DIE!" look.

"My point exactly."

They rounded the street corner and came upon the cafe, where they went inside and were escorted to a table outside. The lady must have thought there was a romantic connection between the two. They were situated in the corner of the dining area. They had one of those Japanese style dressing covers and the place was lit with candles, all around there were different types of blooming plants. They were seated and left with menus.

Hermione picked up her menu and began looking through it. Severus did as well, but he was more interested in the girl, woman, in front of him. He studied her movements. Everything so fluid, right down to the way her eyes scanned the pages. She looked up and caught his stare and smiled shyly at him. Severus opened his mouth to say something, but the waitress made the move first.

"Hello, I'm Charlene and I'll be your waitress for the evening. What can I get you two to start off with? If I may make a suggestion, we have a great Parisian merlot that just arrived this afternoon if you would be tempted."

Severus look to Hermione and she nodded her acceptance

"That would be nice thank you."

"I'll be right back with that. In the mean time, look through the menu and when I get back I'll take your orders."

Hermione turned back to her menu and began looking for something that appealed to her. Severus observed her for a little longer and tuned to his menu.

Ten minutes later the waitress returned with the wine. She wrapped a towel around the bottles and poured them their first glasses.

"Have you decided on what you two will be eating this evening?

"Yes, I would like the pasta with white clam sauce and a side of steamed vegetables'" said Hermione

"And I would like the filet minion, rare, with a baked potato."

"Excellent choices. I will be back in around thirty minutes with your orders."

The waitress left with a smile on her face. Five minutes later, they were both fidgeting in their chairs, not know what to say or do. Hermione was about to say something, but Severus beat her to it.

"What are you planning on majoring in at University?"

"I am thinking about majoring in charms and minoring in potions. I would really like to come back to Hogwarts as a teacher, and with McGonagall getting close to her retirement, I figured I could take over the charms position."

"Well I am sure the entire staff will be overjoyed to hear this news and Dumbledore will accept you with open arms. With your ability to do so much and achieve excellent marks, why don't you major in potions as well? Because you never know, I may eventually take over the job I want most, and they're going to need an equally good potions master or mistress to fill the place," finishing it off with a smile

Hermione sat stunned for a moment, Did he just do what I think he just did?

"Severus if I am not mistaken, you just complimented me."

"That I just did."

"But why? I thought you always hated me."

"Now why would you think I hated the smartest witch to ever come out of Hogwarts?"

"Because of the way you treated Harry, Ron and me."

"I never hated any of you. Voldemort was at large and I had to keep of the snarky bastard personae until all Deatheaters were accounted for. But to be truthful, I was rather irritated with the three of you, but you three proved yourselves to be more than just troublemakers."

"Hello, again, here are your meals. The filet minion for the sir and the pasta for the delicate lady. Is there anything else you two would like?"

"No thank you," replied Severus "this is just fine. Thank you."

The waitress made her exit and they began eating. Midway through their meals, they heard a violinist making his rounds. He came up to Severus and Hermione and played a slow melody. His eyes were closed and he swayed with the music. Severus looked over to Hermione, the candle light sparkling in her eyes, she was beautiful in her own way. Hermione looked over to him and they held their eyes, they kept it up until the song came to an end and the violinist pulled out a camera.

"Would you two like your picture taken? It's free."

Hermione looked over to Severus and he rolled his eyes, but smiled his approval. He got up and walked over behind Hermione. She got up and stood in front of him, close, hoping she had not made a fool of herself, and she didn't. Severus wrapped his arms around her and brought his head to the side of her head and tilted them.

"Lovely" the violinist said, as he snapped two pictures, one for each of them.

Hermione, not wanting to be greedy, paid the guy ten pounds for everything. They sat back down and sipped some more wine. They finished nearly the entire bottle of wine before the waitress came back with the check. She left and Hermione reached for the check to see how much she owed, but Severus' hand come down on to hers and denied her.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Seeing how much my part of the bill is."

"I think not, dinner is on me tonight."

"Thank you."

They finished the bottle of wine and left the money on the table with a small tip. When Hermione got up however, she swayed a bit.

"Well I do believe that the wine his kicking my arse."

"Well, where are you staying at and I'll see to it that you get there safely."

"St. Castle Bed and Breakfast Inn, and you're suppose to come up to my rooms and get pissed with me.'

"Well if I wasn't staying at the same place as you I would take a rain check, but since I am, I'll come up for a little while."

"Well I'll be damned, what are the chances of that happening?"

Snape gave a small chuckle, "Not too likely. Are you okay to walk?"

"I am, I'm not that incapacitated."

They once again found themselves walking down the street. The full night was a little bit more brisk. In what seemed like no time at all, they got to their hotel. They walked over to the elevators and posted above the buttons was a note saying that floors 3-6 were out of service, so they began their walk up the flights of stairs and finally came to Hermione's room.

"I'm taking it that your room is something similar to mine, so I don't need to show you around?"

"Your assumption is correct."

"Good. I'm going to change into something more comfortable, you may if you want to as well. There is a small fridge over there in that corner that houses some liquor I brought up here, there's whiskey and vodka. Make yourself at home and I'll be right back."

Hermione disappeared into the bathroom and Severus transfigured his costume into a pair of loose lounge pants and a black tee that hugged his form.

A few minutes later, Hermione came out from the bathroom wearing some short pants that were pink with yellow ducks on them and a plain white spaghetti strap shirt. Right about this time is when Severus noticed that the room was a little cold by the way Hermione's body was reacting.

Hermione walked over to the fridge and pulled out the vodka and whiskey and walked over to the desk, waving Severus over to drink with her.

Five shots later and the wine from earlier, was making Hermione feel more than good, Severus was quickly following suit.

"Truth or Dare -hiccup- Professor?"

"I do believe you are to be calling me Severus and truth."

"Severus, that is such a sexy name, don't you think so? Wait you can't answer that because nobody likes what they're named anyways. Do you find me attractive SSSeveruuuusssss. I like the way that sounds." Hermione was giggling to herself.

"Well Hermione, I'm not too sure which one was the truth question, but I am guessing it was the attractive one, and yes, I do find you attractive[.] I know I shouldn't say that, but what can I say?"

"Well at least someone finds me attractive. Okay your turn." Hermione took another shot, and was starting to get light headed.

Severus, on the other hand, was stopping before he got too tipsy. Because the combination of the alcohol and what she was wearing was doing things to his body that were screaming to be released.

"Truth or Dare Hermione?"


"Alright, have you ever been kissed?" Well that wasn't the question that was suppose to come out

"I have, once before. Viktor Krum was the one and it was just, I don't know, not too much fun. He wanted more, but I couldn't do something like that."

"Well that's a shocker. I would have figured it would have been with Weasley or Potter."

"Ack! Gross Severus! They're like my brothers! And we don't want any incest going on! My turn, Truth or Dare?"

"I may be going out on a limb here, but dare."

"Oh goody, I want you to get starkers and run up and down the halls, declaring to the inhabitants that you're a sex god!"

Severus laughed and couldn't stop laughing, "Hermione I don't think I could do that," he said between gasps of air.

"If you don't do it, you have to do it when I come back to teach at Hogwarts in front of all the staff and students! I bind you to it!"

"Damnit! I should have known you would do something like that. Fine, but beware Hermione, I will get you back for this!"

Severus got up and took his shirt off, revealing to Hermione a pale chest freckled with scars and a small patch of black hair. Severus was feeling a little embarrassed by getting naked in front of an ex student, Hermione Granger at that.

Hermione watched him like she was a bird of prey. She wanted to swoop down and capture her meal for the evening. Not all of this was the alcohol talking though. She wanted this man in front of her and had wanted him since her final year. And now here he was getting naked in front of her. She watched him pull the string on his pants, immediately loosening them. If he didn't have a firm grip on them, they would have fallen.


Her eyes snapped up to meet Severus'. The atmosphere seemed too intimate for the short amount of time they had spent together. As they looked at each other, Severus dropped his pants, revealing all of himself to her.

Hermione, having not seen a naked man in person before, could not help but look down at him. As she looked and took him in, she saw him reacting to her stare. His penis began to grow longer, and stiffer and the colour had changed from the pale of his flesh to a vibrant red. She looked up and met his eyes. She got up and walked over to him, placing her hands on his shoulders. She looked back down at his penis and it was now at full length, sticking slightly out from his body. Hermione walked forward more and the tip pressed into her stomach slightly, Severus gasped at the contact. She looked back up into his eyes and snaked one hand to the base of his neck, pulling him towards her lips.

They met softly. Hermione pulled back and looked at her former professor, the man she had wanted for nearly a year. She licked her lips and kissed him again, this time harder and more demanding. Her tongue was the first one to make an appearance. She slowly licked his bottom lips, wanting more and he gave that to her. He opened his mouth and slowly caressed Hermione's tongue with his. The touches were like butterfly kisses.

The kiss was getting deeper and deeper, then out of nowhere, while their tongues dueled, Severus felt rather than heard a rumbling coming from within Hermione. He pulled away just in time as Hermione spewed forth the contents of her stomach on to his bare chest. Hermione muttered an apology and ran to the bathroom, continuing to empty the contents of her stomach.

Severus did a cleaning spell and walked into the bathroom, where he found Hermione with her head in the toilet retching her guts out. He grabbed one of the off white washcloths and dampened it with cool water, laying it across her neck. She made a startled noise as he did so, but was finding herself feeling a bit better.

"I'm going to apparate to my rooms and a get a hang over relief potion, I'll be back."

And he was gone.

When he returned, Hermione had fallen to the bathroom floor, a small pile of vomit near her mouth.

"Here take this, and when you're done brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out, the taste isn't all that pleasant."

Hermione did as told and brushed her teeth. Her legs were shaky and she let out a yelp when Severus picked her up and carried her to bed. He pulled back the covers and placed her gently on the bed.

"Thank you Severus and I'm sorry."

"There's nothing to be sorry about. But, am I really that bad of a kisser?"

Hermione laughed a little, "Not at all, it was the best kiss ever, even though I really have nothing to compare it to."

"Get some rest Hermione, we can go back to the con tomorrow if you'd like or we can do something else."

"I'd like that. You're not wearing any pants."

Severus looked down and saw that indeed, he was not wearing any pants. Hermione's hand came into his field of vision then and slightly grazed his now flaccid penis. It gave a slight twitch. Severus grabbed Hermione's hand.

"Please don't do that. It has taken some self control to not touch you this evening."

"I didn't know I could have that affect on anyone. Severus could you please do me a favor?"

"What is that?"

"Sleep with me tonight?"

"BAH!? I don't think that in the state you-"

"Not like that silly, stay here with me, hold me, make sure nothing bad happens. I have never been like this before and the potion, while it did do something, isn't making me feel all that better."


Severus walked over to the desk and grabbed his pants and put them on. He walked back over to the bed and crawled in. He kept the distance between them, wanting Hermione to be sure about what she wanted. And soon enough she crept her way over to him, resting her head on his chest. He instinctively wrapped his arms around her and soon sleep took them.